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Headphone Connect is India’s biggest community event for Audiophiles and Headphone enthusiasts. First hosted in 2015, Headphone Connect is a unique audio show and community meetup combined in one. Headphone Connect features the world's finest Headphone brands coming together to showcase the latest from the world of high-end personal audio, headphones, and portable sound. Join the Indian audiophile community for to meet and share with fellow audiophiles from across India. Rediscover your music and listen like never before.

Experience Music Like Never Before

Headphone Connect is India's biggest personal audio event, with the finest high end audio brands on showcase with the latest in personal audio technology and products available for India's discerning music listeners and audiophiles.

Whether you're a seasoned audiophiles or beginner enthusiasts who is new to the hobby, the only qualification needed to join us at Headphone Connect is a love for music, and the passion to listen it better


A BYOG: Bring Your Own Gear Event

Headphone Connect is India's biggest personal audio event, with the finest high end audio brands on showcase with the latest in personal audio technology and products available for India's discerning music listeners and audiophiles. Whether you're a seasoned audiophiles or beginner enthusiasts who is new to the hobby, the only qualification needed to join us at Headphone Connect is a love for music, and the passion to listen it better.


8 Years Of Connecting Audiophiles

Headphone Connect started as a bunch of friends who came together to share their music in 2015, but quickly grew to become India’s biggest audiophile community event. Since then, Headphone Connect has had 30 successful events across India, with over 2000 patrons having attended our community events.

8 Reasons To Be At Headphone Connect

8 Reasons To Be At Headphone Connect

Headphone Connect started with a bunch of friends who came together to share their love for music and quickly grew to become India's Premier Audiophile Community event. Headphone Connect is an oppo...

In one word the event was "Grand" in terms of venue, collection of sound gears & hospitality of HPZ gurus. Had an opputunity to try out some of the best IEMs of the world. Truely a mesmerizing experience. Wish I got some more hours to listen & experience those world class IEMs & headphones. Waiting eagerly for the upcoming HPZ Connect event at Kolkata.

Rudrajit Ganguly

Only One Sentence, It’s Blown My Brain. I was really and thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment on that day. It helped me a lot to learn the difference between normal audio and premium audio. And it also gives me new friends me . Thank you so much headphone zone team, love you all.

Aarya Kondaveeti

I would say that whoever has gone to any of the Headphone zone connects would agree that it is an "exciting" event. Exciting in terms of the exotic equipments they bring in, in terms of the like minded people that we meet and greet and in terms of overall listening experience that we get.


It was a fantastic experience meeting all the audiophiles around the city and the wonderful team of headphonezone who has assisted me with the best options in choosing IEM's and other audio gear. Looking forward to join more. Best part was getting to hands on flagship headphones with the rad portable amplifications.

Eswar B

Don't Miss It! I want to thank Raghav and his team for organizing this event in great manner. Not just wonderful gears but the team behind those gears were even more wonderful explaining, connecting, assisting every request, they were patient, knowledgeable and friendly.

Santhosh R

Felt Like I Was In Different Universe. Till I entered the headphone connect, I thought I’m enjoying music in right way.. then after felt there is an different universe which missed to experience.. thanks headphone zone to let me experience that universe.



Are you extremely proud of your audio equipment?You certainly deserve a platform to share your knowledge and be appreciated for your taste of audioware and sensibilities. This is exactly what headphonezone.in, a portal for premium audio equipment is offering at The Barking Deer this weekend.
In a room full of audiophiles and hundreds of headphone gear, baby steps feel like a sensory free-fall but once you've experienced that weightlessness of your headphone zone, there's no turning back.
If tone, timbre, balance and soundstage be your life’s symphony, here’s some good news: no you’re not alone. In fact there are many of you. And here’s a meet-up that will be music to your ears -literally. Meet Headphone Connect.
The Audeze LCD-3, a headphone so good that it was dubbed as Voice of God at CES Las Vegas, will be one of the high-end headsets at Headphone Connect, a fest organised by Headphone Zone, an e-retail portal, for audio and music enthusiasts in Delhi this week.

