Headphone Zone Partnership Program

Why You should Partner with us

1. We're the best at what we do

We at Headphone Zone have built the biggest assortment of the world’s finest headphones, earphones and personal audio products. Unlike large corporates, we’re a young passionate team of music enthusiasts working to bring the best headphones to you. We know our headphones we exist to share that passion with you.

2. We’re proud to feature the world’s most exclusive brands

We have the greatest collections of headphones in India. We’ve partnered with over 60 of the world’s finest headphone brands to help every person find a headphone that is uniquely suited for their needs.

3. We have the widest range of personal audio products anywhere

Every Indian has a unique listening preference and taste and no two headphones are the same. Ever since we started the business, our focus has been on bringing to the country, the absolute best products from all corners of the world for the discerning Indian audiophile.

4. Our webstore sees the best conversion rates in the industry

We've worked hard and developed every single piece of content in-house and built a headphone webstore that educates, informs and helps customers with their buying decision.

5. Your audience gets a white glove treatment

Every person that you refer to us is cared for with responsibility. Our Headphone Gurus and Customer Happiness Team are just a call away.


Our Partner Brands

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Headphone-Zone-logo-jbl Headphone-Zone-logo-marshall Headphone-Zone-logo-plantronics Headphone-Zone-logo-sennheiser Headphone-Zone-logo-shure Headphone-Zone-logo-skullcandy Headphone-Zone-logo-sony Headphone-Zone-logo-v-moda Headphone-Zone-logo-urbanistaHeadphone-Zone-logo-aftershokz Headphone-Zone-logo-akg Headphone-Zone-logo-audio-opus Headphone-Zone-logo-audioquest Headphone-Zone-logo-Aune Headphone-Zone-logo-Bang-Olufsen Headphone-Zone-logo-behringer Headphone-Zone-logo-campfire-audio Headphone-Zone-logo-cayin Headphone-Zone-logo-chord Headphone-Zone-logo-comply Headphone-Zone-logo-dekoni Headphone-Zone-logo-dekoni Headphone-Zone-logo-grado Headphone-Zone-logo-harman-kardon Headphone-Zone-logo-HiBy Headphone-Zone-logo-Hifiman Headphone-Zone-logo-ifi-audio Headphone-Zone-logo-JVC Headphone-Zone-logo-jh-audio Headphone-Zone-logo-klipsch Headphone-Zone-logo-klipsch Headphone-Zone-logo-lstn Headphone-Zone-logo-meters Headphone-Zone-logo-meze-audio Headphone-Zone-logo-noble-audio Headphone-Zone-logo-panasonic Headphone-Zone-logo-panasonic Headphone-Zone-logo-Razer Headphone-Zone-logo-schiit Headphone-Zone-logo-shanling Headphone-Zone-logo-sol-republic Headphone-Zone-logo-soundmagic Headphone-Zone-logo-stax Headphone-Zone-logo-steelseries Headphone-Zone-logo-ultrasone Headphone-Zone-logo-urbanears Headphone-Zone-Ultimate-Ears Headphone-Zone-logo-Woo-Audio


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