Attend Headphone Connect Bangalore

Headphone Connect is India's unique meetup event to unite audiophiles and casual music listeners under one roof to experience the finest headphones. A BYOG (Bring Your Own Gear) event, attendees are welcome to share their own gear.

Time: 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Date: 24th December, Sunday

Location: Bootlegger, Indiranagar

Event Fee: Rs. 699/- (Includes Drinks & Short Eats)

We're limiting the number of passes to 30 only so hurry!

 Headphone Connect is our initiative to unite headphone buffs under a single roof to experience, share, connect and discover all things headphones. A community gathering and meetup, Headphone Connect aims at bringing together Audiophiles, Audio and Technology Reviewers, and Budding Headphone Aficionados for an evening of exploring, exchanging and listening to the finest Headphones and Audio Gear available today in India.


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  • Headphone Connect
  • Headphone Connect
  • Headphone Connect
  • Headphone Connect
  • Headphone Connect
  • Headphone Connect

What is Headphone Connect?

Headphone Zone was conceived with the aim of catering to India's enthusiastic audiophile community by bringing the best listening gear, be it headphones, earphones or audio accessories to the country

Headphone Connect is all about interaction and discovery. A BYOG - Bring Your Own Gear Event; novices and seasoned audiophiles are welcome to share how they listen. We understand that every audiophile has their own unique listening style and audio preference that they appreciate. Come and debate the nuances of sound signature and discuss at length with people who truly understand and speak the language of smooth midrange, deep bass & a wide soundstage.

In the past year we've held 6 Headphone Connects, both a summer and winter cycle in Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi. We intend to take Headphone Connect to all the major cities in India. With regular events and gatherings across the country, Headphone Connect hopes to make exclusive audio gear convenient and accessible to everyone.

 Partner Brands

1MORE Earphones
Audeze Headphone
Aune Audio
Astell&Kern Music Players


Beyerdynamic Headphone
Chord Electronics
Dekoni Audio
DITA Audio
HiFiMAN Headphone
JH Audio
Master & Dynamic
Meze Headphones
Noble Audio
Audio Opus
RHA Headphone
Schiit Amps & DACs
STAX Audio
V-MODA Headphones


Past Events

Headphone Connect, Mumbai (November, 2017)






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"Meet like-minded audiophiles and experience high-end headphones."
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"In India, availability of high-end audio gear is limited."
Audio fest in Delhi brings Voice of God to music lovers


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