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Headphone-Zone-TIN HiFi-T5Headphone-Zone-TIN HiFi-T5
TIN HiFi - T5 In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver MRP: Regular price₹ 14,999
Selling Price: ₹ 9,999
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TIN HiFi - T3 PLUS In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale price₹ 5,790 Regular price₹ 7,999

In 2017, TIN HiFi officially launched and is committed to the OEM/ODM business in the global HI-FI industry. TIN HiFi’s dream is to bring Hi-Fi sound and quality to a more accessible price point. With gorgeous craftsmanship and breathtaking sound quality, we strive to ensure that high-quality music is no longer a luxury, but the norm. With fine craftsmanship, comfortable wearing, beautiful sound quality, and unbeatable price, high-quality music is no longer out of reach with TIN HiFi products.

In ancient times, the Chinese people formed a three-tone system that defined three types of sound: Tianlai or the sound of Chinese Zither, Dilai or the sound of Earth (birds, rivers, sea, etc.), and Kunqu, the sound of the human voice. To deliver groundbreaking audio quality, TIN HiFi attempts to recreate these fundamental sounds. TIN HiFi’s lineup consists of celebrated products like the TIN HiFi T2 (Tin T2), TIN HiFi T2 Plus (Tin T2 Plus), TIN HiFi T4 (Tin T4), TIN HiFi P1 (Tin P1) and TIN HiFi T3 (Tin T3) to name a few.

Fun fact:TIN HiFi is named with the homophone of “Listen” and “Hi-Fi”.
Tin Audio T3
TIN HiFi T2 Plus