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Headphone-Zone-Vision Ears-VE2Headphone-Zone-Vision Ears-VE2-Graph
Vision Ears - VE2 In-Ears With 2 BA Drivers Sale price₹ 64,999 Regular price₹ 69,999
Headphone-Zone-Vision Ears-VE 3.2Headphone-Zone-Vision Ears-VE 3.2
Vision Ears - VE 3.2 Flagship In-Ears With 3 BA Drivers Sale priceFrom ₹ 89,999 Regular price₹ 94,999
Headphone-Zone-Vision Ears-VE 4.2Headphone-Zone-Vision Ears-VE 4.2
Vision Ears - VE 4.2 Flagship In-Ears With 4 BA Drivers Sale priceFrom ₹ 109,999 Regular price₹ 119,999
Headphone-Zone-Vision Ears - VE5Headphone-Zone-Vision Ears - VE5
Vision Ears - VE5 Flagship In-Ears With 5 BA Drivers Sale priceFrom ₹ 124,999 Regular price₹ 134,999
Headphone-Zone-Vision Ear-VE6Headphone-Zone-Vision Ear-VE6
Vision Ears - VE6 Flagship In-Ears With 6 BA Drivers Sale priceFrom ₹ 134,999 Regular price₹ 149,999
Headphone-Zone-Vision Ears-VE 7Headphone-Zone-Vision Ears-VE 7
Vision Ears - VE 7 In-Ears With 7 BA Drivers Sale price₹ 184,999 Regular price₹ 199,999
Headphone-Zone-Vision Ears-VE8Headphone-Zone-Vision Ears-VE8
Vision Ears - VE8 Flagship In-Ears With 8 BA Drivers Sale priceFrom ₹ 219,990
Vision Ears - EXTVision Ears - EXT
Vision Ears - EXT In-Ears With 2 DD + 4 EST Drivers Sale price₹ 264,999
Headphone-Zone-Vision Ears-PHöNIX-Gold/RedHeadphone-Zone-Vision Ears-PHöNIX-Gold/Red
Vision Ears - PHONIX In-Ears With 13 BA Drivers Sale price₹ 349,999
Vision Ears - ELYSIUMVision Ears - ELYSIUM
Vision Ears - ELYSIUM Flagship In-Ears With 1 DD + 1 BA + 2 EST Drivers Sale priceFrom ₹ 249,999
Vision Ears - VE6 XControlVision Ears - VE6 XControl
Vision Ears - VE6 XControl Flagship In-Ears With 6 BA Drivers Sale price₹ 174,999 Regular price₹ 189,999
Vision Ears - VE2 (Demo Unit)Vision Ears - VE2 (Demo Unit)
Vision Ears - VE2 (Demo Unit) In-Ears With 2 BA Drivers Sale price₹ 39,999 Regular price₹ 69,999
Vision Ears - VE 3.2 (Demo Unit)Vision Ears - VE 3.2 (Demo Unit)
Vision Ears - VE 3.2 (Demo Unit) Flagship In-Ears With 3 BA Drivers Sale price₹ 59,999 Regular price₹ 94,999
Vision Ears - VE 4.2 (Demo Unit)Vision Ears - VE 4.2 (Demo Unit)
Vision Ears - VE 4.2 (Demo Unit) Flagship In-Ears With 4 BA Drivers Sale price₹ 79,999 Regular price₹ 119,999
Vision Ears - VE5 (Demo Unit)Vision Ears - VE5 (Demo Unit)
Vision Ears - VE5 (Demo Unit) Flagship In-Ears With 5 BA Drivers Sale price₹ 94,999 Regular price₹ 134,999
Vision Ears - VE6 XControl (Demo Unit) Flagship In-Ears With 6 BA Drivers Sale price₹ 99,990 Regular price₹ 189,999

Vision Ears is a small and owner-driven company in the heart of Cologne, Germany. Vision Ears is developing and producing custom made In-Ears with great passion. Founded by Marcel Schoenen and Amin Karimpour, both linked by their vision of the highest quality and outstanding customer service. One acts more with the brain and another with his heart – forming a perfect symbiosis! After years of R&D, they decided to combine their power and realise their vision of perfection and sound, and Vision Ears was born.

Vision Ears IEM has garnered praises in the audiophile world and their products like the Vision Ears VE8, Vision Ears Erlkonig, Vision Ears EVE20, Vision Ears VE5, Vision Ears VE6, Vision Ears VE2 and Vision Ears VE8 (Vision Ears VE8 Universal) are preferred by professionals across the globe. The team at Vision Ears is as passionate about In-Ears as the founders, making Vision Ears a solid and reliable partner for all musicians and audiophiles. Vision Ears runs a showroom/Lab in Cologne where you can visit them and listen to the latest in ears and enjoy a cup of coffee or tasty "Kölsch“.
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