iFi Audio

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Pure Sound, Nothing Else
iFi Audio is a subsidiary of Abbingdon Music Research, one of UK’s largest audio systems manufacturers. It takes inspiration from its parent company to create world-class DACs like none other. Each and every product made will let you feel the magic in your music.

The Best DAC/Amps are Here
Each and every DAC/Amp features some of the best techs around. Burr-Brown DAC Chips, Custom Op-Amps and long battery life, among others. Some even feature iFi’s cutting-edge technologies like 3D+ and XBass+.

A Brand That Does Good Too
Each and every iFi product, as well as its packaging, is made of recycled materials like aluminium, paper and recycled plastic. Their stringent environmental standards ensure that no harmful toxins are used in any part of their DAC/Amps.

Hi-Res Audio
All iFi Audio DAC/Amps have been certified as Hi-Res by the Japan Audio Society. This means that they go through rigorous tests so that you only get  great sound. The audio players also support multiple file-formats including super high-quality ones like DSD and MQA.