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Astell&Kern makes impossibly good digital audio players. Within some 10 years, the brand has set a supreme standard for how an audio file should sound. They call this "Mastering Quality Sound". Interestingly, Astell means 'Stars' in Latin and Kern means 'Center' in German. Astell&Kern is mindfully designed to getting audiophiles & purists alike to feel an irrefutable connection with music.


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Astell&Kern is the ultimate digital music source that brings you Mastering Quality Sound.
Astell means ‘Stars’ in Latin and Kern means ‘Center’ in German. Astell&Kern is the center of music.








Mastering Quality Sound


Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) is an acronym of collective lossless & high-resolution audio source formats that typically comes encoded with 24bit, 44 to 192kHz of bit/sampling rates.


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World's #1 Portable DAPs

Astell&Kern is known to offer high-resolution audio playback music that allows you to
comfortably listen to high resolution audio, anytime and anywhere. 



In The News


"A&K is an aspirational luxury brand that an audiophiles hope to own. It's known for its interesting design, language, high-quality components and hardware."
"The Astell & Kern AK Jr offers excellent design and great usability -- from the dedicated volume dial to the no-nonsense menu."

"Astell & Kern has never shied away from its core demographic, taking pride in making plush audiophile gear for the top 1 percent of music listeners."
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"Astell&Kern is all about packing your player with support for the highest-quality music files and more specialised listening equipment."


"Astell&Kern portable music players has proven that audiophiles everywhere want the best possible sound at home and when they travel."
"Astell&Kern's new entry level hi-res music player, the AK70 had to be better than the last one. And it manages that with ease."
"Astell&Kern is looking to lock horns with the likes of Sony, Fiio, and Cowon with their flagship AK380 and other lineup of products"
"Astell&Kern has entered the Indian market with AK Jr and their flagship AK380"