Astell&Kern - A&futura SE300

Hi-Res R-2R Digital Audio Player

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Warranty & Services

Don't sweat it, this Astell&Kern - A&futura SE300 comes with a 1 Year warranty from Astell&Kern that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

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Bluetooth with
LDAC & aptX HD

Battery Life

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2.5mm & 4.4mm
Balanced Output

Upto 6Vrms
Power Output

DAC Chip
You may not even realise it, but most of us use a digital-to-analogue converter (commonly known as a DAC) daily. Built into your computers, tablets and smartphones, a DAC is fundamental to unlocking the convenience of digital music. Any device that acts as a digital sound source will need a DAC to convert digital audio to analog. A DAC converts the digital information stored in “0s and 1s” into an analog signal that's passed to speakers or headphones and ultimately our ear. In short, DACs play a large part in making digital music hearable. 

While this technical process is undoubtedly impressive, the DAC embedded into your smartphones or laptops is nowhere good enough to listen to your favourite music recordings in high quality. So, if you want to listen to music in high quality, an external DAC is essential to allow headphones or speakers to perform at their potential. An external DAC, first and foremost, will improve audio quality dramatically.
Volume Controls

256 GB
Internal Memory

Battery Capacity of
5050 mAh

The Astell&Kern SE300 is not just another DAP; it's a meticulously crafted audio masterpiece that delivers an unparalleled listening experience. With the SE300, Astell&Kern has crafted an uncompromising beast that seamlessly combines technical excellence with a passion for authentic sound reproduction. If you're in pursuit of a truly transcendent listening experience, the Astell&Kern SE300 should be your go-to choice.


Raghav Somani is the Founder & CEO of Headphone Zone. An avid audiophile and musician since 2008, his choice of headphones include STAX Electrostats, Audeze LCD 3, and for music on the go, the JH Audio Roxanne + Astell&Kern SP1000 is never too far away. On his playlist, you'll find A.R. Rahman, Michael Jackson, and the Eagles.


A&futura is a product line from Astell&Kern that exemplifies the company's never-ending pursuit of innovation. The SE300, the fourth model in the A&futura line, is a high-end Digital Audio Player that builds on this identity and broadens the sound's range with a completely new applied technology. The A&futura SE300 features an incredibly refined R-2R DAC, Class A/AB dual amps created with Astell&Kern's exclusive TERATON ALPHA technology, and for the first time, a self-created FPGA optimised technology. It offers the true sound philosophy and technology of Astell&Kern with these unmatched components. As for the headphone outputs it has 3.5mm, 2.5mm & 4.4mm outputs covering a range of use cases. Experience the first "true" analogue sound produced by an Astell&Kern player, the SE300, using Class-A/AB AMP and R-2R DAC technologies.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&futura SE300


Instead of the Delta-Sigma DAC that is most frequently found in other audio players, the SE300 has an R-2R DAC. R-2R DAC, also known as Ladder DAC because resistors are arranged in a ladder form, provides natural yet dynamic Hi-Fi sounds, but it is very technical and challenging to implement because it calls for intricately crafted resistor units and is challenging to manage current controls. The 96 ultra-precision resistors were carefully chosen by a team of engineers as they finalised the R-2R DAC technology in SE300. You can now achieve analogue sound from a digital source thanks to Astell&Kern's SE300, the result of their exhaustive search for the ideal audio solution. With Astell&Kern's unmatched audio technology, the SE300 supports DSD256 and up to 32bit/384kHz, enabling you to enjoy your favourite music wherever you are.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&futura SE300
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&futura SE300


True Hi-Fi 24-bit decoding is made possible by the R-2R DAC embedded inside the SE300, which arranges 48 pairs (23xR and 25x2R) of 96 ultra-precision resistors to produce analogue signals. To present the Hi-Fi sound with an R-2R DAC, it is essential to add the precise current value with resistors with the tiniest error ranges. To achieve this, Astell&Kern examined each individually chosen ultra-precision resistor with an error range of 0.01% to finish designing the SE300. To create Hi-Fi sound without distortions within such an extreme precision design, a team of engineers at Astell&Kern analysed and preconceived any potential impacts that may be caused by changes in temperature. The SE300 comes with TCR10 specifications to minimise the changes in the 0.01% resistor error range.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&futura SE300


