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EarMen - Colibri Portable DAC And Amp Sale price₹ 18,999 Regular price₹ 33,999
EarMen - Tradutto Ultra Hi-Res Fully Balanced DAC Sale price₹ 59,990 Regular price₹ 79,999
EarMen - ST-Amp Desktop DAC & Amp + Preamp Sale price₹ 36,999 Regular price₹ 59,999
EarMen - CH-Amp Desktop Amp + Preamp Sale price₹ 94,999 Regular price₹ 149,999
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EarMen - Angel Portable DAC & Amp Sale price₹ 64,999 Regular price₹ 79,999

EarMen is an audio company that has been developing DACs and Tube Amplifiers for more than a decade and working on perfecting a neutral, natural and clean sound that is packaged in a beautiful and quality design. With many years of experience in the development of award-winning state-of-the-art sound Amplifiers, DACs and processing equipment for home and desktop sound, the team at EarMen knew that the market needed something new, innovative and outstanding for those of us who prefer to listen to our music while on the go. With this thought in mind, EarMen was born - on a quest to deliver the highest quality audio experience while granting you the freedom to enjoy your music without limitations.

Designed and engineered by Milomir "Miki" Trosic, EarMen carries on the legacy of sound as a leader in the high fidelity audio world. EarMen DAC, Amps and other equipment are designed exclusively to enhance portable listening, and as such, the products are small in their size, easily fitting within your pocket. Products like the EarMen Sparrow, EarMen Eagle and EarMen Donald DAC have been well received across the globe and loved by many. Although compact in size, EarMen products contain powerful audio components designed to give you and your equipment an audio experience without compromise.

Understanding that product quality and after-sale support are of the utmost importance to our customers, EarMen has made their base in the United States for consumer communication and manufactures all products in Europe to ensure the highest standards in the manufacturing process.
EarMen Eagle
EarMen Sparrow
EarMen TR-Amp
EarMen Donald DAC