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Beginner's GuideHow to turn your Smartphone into a Hi-Res audio player

How to turn your Smartphone into a Hi-Res audio player

So in today's video, we're talking about a very very important subject, one that I think is relevant to almost everyone watching the headphone zones YouTube channel - which is how do you turn y...

Beginner's GuideWhat are IEMs or In-Ears Monitors and how are they different from Earphones?

What are IEMs or In-Ears Monitors and how are they different from Earphones?

You're probably listening to the term in-ear monitor for the first time while browsing our incredible collection of headphones on our website, and you're asking yourself what is an in-ear monitor? ...

Beginner's GuideWhy do I need a DAC?

Why do I need a DAC?

A DAC, or Digital-to-Analog Converter, is essential for high-quality audio playback. When you listen to digital music, the audio signal is stored as a series of 0s and 1s, which is ideal for storag...


Music Lovers who Began their Audiophile Journey with us

This is Us. This is Headphone Zone.


The First Headphone Zone Store Opens in Bangalore

It all started with a question, “Why did our music-loving population not have access to good headphones?” Our founder Raghav set out on a mission: To redefine the way Indians listen to music. A genuine passion for music and a great customer experience was all that was needed to bring Headphone Zone to life. This was the start of something special, as we opened our first retail store in Bengaluru.


We Go Online with the Headphone Zone Webstore

I very quickly realised that to bring Headphone Zone to music listeners across India, we would have to open stores in every town, every neighbourhood, almost like Café Coffee Day outlets. That would be really expensive and super unsustainable.


Headphone Connect is Born + Girl Power!

2016 was the year we created Headphone Connect - a unique community meetup event for headphone enthusiasts and audiophiles and held the first event in Mumbai. We would book out the coolest craft breweries across India and travel with bags full of expensive headphones, DACs and players. We'd invite everyone we knew to spend a day with us over good food, great craft beers, some incredible music, and ofcourse the finest collection of Headphones put together anywhere.


We create Headphone Zone. Again.

We found that to take Headphone Zone to the next level, our existing brand was lacking, and was really created for a store in a mall. Redeveloping the Headphone Zone brand was the need of the hour. It meant letting go of everything we had created so far to make way for something new. Until now, we would attempt to do everything in-house, but this we decided to leave to the experts. We had to ask ourselves a lot of tough questions that helped us shape and define our brand's ethos, personality and communication style.


Our Customer Happiness Officers & Headphone Gurus take Center Stage

For the first time, we had a large dedicated team of Headphone Gurus and Customer Happiness Officers who interacted with hundreds of customers everyday. It got pretty chaotic with 10 or more people being on calls simultaneously. We got very lucky finding another space in the same building and moved the teams there. This meant that there were problems when Maggi was made only in one office! But we still made it a point to come together everyday.


A Year Where we Didn't let the Pandemic Get the Best of us

The year started out really positive for the team. We'd had 3 Townhalls with ambitious projections and plans for the year. Then March happened. COVID-19 lockdowns affected everyone and we were no different. We really thought we were in serious trouble.


A Year of Ups and Downs

The year began on a high with a lot of us resuming Work from Office, and then the 2nd wave of COVID-19 hit, and one after another many from the team contracted the virus. To add to the gloom, one of the offices on our floor broke into quite a disastrous fire. But things started looking up! By June, vaccinated and victorious, it was finally viable for all of us to fill the vacancy of our empty office.

The year ended on a high too with us running some of our most successful sales ever like Black Friday Cyber Monday and the Christmas Sale.


What Unfolded in The Year 2022

A very momentous year for us. We saw rapid traction from resuming Headphone Zone's first meetup event after the pandemic: about 2000 enthusiastic audiophiles attended Headphone Connect in 8 cities over our summer and winter edition. Despite half the team being constantly on the move to host the event, we managed to grow from 2021 through our successful sales. We also hosted our very first Garba Night. But it was not all just fun and games, we got to connect with our warehouse team in Chennai to build better processes and form bonds closer than ever.

Creativity, Music, Enthusiasm & Abundance

A very happening year for the team with a lot of events: 12 Headphone Connects, 2 Club Audiophile meetups co-hosted alongwith Moonshine, and several listening sessions. Creatively, the team was quite empowered. The result: 2 Diwali ad films created 100% in-house including acting, singing, shooting & editing. We also created our own pack of tournament grade playing cards that we designed and made from scratch, with each card featuring an artist that we love listening to. 2023 was the year we hired like crazy and had to take up a second office space just to fit everyone!

Artists X Headphone Zone

When it comes to Headphones, India's finest musicians, producers, DJ's and artists simply trust Headphone Zone. Whether it be In-Ear Monitors or Studio Monitors, Headphone Zone is the first call for India's biggest artists.

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