The Dual AMP mode is included with the SE300. You can choose between the two amplifiers based on your listening preferences and the type of music you prefer because Class A amplification produces low distortion and natural sounds, and Class AB amplification plays dynamic sounds with high efficiency. This design improves output and eliminates noise while consuming less power. The best linear audio output is provided by a Class A AMP, an analogue amplifier that produces smooth, warm, and natural tones by amplifying signals without distortion or signal loss. Through the natural and potent Class A AMP, the refined analogue signal created by the R-2R DAC reproduces a sound that is most similar to the original analogue audio. An analogue amp known as a class AB amp provides a potent output in addition to having high efficiency. Less harmonic distortion is presented with dynamic and crisp sounds.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&futura SE300
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&futura SE300


The SE300 can perfectly match a wide range of headphones and IEMs, while still producing high-quality audio with its 2-step Gain Level mode. The two-step gain setting with the "Normal" and "High Gain" modes can produce a high current output with a powerful sound and excellent driver control. It has never been simpler to drive high-impedance headphones with up to 6 Vrms from the balanced connections.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&futura SE300
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&futura SE300


The SE300 features an FPGA that Astell&Kern exclusively developed and offers OS/NOS modes that are optimised. Instead of using standard off-the-shelf commercial semiconductor chipsets, the SE300 relays digital signals to the R-2R DAC through its algorithm using an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) that a team of engineers at Astell&Kern self-developed for optimised design. The SE300-specific FPGA from Astell&Kern supports the ideal OS (Over Sampling) / NOS (Non-Over Sampling). Enjoy the carefully crafted sound styles that NOS and OS modes faithfully reproduce for the SE300's hardware and programs.

NOTE: In NOS mode, the player reproduces the pure original sound without any digital processing, allowing users to enjoy the true unprocessed sounds decoded by the R-2R DAC itself.
OS mode offers partial digital processing that expands the bandwidth of the original signal, offering impressive details with an expansive sense of space and creating crisp and clear sounds.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&futura SE300


It would not have been possible to combine the exquisitely designed R-2R DAC with ultra-precision resistors and Class A AMP, which was considered impossible to miniaturise, without the innovative audio technology of TERATON ALPHA. SE300 is an innovative audio player that is applied with current and temperature control of TERATON ALPHA technology and an optimised FPGA design. TERATON ALPHA, engineered through endless research, is Astell&Kern's unique technology that has been designed to produce audio playback that is as close to the original sound through effective power noise removal, efficient power management and unwavering amplification, and a fully converted audio output interface. Circuit structures of R2R DAC and Dual A/AB AMP that are applied for the first time in the SE300 are completed with the sound solution of TERATON ALPHA, creating the purest form of sound and music.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&futura SE300
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&futura SE300
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&futura SE300


The Astell&Kern SE300 is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and the newest codecs, including Qualcomm® aptX™ HD and LDAC. The battery life of your SE300 will last longer when using Bluetooth than it would when using earlier versions, thanks to Bluetooth 5.0's improved power efficiency. For a portable device like the SE300, on which users might rely for extended periods, this is especially crucial. You are less likely to experience dropouts or interruptions in your music playback thanks to Bluetooth 5.0's improved connectivity and reliability, which offers a seamless listening experience. Astell&Kern SE300 includes MQA technology, which enables you to play back MQA audio files and streams, delivering the sound of the original master recording.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&futura SE300


When playing high-resolution music files (FLAC, 16bit, 44.1kHz, Vol.50, LCD Off, Normal Gain), the Astell&Kern SE300's battery life can last up to 12 hours. However, this may differ based on elements like volume level and screen brightness. It's also crucial that other features, like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, which can consume more power, may have an impact on the SE300's battery life. The SE300 can be fully charged in about 3.5 hours. However, the SE300 is a great portable music player if you need something that can keep up with your active lifestyle without requiring frequent recharging due to its long battery life and small size.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&futura SE300


