Headphone Zone Trade-Up Program

Why we started the program
A lot of our community members didn't know what to do with their old, used headphones once they bought new ones. Most times, they can't upgrade to new headphones because "phir inka kya kare?"

This program is meant to help you clear up your old inventory and recover money in order to upgrade to new gear: be it headphones, earphones, audio players, DAC/Amps. It is a chance for you to sell your existing gear and upgrade to that new headphone you've been eyeing for a while.

How you can Trade-Up to New Gear
1) Paying 16% of the sale value as service fees and receiving the balance in your bank account
2) Getting 100% of the sale value as Headphone Zone store credit. This never expires and you can use it at anytime.

List Your Gear Now!


Audiophiles who Sold their Pre-Owned Listings and Traded up like a Boss

Why Buy Pre-owned Over New Products?

Save Some Rupees

Not endlessly finicky about your personal belongings? You should have no problem buying pre-owned audio gear especially if you also get to save some money.

Pre-owned Is Pre-burned

Save you the time of burning in new headphones. Typically, brand new headphones take up to weeks to break in and sound as good as they should.

Consider It Vintage

Vintage products have a certain charm that cannot be put into words. think of old, pre-owned headphones as vintage. they have a story; they have, character.

Help A Buddy Out

The audiophile community in this country is small and the more people that have each others backs, the better. after all, is there a bigger strength than that of unity?

How It Works

Add A Product Listing

Fill out this form here with all necessary product information & images, purchase, condition & warranty details and set a price for your pre-owned product.

Ship To Buyer & Wait

Once a buyer has expressed interest in the product and places the order, we will pick up the well-packed product from you and ship it to him. Then you've just gotta wait till he gets it!

Buyer Accepts Product

The buyer gets 2 days from delivery to inspect whether the product matches the description you provided while listing the product. If it does, you're good to go.

Upgrade to New Gear

Upon sale, we will charge a 16% service fee & you'll get the balance via bank transfer. Or, you can receive store credit, and we will waive off the 16% service charge.

Why Trade-Up With Headphone Zone

Eligibility Requirements

What We Expect From You

Consider This While Setting The Price

Important Note: Our responsibility is limited to being an intermediary. We can only help with taking your product's listing live, handling the logistical part of pickup up the unit from the seller, and getting it delivered to the buyer. And lastly, take care of all the changes requested by either of the parties.

If a buyer places an order for your listing and you change your mind about selling or have already sold the product without informing us, a 10% cancellation fee will be levied. If this is repeated, we will delete all your listings and you will be ineligible for creating any new listings on our program.

Service fees if you opt for bank transfer - For all listings - 16% of the Sale

Service Fees if you opt for Store Credit - Nothing!

For all pre-owned listings where you opt for refund, there will be a 16% service fee & you'll get the balance via bank transfer. Or, you can receive store credit, and we will waive off the 16% service fee. You will get 100% of the sale as store credit.