Astell&Kern - A&norma SR35

Quad-DAC Hi-Res Digital Audio Player

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Warranty & Services

Don't sweat it, this Astell&Kern - A&norma SR35 comes with a 1 Year warranty from Astell&Kern that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Astell&Kern's warranty in India.

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Bluetooth with
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Battery Life

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2.5mm & 4.4mm
Balanced Output

Upto 6Vrms
Power Output

Ciruss Logic CS43198
Quad DAC Chip


Upto 1TB
of Storage

Battery Capacity of
3150 mAh

If you're looking to experience the essence of a flagship player's performance without spending excessively, the SR35 offers a well-proportioned rendition of the SP3000's audio quality. SR35 brings the flagship experience of Astell&Kern within reach for all of us.


Raghav Somani is the Founder & CEO of Headphone Zone. An avid audiophile and musician since 2008, his choice of headphones include STAX Electrostats, Audeze LCD 3, and for music on the go, the JH Audio Roxanne + Astell&Kern SP1000 is never too far away. On his playlist, you'll find A.R. Rahman, Michael Jackson, and the Eagles.


Astell&Kern needs no introduction; it is an innovative brand known for incorporating some of the best-in-class technologies into its product line-up. Their A&norma series had introduced some of the most celebrated DAPs like the SR15, SR25, and SR25 MKII. The previous model in the series, the SR25 MKII, was adored by audiophiles because of its portable size and exceptional sonic abilities. This time around Astell&Kern has broken all barriers in terms of technology and developed the all-new and improved SR35. The Astell&Kern A&norma SR35 inherits the same strengths while applying the amplifier and audio design found on Astell&Kern's premium products to deliver the authentic sound quality that Astell&Kern is so well known for. The ultra-compact SR35 features 20 hours of continuous playback while supporting Quad DAC and two-step Gain control, and the A&norma line's first introduction of New Generation Amp technology with Astell&Kern's long-standing know-how for an even more authentic and true-to-life HiFi sound at higher output. Astell&Kern engineers have also applied a new UI/UX with improved visuals and usability to the SR35 for a more immersive music listening experience. Moreover, the SR35 has Roon Ready and MQA full decoder compatibility to improve the functionality of the A&norma series of DAPs even more. The Astell&Kern A&norma SR35 is a technological marvel that will go down and create history!

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR35
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR35
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR35
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR35


For the first time in the A&norma series, the SR35 deploys the CS43198 DAC from Cirrus Logic in Quad DAC configuration. Moreover, a new design of audio circuits has been established, including the Quad DAC and Astell&Kern's innovative technologies. Astell&Kern's patented TERATON ALPHA technology has been implemented for outstanding advancement in the dynamics, sense of space, resolution, and level of separation. Furthermore, their latest technologically advanced amplification circuitry has been incorporated into the SR35, boasting a dramatically improved and industry-leading SNR of 130dB. A Dual/Quad DAC Switching mode allows you to adjust power management efficiency and improve the long continuous playtime, a core feature of the A&norma series. The Astell&Kern A&norma SR35 supports Native DSD256 and PCM playback of up to 32 bit/384 kHz allowing you to enjoy HiFi sound without restriction and free from distortion. Unlock your path to HiFi sound with the brand-new SR35!

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR35


Astell&Kern has been known to innovate and improvise with their AMP technologies and innovative circuit boards. Astell&Kern engineers pay equal importance to the amplification technology and the DAC architecture. The Astell&Kern A&norma SR35 hosts a new generation AMP technology that was applied to the A&ultima line so that A&norma users can also enjoy the highest level of sound provided by the A&ultima line with this exclusive in-house technology. The new generation AMP technology applied to the SR35 is Astell&Kern's unique amplifier design that effectively improves noise reduction at high power output. With this new technology, the SR35 contains the same amplifier design as the latest A&ultima and A&futura products. The Astell&Kern A&norma SR35 supports a 2-step Gain Level mode to create the perfect match for a wide range of headphones and IEMs, maintaining optimal sound output. The two-step gain setting with "Normal" and "High Gain'' modes can generate a high current to create a powerful sound and excellent driver control. With up to 6 Vrms from the balanced connections, driving high-impedance headphones has never been so responsive.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR35


