JVC was born as a company that manufactured phonographs, CRTs and pressed the first record in Japan, offering a rare combination of hardware and software production capability. Evolving from a history of developing camcorders, TVs and record players, today JVC continues its record of innovation, led by a wide range of premium quality headphones. Abiding by the motto of 'Better sound through research' and a legacy of 80+ years, JVC has always strived to create products and unparalleled experiences in the fields of personal audio and entertainment.

JVC - A legacy to be proud of!
Carrying a patrimony of over 80+ years, JVC has developed a sound coupled with advanced technology to create unparalleled experiences in the fields of personal audio. A wide range of products that caters to different types of audiences, JVC headphones and sound have become synonymous. Both the audio systems and personal audio gear take cues from the historical relationship between style and sound. 'Better sound through research'. WORD!
There's Something for Everyone
Headphones, earphones or True Wireless earbuds. Be its shape, sound, size, comfort and multiple colour options, there is something for everyone. JVC headphones along with JVC earphones offer a plethora of options at amazing price points and performance. JVC India definitely enjoys a reputation known for being a performer.

XX-Sound, XX-Durability
Unlike most of today’s headphone designs, JVC has created a sturdy and extremely durable design on the products that feel as comfy as a snug-fitting winter cap. Series’ like the JVC XX embrace every head shape lightly, evenly and comfortably ensuring you do not experience fatigue even when used for long durations. The Extreme Deep Bass Ports control back-pressure on the headphone's housing that offers unparalleled comfort. Even the humble JVC HA-FX1X exemplifies the design ideology and performance expected of a JVC product.