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About Us

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We are Headphone Zone

In India’s fast growing retail industry filled with crowded hyper markets, monotonous electronic chains and absent music outlets, comes an innovative concept store that combines fashion, technology and entertainment. Headphone Zone is India’s first exclusive online store for headphones, earphones and personal Audio devices featuring the world's finest headphones from brands renowned for their sound, design and style. 

Raghav Somani started Headphone Zone in 2010 after realising that most big retailers had little to no understanding of electronic accessories such as headphones or earphones and consumers had little understanding or options. And so, it is our commitment to personalize your listening experience as much as possible.



Why Headphone Zone?


Meet the Headphone Zone Team

We're a young company of passionate music lovers and musicians. We want to help you find the perfect headphones to suit your personality and style quotient.

"We're not a music company. But music is at the core of what we do."

We love headphones as much as we love selling them. Through comparisons and personal experiences, we as Headphone Experts are the right ones to consult in finding the right pair of headphones, earphones or their complementing accessories. Headphone Zone operates from Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi with a core team of 24 working out of our Andheri office in Mumbai. Besides this, Headphone Zone is supported by 25 operational staff across the country.


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