TERATON ALPHA, Astell&Kern’s in-house ultimate sound solution, makes it possible to realise high output and Quad DAC for a wide variety of earphones and headphones whilst maintaining long playtime with minimal noise. Astell&Kern improved the A&norma series using audio technology from other Astell&Kern products lauded by innumerable audio enthusiasts and media critics. The TERATON ALPHA technology gained success through years of technical research and development. TERATON ALPHA, engineered through extensive research, is Astell&Kern's unique technology designed to produce audio playback that is as close to the original recording through effective power noise removal, efficient power management and unwavering amplification, and a fully converted audio output interface.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR35
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR35
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR35


The Astell&Kern A&norma SR35 is equipped with Bluetooth v5.0 with support for Bluetooth codecs like LDAC and Qualcomm® aptX™ HD. It also offers dual-band (2.4/5Ghz) WiFi support providing uninterrupted and enhanced network performance, allowing you to enjoy HiFi music through various streaming and Roon Ready services. The Astell&Kern A&norma SR35 allows wireless music playback from a smartphone or any other Bluetooth-enabled device through BT Sink functionality. BT Sink function connects the SR35 to an external device via Bluetooth, similar to connecting a smartphone with a BT speaker. Music from an external device, such as a smartphone, can now be played back in high-quality on the SR35 using the BT Sink function. ReplayGain, which adjusts sound sources with different volumes to a sufficient level, has been applied to the SR35. Music file management is now possible with a cableless, wireless solution. The new AK File Drop function in the SR35 makes file transfers more convenient. Using AK File Drop, you can transfer files wirelessly through a PC, smartphone, or FTP program located on the same network.

NOTE: ReplayGain supports up to 24-bit/192 kHz sound sources.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR35
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR35
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR35


The Astell&Kern A&norma SR35 hosts a 3,150mAh 3.7V Li-Polymer battery offering a maximum of 20-hour continuous playtime. You can enjoy music without a recharge all day long. The SR35 is the perfect companion that you can use for long-haul flights as well as full days at work and vacations, guaranteeing you Hi-Fi sound anywhere, anytime.

NOTE: The 20 hours of battery life is tested with Standard : FLAC, 16bit, 44.1kHz, Normal Gain, Unbalanced, Vol.50, LCD Off, Dual DAC Mode.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR35


Roon Ready is a service for HiFi fans who wish to play the best HiFi sound without compromising on various devices through network systems. Roon Ready, available on some premium audio products, now comes with the A&norma series for the first time, offering you an SR35-controlled network audio system to deliver the best sound quality. Additionally, it supports the full decoder of MQA 8X (Master Quality Authenticated) so that SR35 can play and stream HiFi MQA sound natively, true to the concept of A&norma that plays original sounds anywhere and at any time. With the SR35, you can choose from four DAC filters to create your sound signature. Design your sound with four different DAC filters and immerse yourself in pure sonic tranquillity!

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR35


The Astell&Kern A&norma SR35 comes with a redesigned Crimson-themed UI/UX transforming into an innovative true music player. The new UI/UX is designed so that you can quickly browse music categories and re-discover songs within your music library. Astell&Kern has also added an easy album art search function allowing you to re-discover the joy of viewing and interacting with music album art whilst listening to your favourite tracks. The crimson theme focuses on edge, simplicity, and dark mode keywords. The colour theme of black with red highlights lowers visual fatigue offering an intuitive user experience. The SR35 has also seen some much-needed improvements to its user-friendliness of app service, artist view, album sorting, and the album art search function.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR35
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR35
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR35


The Astell&Kern A&norma SR35 is the prime example of the ultimate portability of the A&norma series. The compact size of the SR35 fits easily in your pocket. And weighing in at only 184g is light enough to carry without hassle or inconvenience. On the SR35, the tremendous dynamics of the A&norma series are represented by a great warrior's sword and shield. The volume control is also exquisitely crafted. The concave surface and single bold line on the side resemble a sword of combat and a shield, respectively. These symbolic shapes represent a warrior’s powerful force and characteristics. An "A" pattern on the rear glass of the SR35 indicates the first use of Quad DAC architecture in the A&norma series. Astell&Kern maintained their recognisable, angular display that fits nicely in the palm and further defines the heritage of the A&norma series.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR35
1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Astell&Kern - A&norma SR35 comes with a 1 Year warranty from Astell&Kern that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Astell&Kern's warranty in India.