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Hyatt Regency, Ahmedabad 17A, Ashram Road, Riverfront, Ahmedabad, 380 014

Customer Reviews

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Aditya Kapil (Mumbai)
Had a great time!

Listened to amazing headphones, IEMs, combos. Met lovely people, both aficionados, and serious, enthusiastic young uns! Good fun.
Find of the day: Kaldas Research's RR1 (electrostatic). At that price...wow! Great to see homegrown companies making high-end equipment available regardless of market size. This is true innovation. Aumkar Chandan take a bow!
One suggestion (else this would have been a 5-star review) - pleeeease get a room with good wifi signal next time. One should be able to pick any rig, and freely be able to stream any song. It's a pain searching through unfamiliar lists on local drives... or having to fiddle around with OTG dongles etc.

We are glad that you took out some time and shared your experience with us. Thank you so much for the awesome review & ratings as well as for the suggestion. Cheers & Happy Listening, Aditya Kapil!

TechPlexus (Mumbai)
An Audiophile Paradise

Ever since I bought Blon BL-03 from HeadphoneZone, I had been looking at the Headphone Connect section on the website https://www.headphonezone.in/. As soon as the Mumbai event was available for booking I did right away for the cost of Rs. 999.

The event took place at The Leela, Andheri. The event was in a big hall enough for 100 people with tables all around. The entry was smooth with the registration desk asking for my name and giving me a wristband and sticker with my name on it. There were some audiophile stickers also available on the desk for free. T-shirts were available to buy as well. There was at least one staff available at each desk. Lady standing near the registration desk was kind enough to show me around. Left side tables had all the IEMs, and right ones had headphones.

As I was there mainly for the headphones, I went to the right side. I wanted to try out the Meze and Beyerdynamic, but they recommended trying out the expensive stuff first as later when the crowd gathers, it will be difficult to get a chance. I went to the STAX table and was talking to the staff girl about it. From behind came Raghav Somani, Founder, and CEO of the HeadphoneZone. He was a nice and humble person and explained to me certain things. As I was early, he asked me to try out the flagships from STAX, Audeze, and Focal first as they are the best, and trying them later might be difficult due to more people entering. I asked him if there is a difference between the Apple Music Lossless and Lossless High-res. He said he could not hear much difference between the two and that 192Khz is the information that is packed into the audio files and not the frequency response. I wanted to ask him a few more questions at the end of the event but I was in a hurry to leave and he was busy talking to others. My main question was whats the most value for money setup below 30k and what is the most value for money setup overall above which spending money does not give much returns in terms of sound quality.

I tried out the followings:

Audeze LCD5, LCD3
Focal Stellia
Meze Empyrean, Elite, and Liric
Hifiman HE-R9, Arya, Sundara, Ananda

Final Audio E8000
Moondrop Aria, Blessing 2
1custom Junior
Fiio FH5s pro, FS7S
Campfire audio Ara
Vision ears VE5, VE8
Lypertek Z3, Z7
Hidizs portable DAC

I liked the Focal Stellia the most. I wanted to try out the other STAX models on the table but there were always people sitting out there as many times I tried. Audeze as well I wanted to try again but was not able to. I wanted to try V Moda and Austrian Audio as well but they were not available. The staff said that I can come over to their office and try those out.

The variety of the headphones and IEMs to try out was amazing. Never in life, did we get to try so many premium audio gears with DACs and Amps costing lakhs. The experience was amazing.

I had brought along with AKG K361BT along to try out portable DACs if it makes any difference but did not get a chance. The first reason is the DACs were occupied most of the time.

The second reason applicable while trying all other headphones was the noise around. With staff explaining to the beginner audiophiles (like me), random chatter, and sound of sounds from open-back headphones, it was difficult to hear the minute sounds that I wanted to hear. I am not complaining about this as it is not possible for the organizers to provide separate quiet places and dedicated gears for trial. But given a quiet place, the experience would have been miles better.

