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TempoTec - V3 (Unboxed) Digital Audio Player Sale price₹ 17,999 Regular price₹ 19,999
LYPERTEK - TEVI (Unboxed) True Wireless Earbuds Sale price₹ 3,499 Regular price₹ 7,999
Tripowin - Petrichor (Unboxed) Copper Cable With Interchangeable Plugs Sale price₹ 2,999 Regular price₹ 4,999
Tripowin - Jelly (Unboxed) Silver-plated OCC + Alloy Copper Graphite Monoene Balanced Cable Sale priceFrom ₹ 2,199 Regular price₹ 3,999
BLON - BL-03 (Unboxed) In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale price₹ 1,790 Regular price₹ 2,999
Headphone-Zone-Tripowin-Zonie (Recessed 2Pin/QDC)-2.5mmHeadphone-Zone-Tripowin-Zonie (Recessed 2Pin/QDC)-2.5mm
Tripowin - Zonie (Recessed 2Pin/QDC) (Unboxed) Silver-Plated Copper Balanced Cable Sale price₹ 1,699 Regular price₹ 1,999
Headphone-Zone-KZ-ZSN Pro X-BlackHeadphone-Zone-KZ-ZSN Pro X-Black
KZ - ZSN Pro X (Unboxed) In-Ears With 1 DD + 1 BA Drivers Sale priceFrom ₹ 1,599 Regular price₹ 2,499
Tripowin - Zonie (Unboxed) Silver-Plated Copper Balanced Cable Sale priceFrom ₹ 1,499 Regular price₹ 1,999
Tripowin - Grace (Unboxed) Upgrade Cable Sale price₹ 999 Regular price₹ 1,699
KZ - PR3 (Unboxed) Planar Magnetic In-Ears Sale price₹ 3,799 Regular price₹ 5,999
Tripowin - C8 (Unboxed) Silver-Copper Foil-Coated Balanced Cable Sale priceFrom ₹ 1,499 Regular price₹ 3,999
Headphone Zone-BLON 4 Core Silver Plated Cable-2.5mmHeadphone Zone-BLON 4 Core Silver Plated Cable-2.5mm
BLON - 4 Core Silver Plated Cable (Unboxed) Upgrade Cable Sale priceFrom ₹ 699 Regular price₹ 999
ddHiFi - DJ30A 4.4mm to 3.5mm (Unboxed)ddHiFi - DJ30A 4.4mm to 3.5mm (Unboxed)
ddHiFi - DJ30A 4.4mm to 3.5mm (Unboxed) Analog Audio Adapter Sale price₹ 2,499 Regular price₹ 2,999
CCA - Pianist (Unboxed) In-Ears With 1 DD + 2 BA Drivers Sale price₹ 2,999 Regular price₹ 4,499
FiiO - FT3 350 Ohms (Unboxed) Open-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 22,999 Regular price₹ 29,999
TempoTec - V6 (Unboxed) Digital Audio Player Sale price₹ 26,999 Regular price₹ 36,999
CCA - CXS (Unboxed) In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale price₹ 1,599 Regular price₹ 2,490
FiiO - SK-BTR7 (Unboxed) Bespoke Protective Case Sale price₹ 1,499 Regular price₹ 1,999
Grado - SR80x (Unboxed) Open-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 11,999 Regular price₹ 19,999
  • Ideal for Beginners

    Lost in the Audio Maze? Let Us Guide Your Beginner Audiophile Journey!

    If you are a newcomer in the audio world, this headphone or gear is a stepping stone for those overwhelmed by the plethora of options available.

    If you see a product marked with “🌱 Ideal for Beginners," it indicates that this device is perfect for starting your audiophile journey.

  • Incredibly Popular

    Some things deserve all the attention.

    This headphone or gear is a crowd favourite, winning over fans everywhere with its undeniable audio quality.

    If you see products marked as “🥇 Incredibly Popular”, you’re opting for a tried-and-true choice that’s loved by many, ensuring you're getting something that’s proven to be awesome and widely acclaimed.

  • Flat Sound Signature

    For those on a quest to try and hear the “purest” audio possible.

    This headphone or gear offers an neutral, uncoloured audio profile, perfect for purists who crave accuracy.

    If you see products marked as “📏 Flat Sound Signature”, you’re in for a true-to-life listening experience, hearing your music exactly as it was recorded, without any artificial boosts or tweaks.

  • Sharp & Precise Details

    Are you a lover of sharp and precise details in your music?

    This headphone or gear delivers meticulous and accurate details in your audio, ideal for those who prioritise precise sound reproduction.

    If you see a product marked with "📌 Sharp & Precise Details", it means this device excels in capturing fine nuances and intricacies in your music, ensuring a high level of clarity and fidelity.

  • Layered and Nuanced Sound

    Imagine sitting on the second row of a music hall. Instruments should sound like they are coming from different places on the stage - Layered and nuanced.

    This headphone or gear is designed to deliver a rich, detailed audio experience, with every note and subtlety coming through crystal clear.

    If you see a product marked with "🍰 Layered and Nuanced Sound," it means this device is crafted to provide an intricate soundscape, perfect for audiophiles who appreciate the depth and complexity in their music.

  • Perfect to Analyse Music

    Delve deeper into the Bassline, Riffs and Harmonies.

    This headphone or gear is designed for those who dive deep into the nuances of sound, offering precision for music analysis.

    If you see products marked as “🔍 Perfect to Analyse Music”, get ready to dissect every beat, note, and harmony with exceptional clarity, making it an ideal tool for musicians, producers, and audiophiles who crave detailed insights into their music.

KZ - ZES (Unboxed) In-Ears With 1 DD + 1 EST Driver Sale price₹ 2,390 Regular price₹ 3,999
Simgot - DEW4X (Unboxed) Portable USB DAC & Amp Sale price₹ 6,299 Regular price₹ 7,999
KZ - ZS10 Pro (Unboxed)KZ - ZS10 Pro (Unboxed)
KZ - ZS10 Pro (Unboxed) In-Ears With 1 DD + 4 BA Drivers Sale price₹ 3,399 Regular price₹ 4,999
Headphone-Zone-ddHiFi-TC09S USB-C to USB-C OTG Cable-10cmHeadphone-Zone-ddHiFi-TC09S USB-C to USB-C OTG Cable-10cm
ddHiFi - TC09S USB-C to USB-C OTG Cable (Unboxed) OTG Cable Sale priceFrom ₹ 3,999 Regular price₹ 4,999
FiiO - M15S (Unboxed) Hi-Res Digital Audio Player Sale price₹ 72,999 Regular price₹ 99,999
  • Premium Economy

    Sensible spending and class above in quality.

    This headphone or gear offers top-notch sound and performance without much impact on your pocket, promising a delightful experience that exceeds your expectations at an economical price point.

    If you see a product marked as “💎 Premium Economy," it indicates that you're getting a high-quality audio product with exceptional sound clarity and reliable performance, all at a budget-friendly price.

  • Battery Life

    No need to be connected to the power socket with these devices.

    This headphone or gear promises long-lasting battery performance, ensuring your device keeps up with your adventures without missing a beat.

    If you see products marked as “⏳ Battery Life”, be rest assured that you'll enjoy extended usage time, whether it's for uninterrupted music playback, extended gaming sessions, or all-day productivity, keeping you powered up throughout your day.

  • Storage

    Storage is important. Even in this era of streaming music, you’d want to make sure you have enough space to store your amazing collection of music on your player. Imagine a long flight, it’s your offline files you’re going to be listening to.

    Keeping your entire collection of Hi-Resolution music in one place is the most convenient way of carrying your music library. However, Hi-Resolution files are heavy. Most songs in a FLAC format can be about 100mb per track. So more space is always better.

    Most players support both internal storage and expandable storage via an external memory card. Make sure you check both - the internal memory on players, and consider the maximum supported size of the expandable storage. It’s best to keep your library of offline files in expandable storage and use the internal storage for saving files from streaming apps.

    At the time of writing this article, MicroSD cards for 256 GB were easily available and affordable for less than Rs. 2000. Higher capacity cards are also available, but that seems to be the sweet spot.

  • DAC Chip

    Know the secret to your pristine audio.

    This headphone or gear reveals the secret sauce behind superior audio quality, highlighting the presence of a high-performance DAC chip for pristine sound reproduction.

    If you see products marked as “⚙️ DAC Chip”, expect to experience your music with unparalleled clarity, detail, and fidelity, ensuring that every note and nuance is faithfully reproduced for your listening pleasure.

  • Power Output

    When you need that juice to get the best out of your products.

    This headphone or gear packs a punch, revealing the product's impressive power output capabilities, ensuring it can handle even the most demanding products with ease.

    If you see products marked as “🚀 Power Output”, you're in for a treat with robust performance for driving high-fidelity products without breaking a sweat.

  • Balanced Output

    Upgrading from single-ended to balanced can be the easiest way to improve your sound.

    This DAC, Amp or Hi-Res player offers a balanced output, ensuring pristine audio quality with minimised interference and enhanced clarity for your listening pleasure.

    If you see a product marked as "⚖️ Balanced Output”, get ready for a symphony of crystal-clear tunes, free from any unwanted noise drama!

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