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Network Audio Streamer & DAC
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Warranty & Services

Don't sweat it, this iFi Audio - NEO Stream comes with a 1 Year warranty from iFi Audio that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about iFi Audio's warranty in India.

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Ideal for Audiophiles

These DAC & Amps are designed for discerning music lovers. If audio quality is important to you, a set of DAC & Amps like these would be ideal.

You can expect these DAC & Amps to present you with a refined listening experience. The audio quality exhibited by these DAC & Amps is a beautiful mix of musicality, technical brilliance and high precision.

These DAC & Amps deliver a spacious & open soundstage that makes you feel you are sitting at a live concert. Experience the magic and delve into pure sonic tranquility!

Ideal for
Indoor Use


DAC Chip
You may not even realise it, but most of us use a digital-to-analogue converter (commonly known as a DAC) daily. Built into your computers, tablets and smartphones, a DAC is fundamental to unlocking the convenience of digital music. Any device that acts as a digital sound source will need a DAC to convert digital audio to analog. A DAC converts the digital information stored in “0s and 1s” into an analog signal that's passed to speakers or headphones and ultimately our ear. In short, DACs play a large part in making digital music hearable. 

While this technical process is undoubtedly impressive, the DAC embedded into your smartphones or laptops is nowhere good enough to listen to your favourite music recordings in high quality. So, if you want to listen to music in high quality, an external DAC is essential to allow headphones or speakers to perform at their potential. An external DAC, first and foremost, will improve audio quality dramatically.

Connect With Wi-Fi
Ethernet, USB-A & USB-C

Volume Controls

If your DAC & Amps include volume controls or volume rockers, you can easily change the volume with a button press or volume knob turn.

DAC & Amps that have volume controls make its operation incredibly simple; turn up the volume on your smartphone or your source devices and then change the volume on DAC & Amps to the desired level.

This design feature allows you to have complete control over the desired volume according to your listening preferences.


A music streamer works very much like a CD player. However, digital music is streamed: from your local computer network or the internet rather than a disc. Since You've decided to join the throngs of Hi-Fi streaming enthusiasts, you may be debating whether you need to get a music streamer. The truth is that you can stream music without a specific piece of technology. All you require is a phone or computer with an internet connection. However, that might not be doing justice to your streaming experience. This aspect is what the engineers at iFi Audio understood and have developed an Ultra-Res Network Audio Streamer called the "NEO Stream". The NEO Stream is a feature-packed Network Audio Streamer that hosts an integrated DAC, open source architecture, support for Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, Roon Ready, AirPlay, DLNA/UPnP, NAA and more. It also supports full MQA decoding and true-native DSD. The NEO Stream has a balanced analogue circuitry that delivers maximum sonic purity. With so many features under NEO Stream's belly, You can be certain of experiencing the best possible performance and audio quality.


Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-NEO Stream


All digital audio has to go through a digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) to produce sound. The NEO Stream has a built-in high-performance DAC that seamlessly converts digital to analogue signals. With Hi-Res Audio support being the state-of-the-art with True Native® playback, the NEO Stream can handle PCM data to 32-bit/768kHz, DSD up to DSD512 and single and double speed DXD. Thanks to the Burr-Brown DAC chip's four-channel True Native design, PCM and DSD take separate pathways – this enables DSD, and PCM, to remain bit-perfect in their native form right through to analogue conversion. Using the multi-function knob on the front panel of the NEO Stream, you can choose between the Analogue, Digital, or USB audio output ports. The DAC supports PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) and DSD512 (Direct Stream Digital) up to 32-bit/768kHz through USB/LAN connections and Wi-Fi, respectively. The DAC also supports full MQA decoding and true-native DSD. The NEO Stream's integral DAC stage takes your streaming enjoyment to another level. Four-channel True Native Hi-Res DAC design; that supports PCM 768kHz and DSD 512, Powerful 16-core XMOS processor – performs full MQA decoding (to 384kHz). In the case of DSD, there is no conversion to PCM or application of multi-bit processing – this is unusual and makes the NEO Stream an excellent choice for DSD purists.

Note:A full-strength 5GHz signal is required for playback 384kHz/DSD256 or above over Wi-Fi.

Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-NEO Stream
Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-NEO Stream


With the introduction of wireless technology, the world has gone surreal for streaming music without having to deal with the annoyance of wires. The engineers at iFi Audio created the NEO Stream with WiFi capabilities so that you can stream music wirelessly. The NEO Stream comes with the support for Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, Roon Ready, AirPlay, DLNA/UPnP (Digital Living Network Alliance/Universal Plug and Play), NAA and more. The NEO Stream has Roon Ready certification which means the NEO Stream slots straight into a Roon audio environment and works seamlessly with Roon software. Use your choice of any DLNA/UPnP compatible app – BubbleUpnP, connect, Audirvana and so on – to control the NEO Stream and access audio content from online services. With Tidal and Spotify Connect support, you can stream your music straight from these services. The NEO Stream can also operate as a Network Audio Adapter. It directs packets of audio data received over WiFi or Ethernet cable straight to the connected DAC without applying to process. With the support for NAS drive, you can stream from a local storage device using the Stream-iFi app. The NEO Stream fits nicely into the home Hi-Fi system. It has an open-source architecture – that works with multiple control apps and evolves continuously.

Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-NEO Stream
Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-NEO Stream


The NEO Stream has several different settings that allow you to suit your system and the way that you like to stream your music. Exclusive Modes are individual settings that optimise performance by focusing operation on one mode of use. There are specific settings for Roon, Tidal Masters, DLNA and NAA, a general mode for multi-platform use. Four user-selectable digital filters, each of which has a subtle but discernible effect on the sound, can be switched according to personal taste and music choice. You can adjust the sound with the NEO Stream to suit your musical preferences. It has four digital filters 'BP', 'STD', 'MIN', and 'GTO'. When 'BP' Bit-Perfect is selected, the NEO Stream does not do digital without pre- or post-ringing. The 'STD' enables modest filtering with modest pre- and post-ringing. The 'MIN' enables minimum phase, slow roll-off, and minimum pre- and post-ringing. The 'GTO' Gibbs Transient-Optimised is up-sampled to 352.8/384kHz, with minimum filtering, no pre-ringing with minimum post ringing. The NEO Stream also has custom-designed hardware and software – built for exceptional sound. The NEO Stream, with its fully balanced analogue circuitry, delivers maximum sonic purity.

Note:If the GTO filter is selected, the display indicates the sample rate as 352.8kHz or 384kHz, illustrating the upsampling operation of this filter.

Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-NEO Stream


The NEO Stream features a Silentline retina-grade TFT OLED screen for you to get the relevant information in one place, like album cover artwork display and much more. The OLED display shows the current playback mode, format, sample rate, and the IP address of the NEO Stream when available. You can turn the knob for volume control. Also, you can turn the knob to select the function to adjust after short-pressing button 4. To higher or lower the volume, turn the knob and to mute the device, short press the knob. With a long press of the knob: the screen brightness can also be adjusted. It is possible to choose between analogue, digital, or USB as the audio output port. The system mode selector, the hotspot's ON/OFF switch, and the digital filters can all be changed to suit your needs. There are five different play modes available: AIO (All-In-One). Required for accessing configuration pages from a web browser, DLNA only, TIDAL Connect only, ROON only, and NAA (Network Audio Adapter) only.

Note:When NEO Stream is held horizontally, the OLED screen should be on the left, and when held vertically, it should be at the top.

Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-NEO Stream
Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-NEO Stream


The NEO Stream has been painstakingly engineered to remove noise and distortion from the audio signal. The digital signal is regulated by our femto-precision GMT (Global Master Timing) clock to eradicate jitter. The circuit components with low ESR, high linearity and low noise lead to superior sound quality. Power supply noise is vanishingly low, thanks to voltage regulators, high PSRR (Power Supply Rejection Ratio), low idle current, and minimal dropout. Additionally, a synchronous 1.2MHz high-speed power supply controller improves filtering efficiency. The NEO Stream has more clarity, texture, and more dynamic and engaging performance – quite simply, you hear more of the music, just as the artist intended. It also has an Active Noise Cancellation feature that suppresses any noise resulting in clean and precise audio signal transmission. The iPuriFier eliminates irritating audio gremlins from S/PDIF outputs. The Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) II reduces unwanted sound by adding a second sound wave designed to cancel out the first. This functionality results in no sound as it reaches unwanted sound even at the lowest frequencies. Passive noise cancellation is done using insulating filters and works best on the middle to high frequencies. Since it is ineffective at lower frequencies: certain noises can still be heard. Comparatively speaking to the standard noise filter, it reduces noise effectively.

Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-NEO Stream
Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-NEO Stream


The NEO Stream includes a unique option alongside its RJ45 and M12 ports – optical LAN. This design architecture is iFi Audio's technology. Connect the OptiBox transceiver to the router and the NEO Stream to the OptiBox via an optical cable. Benefit from the highest quality digital audio connection possible between the router and the streamer. The NEO Stream has ultra-fast data speeds of up to 10Gbps, Bit-perfect transmission of ultra-resolution audio with minimal degradation across distances of up to 1km. The LAN signal from the router is regenerated, reclocked and rebalanced by the OptiBox; true galvanic isolation is applied, with zero parasitic capacitance and inductance. The NEO Stream’s analogue circuitry features a balanced design with a symmetrical twin-channel output stage. This topology, usually reserved for more expensive amplifiers owing to its cost and complexity, reduces noise and crosstalk in the signal path by separating the left and right channels.

Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-NEO Stream
Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-NEO Stream


The engineers at iFi have thrived harder to incorporate the best of the best functionality so that you can have easy access; to relevant inputs and outputs. The NEO Stream looks elegant in all respects. On the front panel, the NEO Stream has a nice Silentline retina-grade TFT OLED screen, multi-function knob, network status LED, menu/output selector, power switch and indicator, and USB-C input/output. Despite having many options, the front panel does not appear overloaded. There are numerous digital and analogue inputs and outputs; on the rear panel. It consists of DC Power Supply Connection, M12 Ethernet Input, RJ45 Ethernet Input, Factory Reset, Optical Ethernet Input, USB-C System Update Port, USB Type A x 2 Ports, I2S Output, Balanced 4.4mm Analogue Line Output, Single-Ended RCA Line Output, S/PDIF Optical Output, S/PDIF Coaxial Output, AES/EBU (XLR) Signal Outputs, and Wi-Fi Antenna. I2S digital output via HDMI connector connects to a compatible DAC. The level complies with the low voltage differential signal (LVDS) standard. For the pinout, please see the specifications. The NEO Stream also has an optical LAN input isolation technology that delivers superior sound quality over a gigabit Ethernet connection. It also has an ultra-low noise power supply and optical LAN transmitter/receiver that keeps audio transmission and reception as clean as possible.

Note:To eliminate jitter, a Femto-precision clock controls the USB and S/PDIF interfaces.

Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-NEO Stream
1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this iFi Audio - NEO Stream comes with a 1 Year warranty from iFi Audio that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about iFi Audio's warranty in India.

Award-winning audio technology from the UK

Established in 2012, iFi Audio is committed to revolutionizing music enjoyment through cutting-edge audio technology. Based in Southport, UK, they design and manufacture a diverse range of high-quality portable audio devices, including DACs, amplifiers, and digital enhancers. Globally sourcing parts ensures top-notch quality and studio-grade sound reproduction, eliminating noise and distortion. With acclaimed products like the Zen DAC and Hip DAC, iFi Audio has earned numerous awards for its superior performance and innovative features such as Burr-Brown DAC Chips and Custom Op-Amps. Their dedication to audio excellence continues to redefine the music listening experience for audiophiles worldwide.

Fun fact: iFi products and their packaging are made from recyclable materials, including Aluminium, Paper and Recycled plastics. There are no hazardous toxins in their components, and ensure every product released meets environmental standards. iFi Audio prides itself on being an eco-friendly company.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rahul Karna (Nashik)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Bang On!
Not at all
Another Show Stopper from iFi Family

iFi has a reputation for making products that deliver sparkling performance with the bonus that they come at extremely sensible prices. A one box network streamer in the form of Stream Neo is a good addition to the family and iFi ecosystem. I have always been a fan of iFi products, using Go Blu for my daily commute and Gryphon as a substitute for a desktop DAC/AMP, largely because it gave me the flexibility of using it as a BTR. The Stream Neo was my choice for a streamer largely also because it gave me the option of streaming music from Signalyst.

Built around a Texas instruments Burr Brown DAC chipset, it can stream content from a music library in just about every format through a dedicated control app for this purpose. The Neo Stream supports AirPlay but not Bluetooth, which is a shame considering how good they are with BT. It can also be connected to an external DAC via optical or various other methods like coaxial, USB and AES and i2S. I use the optical connection to connect with my B&W Formation ecosystem.

It has one of the most outstandingly natural sound; the voices and instruments are detailed and tonally superb without sounding etched or over emphasised. The iFi Stream gives direct access Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect. Other streaming services like Apple music, YouTube music, and other streaming services which support Airplay. It also has UPnP and DLNA functionalities a;;owing you to access almost every source of music. Since it is is fully MQA compatible, this makes Tidal a good source for music lovers on thr Stream.

The Stream Neo is undoubtedly and realistically the best sounding network audio player one can buy for anything like this price and it needs to be on anyone’s shortlist.

Hey Rahul, thanks a lot for your detailed and genuine feedback, we're glad that you have such positive thoughts about the product and we'll share your thoughts with the brand as well.

Pugazhendi P. (Thiruvananthapuram)
iFi Audio Neo Stream - simply expands your music horizon.

The Neo Stream from iFi Audio is a fantastic streamer which brought stunning levels of clarity, depth and soundstage expansion to my system. Never thought a streamer upgrade will result in such a system improvement as a whole. Thanks to several trustworthy reviewers I bought this and it was my best audio decision yet. Especially connecting it through its I2S output to my Denafrips DAC brought me great results. Amazing product and the pre-booking in HPZ arrived earlier than I expected.

Thank you for your positive review of the iFi Audio Neo Stream! We are thrilled to hear that it has expanded your music horizon and improved your system as a whole. We appreciate your support and we hope you continue to enjoy your Neo Stream. Happy listening!

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