Only wireless earphones they had it Lypertek. I would have liked it if more models like Sony WF-1000XM4 for the earphones, and Sony WH-1000XM4 or Bose QC series. I know audiophiles might not count these as Audiophile grade, but it would be worth keeping and trying for places where not everyone wants the wired planar magnetic headphones with DAC and Amp. This would have been especially helpful because the noise and the noise cancellation from these ANC headphones would have made the music sound better. Also, not everyone has the privilege in places like Mumbai to have a quiet room and listen to open-back headphones with DAC and Amp. I wish to buy open-backs but not possible for me due to the surroundings.

Even someone asks

There were mocktails being given to everyone many times, and food options were sandwiches, paneer roll, veg roll, and veg puff. Tea and coffee were also available with cookies.

Overall, amazing idea, work, organizing, and options by the HeadphoneZone team. Total value for money if you love music.

We are glad that you had an amazing experience with us at Headphone Connect, Paresh Koli! Thank you so much for taking some time out and sharing an awesome review & ratings, cheers!

Adarsh Sasidharan R (Chennai)
Great Experience

I had a great experience with Headphone Connect Bengaluru. It was wonderful to try out some high end headphones and also a great collection of iems. At the same time, as a beginner to this audiophile community I was looking more towards to try different entry level headphones but there was only few available. Absence of Sennheisser headphones and also the very popular entry level headphones like Audio technica M50x etc was a little disappointing.
I am really thankful for making available the Shure Aonic 50 and also very happy to see some Grado headphones on your online store. I am really looking forward to the Headphone Connect event in Chennai and even though I understand the difficulty in making available the entire range of headphones you have in these events, I hope to see more beginner level headphones and also headphones from Sennheisser and AKG in Chennai event. It was very encouraging to find that it was the first headphone connect event for most of the people present. I also hope to see some wireless and tws headphones in your next events if possible. Kudos to the whole headphonezone team, everyone seem very committed and passionate and I hope your venture gets bigger and I wish great success in future for all involved.
Thank You

HI Adarsh Sasidharan R,
We are so happy you took out time & elaborately reviewed the product. We are sure this will help our customers to make an even better & informed decision.

Nishant Khanolkar (Mumbai)
Nice event

The visit to Headphone Connect Mumbai was a really nice experience. The vibe and excitement was palpable. It was nice to connect with fellow audiophiles and get their opinions and preferences known. Also, was nice to try out the Flagships of various world famous brands and understand why their price-points are where they are! The Meze's, HiFiMan's, Focal's, STAX, Beyerdynamic etc. were amazing. Also, the IEM space was no less crowded. Lots of interest right from the BLON's to the VE's and Campfire's. One standout for me, and also a very proud moment, was the existence of an Indian brand Kaldas/Altiat. Though they had only a couple of headphones (1 DD and 1 Electrostat) on display, the sound from those was really amazing. The only suggestion from my end would be to host in a venue where network connectivity is not compromised at any point. People would really like to connect online to their music to listen on these devices for which a robust network is a pre-req. Rest all was fine. Many thanks to Raghav for this concept. This was my first one. Hope to attend another one in the future whenever it happens.

We are glad that you took out some time and shared your experience with us. Thank you so much for the awesome review & ratings. Cheers & Happy Listening, Nishant Khanolkar!

Sanjay CR (Bengaluru)
Disney World for Personal audio enthusiast

Spent 6 hours and yet was not satisfied enough.
Headphones, DACs, AMPs, Bluetooth DAC-AMPs, Audio upgrade Cabes, earphones, from multi brands all under one roof and with enough time and space is a dream come true experience. All the doubts and questions were answered by experiencing for yourself rather than depending on Internet reviewers. Memorable time spent. I loved the Stax SR 009s, Astell&Kern SP 2000, Final Audio 8000, Beyerdynamic T1 and T5, Fiio earphines, IFI dac amps, Moondrop Starfield and the list can go on. Hospitality and HPZ Staff support was top notch. Must attend in my opinion.

We are delighted to know that you had an amazing experience with us at Headphone Connect. Thank you so much for taking your time out and sharing an awesome review & ratings with us, Sanjay CR! Cheers & Happy Listening!