Luxury Meets Innovation: Difference in Sound Quality

Founded in October 2013 in South Korea, Astell&Kern is a premium audio brand renowned for its commitment to delivering uncompromised hi-res audio experiences. Derived from Greek, where "Astell" means "Stars" and "Kern" means "Core," the brand symbolizes the pursuit of capturing the essence of music—the "original sound." Astell&Kern addresses the decline in audio quality due to inferior formats like MP3, aiming to revive sound integrity for musicians and enthusiasts alike.

Their diverse product range, from audio players to earphones, reflects their dedication to precision and accuracy in sound reproduction. With acclaimed offerings like the Astell&Kern AK XB10 and Astell&Kern Billie Jean, they continue to enrich music and listening experiences globally, delivering soul-touching sound.

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"All you could ever expect or want from a portable music player at this level. New benchmark sound quality, Well-equipped functionality, Smart, compact design."

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" The SR35 proves that A&K will always be one of the best when it comes to pure sound quality, build quality as well, offering a chassis that feels premium no matter the price point."

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"The Quad-DAC mode really flexes the music muscles of the SR35. Mids and lows are buffed/enhanced, the soundstage gets wider and deeper with the extra processing power."

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"With a battery life of almost 20 hours with IEMs, the SR35 is the logical high-end DAP option for the commuter or business traveler; especially for those who have zero desire to spend over $2,000 on a DAP."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chaitanya Rona (Hyderabad)
SR 35 is a baby born of SP 3000


It's a small desire to have an Asten&kern player in life but always step back because of its slow UI in previous generation DAP. Don't know how bad they are at UI never had a personal experience but a lot of reviewers have kept mentioning the same point many times, Now Asten & Kern doesn't give a chance for anyone to talk about their UI being slow, and lazy because they came up with NEW UI in my experience they are Good ( Not Great or Nor Bad ). 


Amazing!! It's a warm sound with a great separation of instruments. The soundstage was quite great at this price point. Essentially the sound Asten & Kern trying to deliver is very smooth and relaxed. There is some Air flowing in between every node of sound and it comes quite the natural way the instrument should sound. The imaging part of A&K SR 35 feels like a black background where vocals will be centered and all instruments will be placed around the left and right.

We can definitely feel there is something extraordinary the A&K was doing with their technology built-in. It's something unique when compared to other DAPs.
Coming from Sony, HiBy DAPs can easily say that A&K is outstanding in Sound quality and other features.

QUAD DAC is better than DUAL DAC More engaging sound uplifts the LOW end very well and sounds more rounded sound. 

It really makes you feel a little emotional with its sound quality and separation when you listen to some songs from the albums like " Taal ( Ishq Bina ), Iruvar ( Sasivadane ), Bombay, Any A.R. Rehman sir Song you play makes you feel that emotion carried by the sound. 

SP 3000 vs. SR 35:

Many buyers like me have this question in mind after extensive research on this device by seeing the reviews and blogs of Audhiphiles forms. What is the difference between SP 3000 vs SR 35? Why there is a huge difference in the price level, Are I missing something? 

Let me clear it up for you guys, First and most why Rolex watches are too costly, It's because of their material which is the first thing they are expensive, and then the brand with Unique dail designs that you won't get from Normal watch brands. Finally, there are Luxiuroes and social status comes along with it. 

It's the same here with SP 3000 too. The SP 3000 is built with high-grade-quality materials for its internal components and external body build. They really want their high flagship player to have that build quality in all internal and external parts. It's not the reason to increase their flagship player price tag but they believed with fine material we can achieve a more quality sound from the DAP.

Secondly, They are a well-known brand for flagship players and surely need to add some luxuries for it such as the chipsets and internal circuit structure with the first AKM Flagship chip with Silver layering and little add-on technology for it. The best UI works faster than SR 35 because the player upgraded RAM. Other features Like Roon work better than SR 35. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi things work the best.

