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Focal - Bathys Flagship Noise Cancelling Headphone Sale price₹ 64,999 Regular price₹ 79,999
Headphone-Zone-Focal-Clear MGHeadphone-Zone-Focal-Clear MG
Focal - Clear MG Flagship Open-Back Headphones Sale price₹ 119,999 Regular price₹ 149,999
Headphone-Zone-Focal-Utopia 2022Headphone-Zone-Focal-Utopia 2022
Focal - Utopia 2022 Flagship Open-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 399,999 Regular price₹ 499,999
Focal - Stellia Flagship Closed-Back Headphones Sale price₹ 229,999 Regular price₹ 299,999
Headohone-Zone-Focal-Stellia Ear PadsHeadohone-Zone-Focal-Stellia Ear Pads
Focal - Stellia Ear Pads (Pair) Leather & Memory Foam Replacement Ear Pads Sale price₹ 13,999
Sold out
Headphone-Zone-Focal-Utopia Ear Pads (Pair)Headphone-Zone-Focal-Utopia Ear Pads (Pair)
Focal - Utopia Ear Pads (Pair) Lambskin Leather Replacement Ear Pads Sale price₹ 14,999
Focal - Bathys Replacement Ear Pads (Pair) Replacement Ear Pads Sale price₹ 5,499 Regular price₹ 5,999

True Sound, Everywhere - Made in France Since 1979

Focal is synonymous with audio excellence, dedicated to delivering unmatched sound quality across loudspeakers and speaker drivers. Choose Focal for the true essence of original work—experience the distinctive Focal Sound.Versatile in various environments, Focal products bring signature sound to your life. Enjoy Focal's renowned audio quality at home with loudspeakers, hi-fi headphones, sound bars, and integrated systems. Whether in your garden, on the road, or on the move, Focal lets you rediscover your music with fidelity. Professional loudspeakers for recording studios also embody the iconic Focal Sound.

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