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GUSTARD - R26 R-2R DAC & Network Audio Streamer/Renderer Sale price₹ 149,999 Regular price₹ 164,999
GUSTARD - DAC-X18 Desktop DAC With MQA Decoding Sale price₹ 69,999 Regular price₹ 74,999
GUSTARD - H16 Desktop Headphone Amplifier Sale price₹ 39,999
GUSTARD - U18 USB Audio Interface Sale price₹ 54,990 Regular price₹ 54,999
Headphone-Zone-GUSTARD-DAC-X26 Pro-BlackHeadphone-Zone-GUSTARD-DAC-X26 Pro-Black
GUSTARD - DAC-X26 Pro Desktop Digital To Analog Converter (DAC) Sale price₹ 149,999
GUSTARD - C18 Low Phase Noise Clock Sale price₹ 154,999 Regular price₹ 159,999
GUSTARD - A26 Desktop DAC & Network Audio Streamer/Renderer Sale price₹ 149,999
GUSTARD - H26 Desktop Headphone Amplifier Sale price₹ 110,999 Regular price₹ 119,999

Affordable Excellence in Audio: The Shenzhen Revelation

Headquartered in one of China's leading tech hubs – the city of Shenzhen – GUSTARD is a company with research and development at its core. Its goal is to provide music fans with high-performance audio products at affordable prices.

GUSTARD is one of those names that has had a strong pull in the audiophile world and are known for their desktop audio solutions, with a particular focus on headphones. Their line-up of products primarily includes headphone amplifiers, DACs, clocks, and recently integrated streaming devices.Gustard is one of the most secretive and mysterious audio equipment manufacturers out there. But GUSTARD sure knows what they are doing when it comes to digital audio. They are known for utilising high-quality components like toroidal transformers, embedding dual DAC chips in a dual-mono configuration and equipping a fully discrete class-A output stage in their gear.

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