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Grado Labs

Grado - A Heritage to be Proud of

Grado Labs is a family-run business. The brand has seen three generations i.e. Joseph, John and Jonathan Grado who have been making these fine headphones by hand since 1953.

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Headphone-Zone-Grado - Handcrafted From Pure Wood

Handcrafted From Pure Wood

Wood is used in musical instruments. In headphones, it ensures a natural sound. Each Grado headphone has been crafted by hand and uses the finest woods like Mahogany and Maple. The woods are also hand-matched for aesthetic beauty.

Experience the Signature Grado Sound

Experience the Signature Grado Sound A laid-back bass is balanced well with a distortion-free treble. Rich vocals and a mid-forward sound are what complete every Grado headphone. The open-back design gives you an immersive and incredibly wide soundstage. It’s music at its best.
Headphone-Zone-Grado - Experience the Signature Grado Sound