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Shure - AONIC 215 In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale price₹ 9,999 Regular price₹ 10,100
Shure - AONIC 215 True Wireless Gen 2 True Wireless Earbuds Sale price₹ 22,999 Regular price₹ 24,200
Shure - AONIC 50 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphone Sale price₹ 23,999 Regular price₹ 32,000
Headphone-Zone-Shure-True Wireless Secure Fit Adapter 2Headphone-Zone-Shure-True Wireless Secure Fit Adapter 2
Shure - True Wireless Secure Fit Adapter Gen 2 True Wireless Module With MMCX Connector Sale price₹ 21,999 Regular price₹ 22,500
Shure - AONIC 3 In-Ears With 1 Balanced Armature Driver Sale price₹ 19,999 Regular price₹ 20,200
Shure - AONIC 4 In-Ears With 1 DD + 1 BA Drivers Sale price₹ 29,999 Regular price₹ 30,300
Shure - AONIC 5 In-Ears With 3 Balanced Armature Drivers Sale price₹ 51,499 Regular price₹ 52,200
Sold out
Shure - SRH1540Shure - SRH1540
Shure - SRH1540 Closed-Back Studio Headphone Sale price₹ 51,999 Regular price₹ 52,200
Sold out
Shure - RMCE-UNI Headphone-Zone-Shure - RMCE-UNI Headphone-Zone-
Shure - RMCE-UNI MMCX to 3.5mm Cable With Mic Sale price₹ 3,300
Sold out
Headphone-Zone-Shure-SE215 Pro-PurpleHeadphone-Zone-Shure-SE215 Pro-Purple
Shure - SE215 Pro In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale price₹ 9,999 Regular price₹ 10,100
Sold out
Headphone-Zone-Shure-SE846 Gen 2-ClearHeadphone-Zone-Shure-SE846-Gen-2-Clear
Shure - SE846 Gen 2 In-Ears With 4 BA Drivers Sale price₹ 92,999 Regular price₹ 93,800
Shure - SE215-CL In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale price₹ 9,999 Regular price₹ 10,100
Shure - AONIC 50 Gen 2 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphone Sale price₹ 33,390 Regular price₹ 37,100

With a history of innovation that began in 1925, Shure has turned a passion for making great microphones and audio electronics into an obsession. Shure strives to set the worldwide industry standard for superior, reliable products. Regardless of whether you are a musician, audio engineer, broadcaster, YouTuber or music enthusiast - Shure designs a wide range of products that are meant to help you and also exceed your expectations. Shure offers products like microphones, headphones, earphones, in-ear monitors, earbuds and wireless gear that personalise your sound. Shure deals with all the audio equipment related problems head-on and offers you solutions so that all you do is concentrate on your music or your performance on stage.

Shure is a group of engineers, musicians, performers, artists and music fans. They understand the excitement that one feels before performing on stage, beginning with an important conference call or losing yourself to your favourite music. Shure products are designed to be the best, beating the competition and lasting a long time. Shure headphones are used by professionals and audio enthusiasts across the world, and the line-up consists of highly acclaimed headphones like the Shure Aonic 50, Shure SRH440, Shure SRH880, Shure SRH1540 and Shure SRH240A. Shure Aonic series of headphones are adopted by several audiophiles worldwide and swear by them for audio quality.

Shure earphones and Shure in-ear monitors (IEM) are used by several performing musicians and budding audiophiles and are available in wired and wireless formats. Shure wireless earphones and earbuds have risen to popularity in recent years and offer flawless sound minus the hassle of wires. Some of the most acclaimed earphones, in-ear monitors (IEM) and wireless earphones include the Shure SE215, Shure SE846 earphones, Shure Aonic 215, Shure Aonic 3, Shure Aonic 4, Shure Aonic 5, Shure 535, Shure SE425 and Shure SE215CL. At Shure, they believe that good sound is adequate for some people. But at Shure, they’re only interested in delivering sound experiences that immerse and inspire you.

Fun fact:From Elvis to Martin Luther King Jr., from the GRAMMYs® to the Olympics - iconic performers, leaders and communicators trust Shure to deliver their messages clearly, for all to hear.

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Shure AONIC 215 True Wireless Gen 2
Shure AONIC 50
Shure AONIC 215
Shure SRH240A
Shure SRH440

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