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Grado - SR80x Open-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 13,999 Regular price₹ 19,999
Grado - SR125x Open-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 18,999 Regular price₹ 26,999
Grado - SR60x Open-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 10,999 Regular price₹ 15,999
Grado - S - Cushion Earpads Ear Cushions For Grados Sale price₹ 1,499 Regular price₹ 1,999
Headphone-Zone-Grado-The Hemp Headphone (Limited Edition)Headphone-Zone-Grado-The Hemp Headphone (Limited Edition)
Grado - The Hemp Headphone (Limited Edition) Open-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 47,999 Regular price₹ 72,999
Grado - SR225x Open-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 24,999 Regular price₹ 34,999
Grado - SR325xHeadphone-Zone-Grado-SR325x
Grado - SR325x Open-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 29,999 Regular price₹ 44,999

Grado Labs is a family-run business, and they have been hand-building headphones and phono cartridges in Brooklyn since 1953. For three generations, tradition and heritage have been carried down with the philosophy that sound comes first. Grado headphones are crafted by hand and use the finest materials like wood for building their renowned headphones. Grado headphones are known for a laid-back and balanced sound with an open-back design that presents an immersive and incredible wide soundstage. Over the past 61 years, Grado has become famous for its incredible headphone and phono cartridge designs. With a strong emphasis on product quality, Grado is a well-known name all over the world

Fun fact: Joseph Grado - The founder of Grado Labs was inducted into the Audio Hall of Fame in 1982 for his innovation and achievements at Grado.

Grado SR325X
Grado SR225X
Grado SR125X
Grado SR80X
Grado SR60X
Grado S - Cushion Earpads

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