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Meet Shanling

Shanling is an audio brand that is based in the vibrant city of Shenzhen. Its vast line-up includes SACD/CD players, high-fidelity solid-state and vacuum tube amplifiers, tuners and audio/video amplifiers, among others. It focuses on making high-quality high-end audio devices that are affordable to even the audiophile on a tight budget".


Headphone-Zone-Shanling - The Latest Tech Packed in a Small Frame

The Latest Tech Packed in a Small Frame

Each audio player by Shanling is packed with the latest cutting-edge technology. From an ESS DAC Chip to Qualcomm aptX and a Retina HD screen to a long battery life, each and every audio player features only the best.

Hi-Res Audio

All Shanling DAPs have been certified as Hi-Res by the Japan Audio Society. This means that they go through rigorous tests so that you get only great sound. The audio players also support multiple file formats including super high-quality ones like DSD.
Headphone-Zone-Shanling - Hi-Res Audio