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xDuoo - Link V2 USB DAC & Headphone Amplifier Sale price₹ 3,499 Regular price₹ 5,999
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xDuoo - XA-10xDuoo - XA-10
xDuoo - XA-10 Desktop Digital To Analog Converter (DAC) Sale price₹ 42,999 Regular price₹ 47,999
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xDuoo - XQ-50Pro2 Desktop Bluetooth & USB DAC Sale price₹ 7,499 Regular price₹ 8,990
xDuoo - TA-26S Desktop Headphone Amp + Pre Amp With Dual Tubes Sale price₹ 29,999 Regular price₹ 32,999

Shenzhen xDuoo Technology Co. Ltd. is a professional company specialising in the development, design and sales of high-end audio products. xDuoo has a skilled technical team with professional knowledge background and unique tuning audio method, and they have been a well-known brand for many years and won have a good reputation and trust. While developing and growing, the company has carefully created various products and successfully launched them to the market, which has won wide acclaim.

xDuoo product line-up consists of headphone amplifiers, audio decoders, USB interface, audio decoders (PCHiFi), various power amplifiers and audio players. xDuoo has designed several products and holds multiple patented technologies that elevate their products. xDuoo DAC like the Link V2 Bal and xDuoo amp TA-26 are the latest addition to their catalogue of high-quality products. xDuoo headphone amplifiers have attained a collectable status and are sought by many.

Over many years of operations, xDuoo audio company has attained rich experience in every aspect of the audiophile world. Their R&D team closely follows the trend of the times, pays attention to user experience, and continues to develop various new products to provide users with the latest services. One of the core driving forces behind xDuoo is customer satisfaction, and they deliver it with every new product.
XDuoo MT-602
XDuoo MT-603
XDuoo MT-604
XDuoo XA-10
XDuoo XD-05 BAL
XDuoo XD-05 Basic
XDuoo TA-26

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