SoundMAGIC Earphones

The world of headphones is not an easy one to enter, much less make a mark in. So when a brand that was not heard of, that too from a non-European or American country kept winning prestigious awards, year on year for its performance, people definitely started to notice. That brand was SoundMAGIC and the award-winning model that opened doors for it - The SoundMAGIC E10S.

Audiophile Sound Everywhere
SoundMAGIC is a professional design and production company based in Hong Kong. Founded in 2005 by acoustic design engineer Tony Xu, SoundMAGIC designs and manufactures products that aim to deliver performance beyond customer expectations.

Meet the SoundMAGIC E10C
The SoundMAGIC E10S had successfully achieved in providing awesome bass and captivating treble at a very affordable price. It had won innumerable awards and has become a musical delight for audiophiles. Now, the SoundMAGIC E10C retains the performance of the previous E10S model and adds a three-button mic and remote compatible with all smartphones. This allows the listener to adjust volume, skip tracks, start and stop their music and answer phone calls on the go.

SoundMAGIC India enjoys a growing fanbase due to its sturdy and well-thought designs that cater to the commuter while also providing award-winning performance. The SoundMAGIC E11C, also an award-winner, is currently the best selling model from the brand, on Headphone Zone. With an enviable price-to-performance ratio, SoundMAGIC earphones are truly a great way to begin one’s headphone journey.