Headphone Zone's Trade Up Program is suspended, for now

We're working on completely revamping the Pre-Loved Gear experience for you, including listing and selling Pre-Loved gear on Headphone Zone.

We started the program back in 2016 and made a lot of changes along the way. Our aim is to ensure that the program is as seamless and frictionless as possible. And we've received a lot of feedback and suggestions from you, both a buyer of pre-owned products and sellers, about how to make it better for everyone involved. 

A few improvements we're hoping to be able to provide with the new solution: 

  • Sellers will be able to manage prices of their listings on your own without having to get in touch with us
  • Sellers will have your own dashboard where they can manage all their listings with ease 
  • The time between listing and the listing being approved will be optimised so there is very little waiting time for sellers 
  • Sellers can decide to mark their listing as sold, or no longer available at their own convenience 
  • Pre-Loved Gear will live on its own subdomain, and offer a more robust structure for ease of transactions & communications.
  • A meaningful way in which Sellers and Buyers can find value in browsing and transacting for Pre-Loved gear in a convenient way keeping the trust and service of Headphone Zone at the center, but still not be tied down to only Headphone Zone brands and products.

➕ Many many more exciting features in store for you! As soon as the new program is ready to roll out, you will be informed.

We're hoping this should take roughly 1-2 months because we would like to do a good job and not rush rush.

Meanwhile, we would encourage you to make good use of The Indian Audiophile Forum - specifically, the "Buy / Sell / Trade" space to buy and sell your gear.