COMPLY - Premium Ear Tips
Here's a simple tip that could make your listening experience a lot better. Most earphone users complain that they're unable to listen to music for as long as they'd like, hear enough details and move freely at the same time. Comply™ Foam are the premium earphone upgrade your ears have been waiting for.
Made In the USA
Comply is Proud to say that all of their products are made in the USA… just a stone’s throw from their parent, 3M, in Oakdale, MN. Comply makes sure you enjoy your music as you've never heard them before.
Understanding the Sound of Science
The first time you experience a Comply™ Foam Tip, you discover there’s something amazing going on. It feels better. Fits better. Sounds better. By mastering the science of memory foam and heat activation, ComplyFoam has designed tips that have been designed to fit your ear canal - just right.

Find your fit
Every Earphone has its own Core Size. Know which Comply Series Fits your Earphone.