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Audio Technica - ATH-M40x

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The ATH-M40x Monitor Headphones are part of the highly acclaimed M-series by Audio Tehnica. Even though they're designed for use in critical studio mixing, these can also be used for gaming, DJ’ing, and general music listening . These are not very different from the famous M50Xs, what you miss out on is 5mm on the driver diameter, 4000Hz of frequency response and one less interchangeable cable. The over-ear design seals your music in tightly with their contoured earcups, isolating all the ambient noise with no sound leakage. These monitor headphones have oversized cushioned cups  that cover your ears completely and comfortably. The pro-grade materials used make these durable, these are sure to last you for years. The M40x is as flexible as a headphone can get, the ear cups can be swiveled 90-degrees, allowing for single-ear monitoring. When not in use, the ATH-M40x can be folded down and stored in the included carry pouch. 

  • Sonic Performance by 40mm Large aperture driver

    The drivers used in the Audio Technica - ATH-M40x are 40mm large and custom made drivers with copper-coated aluminum voice coils and rare-earth magnets. 

    Accurate Bass Response

    The M40x is tuned flat for incredibly accurate sound monitoring across the entire frequency range spectrum to produce stupendously clear, clean and most of all, balanced. You can distinctly hear bright sounding vocals and instrumentals in a single track - which creates a large sense of scale that’s obviously the exact opposite of cluttered and muddy-sounding audio. These headphones will make you hear everyhting that you've been missing out on.

    Matte Plastic Construction with Durable pro grade materials

    The M40x, even though made of plastic, it is known for its use of high quality textured matte construction and overall solid durability. The Pro grade material has been used for the ear cups as well as the headband, making them extremely comfortable and durable.

    Closed Back Earcups

    The cups literally contours your ears and places them inside an air-tight enclosure that feels plush and comfortable. There is no pressure being placed against your ears because the M40x have a large over-ear ear cup design with a roomy interior that basically wraps around your ears with only the amply padded cushions sitting tightly up against your head, causing no discomfort,

    Detachable cables

    You get 2 types of cables, all of which are detachable depending on their utility. One is a 1.2m-3.0m coiled cable suitable for DJs and a 3 m cable for monitoring use in the studio. 

    Foldable & Swivelling earcups

    The cups can rotate to fold flat or fold into and under the headband like someone who's gone into the fetal position. The swiveling ear cups make one-ear monitoring more convenient and allow for a more compact traveling arrangement.


  • Over-Ear
    40 mm

    15Hz - 24,000Hz

    35 Ohms
    1.2-3m Coiled Cable, 3m DJ Cable

    3.5mm Gold Plated Jack

    98 dB @ 1 kHz
    1600 mW


    1. Audio-Technica - ATH-M40x Headphone

    2. Detachable 3.9 to 9.8' (1.2 to 3 m) Coiled Cable

    3. Detachable 9.8' (3 m) Straight Cable

    4. 1/4" Screw-On Adapter

    5. Carry Pouch



    One Year 

    Authorized Service Partner: SKE AUDIOTECH & KEI HIFI

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact SKE Audiotech and KEI HiFi.

  • Soundguys-Logo
    "Obviously, the ATH-M40x aren’t quite as good as the M50x — if that was the case, Audio-Technica wouldn’t sell both products. It is impressive how close these do get, and stepping outside of the shadow of their bigger brother, this is a great pair of headphones."



    "I beg to differ on the flatness of the M40x, they have no deal-braking colorations but are a far cry from neutrality, I attribute the limited soundstage to the angled drivers, they move the stage slightly to the front sacrificing the depth and width."



    "They are really detailed and have a lot going for them, like the fact that they come with both a coiled and straight cable. So if you like having cord options, great lows, and mids with a little added oomph in the high end, at $99 the ATH-M40x are a solid choice."



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    Sound Signature Tuned for enhanced low-frequency performance Tuned for enhanced detail, with excellent mid-range definition Tuned flat for incredibly accurate sound monitoring across the entire frequency range Exceptional clarity throughout an extended frequency range, with deep, accurate bass response Extended response accurately reproduces extreme low and high frequencies while maintaining perfect balance
    Frequency Response 15- 20,000 Hz 15- 22,000 Hz 15- 24,000 Hz 15- 28,000 Hz 5 - 40,000 Hz
    Driver Size 40 mm 40 mm 40 mm 45 mm 45 mm
    Sensitivity 96 dB 96 dB 98 dB 98 dB 97 dB
    Maximum Input Power 700 mW 1300 mW 1600 mW 1600 mW 2,000 mW
    Impedance (ohms) 47 47 35 38 35
    Earcup Swivel 15° Both Directions 15° Both Directions 15° In / 90° Out 90° Both Directions 90° Both Directions
    6.3mm adaptor
    Weight without cable & connector 190 g 220 g 240 g 285 g 280 g
    3m Straight Cable
    3m Coiled Cable
    1.2m Cable
    Detachable Cable

Category: 1 Year, 24, 3.5 mm, 35 Ohms, 6.3mm Adapter, Balanced, Black, Carry Case, Closed-Back, Coiled, Collapsible, Detachable, Flat Folding, Needed, No Mic, Over-Ear, Plastic, Regular, Studio Monitoring, Wired

Customer Reviews

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Very good

I am satisfied with the services of headphone zone. The product which I have got was well packed and brand new. It was delivered before estimated time. Service is very fast. Only I think experts to whom I have talked before buying this headphone could be better.
They should get more knowledge about the sound and headphones.
Otherwise headphonezone services are the best.
I have great experience with headphonezone.

Totally worth it.

It's amazing to see how good these headphones are. Tight bass, clear flat sound.
Just wished they included a 1.2m cable or at least they provided a way to purchase those.

Slightly lacking comfort

Not much of an enthusiast and these are my first pair. The audio seems great but the comfort can be lacking. I feel the burden between 30 to 40 minutes max.

No explanation needed :)

We all know about M40.

Great (budget) alternative to the M50s

For its price, these are the best monitor headphones I've used. It's a great alternative to the M50s but with a smaller driver. You'll need an amplifier Or a Hi-fi DAC to get tge best sound out of them.