Considering all this there will definitely be a huge price tag for it but when you compare the sound SR 35 is a baby born of SP 3000. Many reviews have mentioned this line and HPZ Guys also have said that the sound was near to SP 3000 but there will be some differences in sound for their extra tech and material. In the sound stage and imagining, there More spacious sound in instrument separation.

Not saying you don't need to waste your money on SP 3000 like that but my intention is that A&K is giving its best at any price point for their customers in sound. Surely you love the sound that comes out of it and you surely going to taste that flagship sound from SR 35 to know what SP 3000 is capable of delivering more. 


1. The Wi-Fi is not stable (Companies like A&K Sholud have taken care here more, whether it's entry player or flagship WIFI Option is very important for a player because it's not cell to have some 4G or 5G networks). 

2. The screen is small for me it's ok my fingers are thin but it's very hard for fatty fingers. 

3. UI can be a little faster. There should be no differences between the software quality compared to flagships. You can have on tech and sound but really not on software that A&K has to learn from other DAP companies. 

Final Thoughts: 

Overall, A&K SR 35 is the best DAP for the price. Highly recommended if anyone not yet in the A&K Family wants to taste their Unique sound and what they can do more with SP 3000. Then SR 35 is the best in class and hope it's almost enough for most of the Audiphiles in the market. 

Feature surely upgrade to SP 4000 If any or SP 3000T as the SP 2000T model comes out but as of now very much satisfied with a product that is enough for me and for my IEMs. 

My review is done with my flagship IEMs 
1. 64 Audio Tia Fourte 
2. IE 900

Hope this review helps you guys, Thank you!!

Thanks a lot for your detailed and genuine feedback, we're glad that you have such positive thoughts about the product and we'll share your thoughts with the brand as well. It'll also help our fellow customers to make the right choice!

Kiran k (Bengaluru)
Love this

It's small and fits inside your palm. It's Quad DAC and I don't have premium IEM to experience it. Screen and UI ia just so well done. Off course this sounds bliss. Best in class build. What's missing inside the box is a leather case. Back in 2002 box includes case and IEM. In 2 decades my ears are still the same THANK GOD. Thank You headphone zone team to having sent this in 2 days. Received a absolutely beauty and loving this.

This makes us really happy and we really appreciate the genuine feedback! We're glad that you have such positive thoughts about our team and the company.

lokesh agarwal (Kolkata)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Bang On!
Not at all
perfect DAP...

Value for money with battery life
if you want more base then this is the DAP you want.
the angles display looks really different and awesome.
you get two screen guard for the display and the back which is a life saver for people like me.
pair it with a really good IEM and you are good to go for another 4-5 years.

Hey Lokesh, thanks a lot for the awesome review and we are glad you are enjoying it! Keep the music playing.

Chandra Sekhar Khaitan (Kolkata)
Premium DAP with Blissful Sonic Quality

I have been using other Ch-Fi DAPs earlier and this time I wanted to try out the most reputed brand in the world of DAPs.
Premium build quality. Comes with two sets of Screen and Back guards (film) and they are Matt finish which is also great. USB C type cable is of high quality.
While it takes some time to get accustomed to a non-Android UI, but the basic layout is very similar to Android and user friendly as well.
In terms of sonic experience it is wonderful. Width of the Sound Stage, Realistic Imaging, Quality of Layering and Separation are the parameters which should define the quality of the output and it is just exquisite in SR35. Now I hear those sounds / instruments which I had not heard earlier on the same tracks.
No heating issues.
Would have been good to get the Case for the DAP
In a nutshell nothing to complain about. One can just blindly choose this one without any comparison if you are not using high impedance headphones.
Fast delivery by Headphone Zone team !

Thank you so much for your kind words! We're thrilled to hear that you had a positive experience shopping with us. ️ Your support means the world to us! We can't wait to serve you again soon. ✨

Murali Das (Kochi)
Best portable music player?

When i first plugged in my Thieaudio Monarch MK3 and listened it felt absolutely sublime. The music coming out was so detailed and clear that i had to keep listening for a while. Thats how good this thing is. UI is ok and the form factor is perfect for me. A great product from Astell and Kern!

Thanks for the great review! We're glad you're enjoying the Astell&Kern - A&norma SR35!

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