Meze Audio

AudioMeze is a Romanian boutique headphone brand that understands that music is not just a pastime but a way of life. Meze designed their headphones so that they could transpose you into their world. The real wood design was specifically created to offer warmth; sound that you can enjoy no matter where you are and what you're doing. Their mission is fairly simple: to raise the bars in terms of audio quality and design. And allow yourself to experience music like never before, comfortably and with style.

The Meze Headphones are probably the most beautiful headphones we've ever seen. And what makes these truly remarkable is that the book reads as well as the cover looks! The headphones are painstakingly crafted to produce natural sound across a surprisingly wide soundstage for an enveloping music listening experience every single time you place them onto your ears. We love Meze's wooden headphones for their warm sound, handcrafted vintage design, and gorgeous looks.
“The Antifragility of Classics” Philosophy
Meze believes that time is a powerful catalyst that destroys all that is overly flashy and superfluous. By overcoming a feat of creating consistently well-designed headphones, Meze stays true to its philosophy of delivering beautifully classic headphones.
The Fit is Everything
Unlike most of today’s headphone designs, Meze’s designers have, with the 99 Neo and the 99 Classics, created a unique double headband on the headphones that feel as comfy as a winter cap. They embrace every head shape lightly, evenly and comfortably.

Wood you know it
Meze headphones and wood have become synonymous. Both the 99 Classics and the 12 Classics take cues from the historical relationship between wood and sound. “A wooden pair doesn’t just look and feel right, but it ages right”. Word. Or should we say “wood”?