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Tell us your corporate gifting or bulk requirement. Based on your specific requirements, we offer the best options available from India's largest range of headphones. You can rest assured that you're getting the best value for your money. Post consultation, in-stock items can be ready to ship within 1 working day and we offer free shipping to any location in the country. Shipping typically takes up to 5 business days. Some of our range allows for personalisation on the headphones themselves. Besides this, we have an extensive range of complementing accessories to fulfill your corporate gifting / bulk requirement.
Introducing the world’s first affiliate program for audiophiles and headphone enthusiasts. Like you, we love music. We at Headphone Zone have, with a lot of passion, put together a fabulous collection of personal audio products and we truly believe that it has allowed all of us to connect more intimately with our music. But, most music listeners in India have yet to discover the joy of listening to music the way it was meant to be heard. This is where you come in. Your passion, knowledge and unique perspective on music and headphones is invaluable to expanding India’s audiophile community. We’d love for you to join us on our mission to introduce India to the world’s finest headphones.

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We have a lovely little office in Mumbai's Andheri suburb. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the city, we came up with a real cool idea. We decided to open up Mumbai's first 'Headphone Experience Studio'. Yes you heard that right!

So what is this Experience Studio all about? The Experience Studio wall adorns a number of high-end headphones, amps and DACs. Bring along with your favorite tracks and listen to them with some of the best audio gear in the world. Fall in love with your music all over again.

Since it's not a shop or a store, we don't have the entire range on display. But what we do have is the finest range :)

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Headphone Zone is the exclusive brand partner for 24 of the world's best headphone brands in India. We're always looking for ways to grow the headphone business and sometimes, our webstore isn't nearly enough to reach out to India's vast population of potential customers.

We're very keen on associating with premium stores like APRs, chain stores and medium to large enterprises and growing the dealer network for our partner brands. If you think your store has an audience that is looking for our high-end headphones, fill out this expression of interest form with your details and we'll get in touch with you soon.

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1. We're the best at what we do - We at Headphone Zone have built the biggest assortment of the world’s finest headphones, earphones and personal audio products. Unlike large corporates, we’re a young passionate team of music enthusiasts working to bring the best headphones to you. We know our headphones we exist to share that passion with you.

2. We’re proud to feature the world’s most exclusive brands - We have the greatest collections of headphones in India. We’ve partnered with over 60 of the world’s finest headphone brands to help every person find a headphone that is uniquely suited for their needs.

3. We have the widest range of personal audio products anywhere - Every Indian has a unique listening preference and taste and no two headphones are the same. Ever since we started the business, our focus has been on bringing to the country, the absolute best products from all corners of the world for the discerning Indian audiophile.

4. Our webstore sees the best conversion rates in the industry - We've worked hard and developed every single piece of content in-house and built a headphone webstore that educates, informs and helps customers with their buying decision.

5. Your audience gets a white glove treatment - Every person that you refer to us is cared for with responsibility. Our Headphone Gurus and Customer Happiness Team are just a call away.

Want to sell your brand alongside some of the world's finest brands on our website, tell us more about your company and the kind of products you wish you list. Fill out the form below for us to understand your brand better and take things forward.

If you must speak to us about something specific, we implore you to raise a ticket with us on our Help Center . It will reach the right person who will be able to serve you best. If you still need to call us, our phone number is +917506646988 . We're available on call from Monday to Saturday from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm.