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Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&futura SE300Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&futura SE300
Astell&Kern - A&futura SE300 Hi-Res R-2R Digital Audio Player Sale price₹ 159,999 Regular price₹ 179,999
Astell&Kern - A&norma SR35 Quad-DAC Hi-Res Digital Audio Player Sale price₹ 69,999 Regular price₹ 79,999
Astell&Kern - A&ultima SP3000 Flagship Digital Audio Player Sale price₹ 299,999 Regular price₹ 339,999
Astell&Kern - KANN MAX Quad-DAC Digital Audio Player Sale price₹ 89,999 Regular price₹ 129,990
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-AK PA10Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-AK PA10
Astell&Kern - AK PA10 Portable Class-A Amplifier Sale price₹ 44,999 Regular price₹ 54,999
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-AK HC3Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-AK HC3
Astell&Kern - AK HC3 Portable DAC & Amp Sale price₹ 13,999 Regular price₹ 18,999
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-ACRO CA1000THeadphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-ACRO CA1000T
Astell&Kern - ACRO CA1000T All in one Desktop Player Sale price₹ 199,999 Regular price₹ 229,999
Astell&Kern - AK ZERO1 In-Ears With 1 Planar DD + 1 DD + 2 BA Drivers Sale price₹ 54,999 Regular price₹ 69,999
Astell&Kern - AK ZERO2 In-Ears With Quad-Brid Drivers Sale price₹ 99,999 Regular price₹ 109,999
Astell&Kern - AK CD-Ripper-MKIIAstell&Kern - AK CD-Ripper-MKII
Astell&Kern - AK CD-Ripper-MKII Efficiently Copy Your CDs Sale price₹ 39,990
Astell&Kern - A&norma SR35 Leather Case Bespoke Protective Case Sale price₹ 6,999
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-KANN MAX Case-BlackHeadphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-KANN MAX Case-Black
Astell&Kern - KANN MAX Case Bespoke Protective Case Sale price₹ 9,999 Regular price₹ 11,999
Astell & Kern - SP1000 Leather CaseAstell & Kern - SP1000 Leather Case
Astell & Kern - SP1000 Leather Case Bespoke Protective Case Sale price₹ 3,999 Regular price₹ 10,999
Sold out
Astell&Kern - A&futura SE300 Leather Case Bespoke Protective Case Sale price₹ 11,999 Regular price₹ 12,999
Sold out
Astell&Kern - AK XB10 (Unboxed)Astell&Kern - AK XB10 (Unboxed)
Astell&Kern - AK XB10 (Unboxed) Portable Balanced Bluetooth DAC & Amp Sale price₹ 1,799 Regular price₹ 14,999
Sold out
Astell&Kern - ACRO CA1000 (Demo Unit)Astell&Kern - ACRO CA1000 (Demo Unit)
Astell&Kern - ACRO CA1000 (Demo Unit) Innovative Headphone Amplifier + DAC + DAP Sale price₹ 89,990 Regular price₹ 219,999
Sold out
Astell&Kern - KANN ULTRA Dual-DAC Digital Audio Player Sale price₹ 139,999 Regular price₹ 149,999
Astell&Kern - AK HB1 Portable Bluetooth DAC & Amp Sale price₹ 21,999 Regular price₹ 23,999
Astell&Kern - KANN ULTRA Leather Case Bespoke Protective Case Sale price₹ 11,999 Regular price₹ 12,999
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-KANN MAX (Demo Unit)Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-KANN MAX (Demo Unit)
Astell&Kern - KANN MAX (Demo Unit) Quad-DAC Digital Audio Player Sale price₹ 74,999 Regular price₹ 129,990

Astell&Kern is a premium audio brand of portable and non-portable audio systems that play hi-res audio files without compromise. The word Astell means “Stars” in Greek, while the word Kern means “Core” and together, Astell&Kern refers to the brand's aim of continuously reaching for the core of the music — the "original sound”. Astell&Kern products are the perfect pick for Hi-Fi audio aficionados. Due to the advancement in recording technology, music now can be digitally recorded while sounding as accurate as a live performance. But most of the time, these high-quality recordings are heard in inferior audio formats such as MP3, which compromises the sound quality. Additionally, the soundstage aspect of the audio is not represented clearly in the MP3 files. Therefore Astell&Kern came into existence to address this issue to revive the sound quality for musicians and audio professionals.

Astell&Kern aims to provide inspiration and vitality to your lives through their diverse array of products like audio players, speakers, and earphones. Astell&Kern is committed to producing the most accurate sound reproduction for those who enjoy music and products like the Astell&Kern AK XB10, Astell&Kern A&Norma SR25, Astell&Kern Kann Alpha, Astell&Kern AK Jr and Astell&Kern Billie Jean have won the hearts of countless audiophile around the world. Since the launch of their first product in 2012, Astell&Kern's brand philosophy—refusing to overlook even the tiniest differences in sound quality—has led to a diverse array of audio gear and outstanding and well-renowned technology honed through continuous R&D, enriching the music and your listening experience. Astell&Kern’s audio products deliver music that touches your heart, not just your ears.
Astell&Kern AK XB10
Astell&Kern PEE51
Astell&Kern A&norma SR25 MKII
Astell&Kern A&futura SE180
Astell&Kern A&futura SE200
Astell&Kern ACRO CA1000
Astell&Kern AK ZERO1