ReplayGain Automatically and Uniformly Adjusts Playback Volume. ReplayGain adjusts sound sources with different volumes to an identical level. Now, enjoy your playlists seamlessly through the ReplayGain feature on SE300. The new AK File Drop function in the SE300 makes file transfers more convenient. Using AK File Drop, you can transfer files wirelessly through a PC, smartphone, or FTP program located on the same network. Music file management is now possible with a cableless, wireless solution. The BT Sink function connects the SE300 to an external device via Bluetooth, similar to connecting a smartphone with a BT speaker. Music from an external device, such as a smartphone can now be played back in high quality on the SE300 using the BT Sink function. Behind the exquisite A&futura SE300 volume wheel is an LED light reminiscent of rising waves. With the LED light that radiates from the inside of the SE300, you can check the Bit Depth information of the currently playing music or the current AMP mode.

NOTE: The LED can be turned on or off according to the your preference.
ReplayGain supports up to 24-bit/192 kHz sound sources.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&futura SE300
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&futura SE300


The SE300 comes with a redesigned Crimson-themed UI/UX transforming into a "true" music player with which you can deeply connect with your music-listening experience. The new UI/UX is designed so that you can quickly browse music categories and re-discover songs within your music library. Astell&Kern also added an easy album art search function to re-discover the joy of viewing and interacting with music album art whilst listening to your music. The crimson theme focuses on edge, simplicity, and dark mode keywords. The colour theme of black with red highlights lowers visual fatigue offering intuitive user experiences. Immerse yourself in music with the new UI/UX and experience the SE300 more vividly and comfortably with a wide 5.46-inch, large-screen Full HD display.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&futura SE300


Astell&Kern added intensity by using contrasting materials such as stainless steel and glass, enhancing the theme of 'Stream'. In addition to this, the bottom section of the device curves outward, allowing for a more ergonomic grip whilst using the player. The polished side and triangular-patterned volume wheel create powerful and visually striking contrasts. The straight pattern on the rear of the volume wheel elevates the visual density and allows you to control volume and visually check the changes. The wheel lighting is placed behind the volume wheel to avoid direct exposure whilst allowing the light to be reflected on the side decorations and volume wheel knurl, creating the effect of light bursting from the inside. The rear glass also features a new etching pattern, continuing the concept of 'Stream'.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&futura SE300
1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Astell&Kern - A&futura SE300 comes with a 1 Year warranty from Astell&Kern that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Astell&Kern's warranty in India.

Luxury Meets Innovation: Difference in Sound Quality

Founded in October 2013 in South Korea, Astell&Kern is a premium audio brand renowned for its commitment to delivering uncompromised hi-res audio experiences. Derived from Greek, where "Astell" means "Stars" and "Kern" means "Core," the brand symbolizes the pursuit of capturing the essence of music—the "original sound." Astell&Kern addresses the decline in audio quality due to inferior formats like MP3, aiming to revive sound integrity for musicians and enthusiasts alike.

Their diverse product range, from audio players to earphones, reflects their dedication to precision and accuracy in sound reproduction. With acclaimed offerings like the Astell&Kern AK XB10 and Astell&Kern Billie Jean, they continue to enrich music and listening experiences globally, delivering soul-touching sound.

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Major HiFi
Aug, 2023


"The classy design and the new polished/modern user interface are very refreshing features indeed. And the sound quality is satisfying, especially in terms of mid-range tonality and layering."

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"The SE300 keeps up with Astell & Kerns’s high standards while implementing new technology that keeps things fresh. Its design is as impeccable as ever, with its beautiful touch-screen display and sleek construction."

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"Yes, at the moment SE300 is my top 1 among daps because it sounds natural, realistic, exciting and with really classy technical stuff. A bit a uncompromising beast. I have to say, it messed with my head."

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"The A&futura line brings something new to the table with each new DAP - always raising the bar and changing the status quo. The SE300 is no different, offering a number of new things to come to an Astell&Kern DAP."

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"When you add up the performance, discrete R-2R DAC, dual amplifier modes, Crimson UI, and new Bluetooth features — this might be one of the best performing DAPs in the entire A&K catalog."

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"SE300 will appeal not just to diehard fans of A&K DAPs, but also to many other audiophiles looking to complement their one-trick pony sources with something different and more fun. "

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