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Desktop Headphone Amplifier

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Born in 2012

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With the Zen Can, what you get is an extremely capable and versatile Headphone Amplifier, which I dare say, is essential for a beginner audiophile. Pair it with a Zen DAC and you've got a perfect stack from iFi.


Raghav Somani is the Founder & CEO of Headphone Zone. An avid audiophile and musician since 2008, his choice of headphones include STAX Electrostats, Audeze LCD 3, and for music on the go, the JH Audio Roxanne + Astell&Kern SP1000 is never too far away. On his playlist, you'll find A.R. Rahman, Michael Jackson, and the Eagles.


Laptops tend to have low power output and even if you pair it with really good headphones, the headphones won't be able to reach their complete potential. Therefore to achieve headphone's total capacity, you should connect your headphones and laptop/mobile phone with iFi Audio ZEN CAN. This DAC delivers 52x more power so that you do not miss on the quality of your music.

Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-ZEN CAN


The ZEN CAN receive its Class A discrete balanced circuitry from iFi audio’s US$1,699 flagship Pro iCAN. It comes with 15.1v @300 Ohms on tap, which is more than enough power to drive even difficult-to-drive headphones to perform better. The FET input reduces noise and other kinds of distortions while SE inputs ensure source loading to deliver Class A operation. ZEN CAN also has an output gain of four steps in +6dB which is ideal for headphone matching.

Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-ZEN CAN
Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-ZEN CAN


Audio recordings were always designed to be heard in speakers and when they are played back on headphones the sound does not reach its actual potential. To address this issue, the iFi Audio ZEN CAN feature 3D special sound circuit, which helps you listen to your sound with better stereo image, depth and width. It also ensures that there is no colourization or resolution loss in the process. The all analogue circuitry does not require expensive or complex signal manipulation to deliver high-end audio that satisfies all kinds of listeners.

Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-ZEN CAN
Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-ZEN CAN


Most of the open-back headphones tend to leak the sound out freely and this affects the bass-performance. To solve this, ZEN CAN comes with XBass equalisation that offers best-in-class bass correction. The combination of active and passive components and the frequency response curve ensures that the low-end frequencies are delivered with precision. The TDK C0G (Class 1 ceramic) capacitors of ZEN CAN provide high-end stability and reduce losses for resonant circuit applications.

Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-ZEN CAN
Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-ZEN CAN


iFi Audio features balanced and active circuitry which consists of Panasonic ECPU capacitors, TDK C0G ceramic capacitors, iFi/AMR ‘OV’ ‘Operationsverstärker’ series op-amps, MELF resistors, Texas Instruments low-noise ICs, muRata capacitors and Tokyo Cosmos Electric Co. (TOCOS) multi-track potentiometer.

Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio-ZEN CAN
1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this iFi Audio - ZEN CAN comes with a 1 Year warranty from iFi Audio that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

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Award-Winning Audio Technology From The UK

Established in 2012, iFi Audio is committed to revolutionizing music enjoyment through cutting-edge audio technology. Based in Southport, UK, they design and manufacture a diverse range of high-quality portable audio devices, including DACs, amplifiers, and digital enhancers. Globally sourcing parts ensures top-notch quality and studio-grade sound reproduction, eliminating noise and distortion. With acclaimed products like the Zen DAC and Hip DAC, iFi Audio has earned numerous awards for its superior performance and innovative features such as Burr-Brown DAC Chips and Custom Op-Amps. Their dedication to audio excellence continues to redefine the music listening experience for audiophiles worldwide.

Fun fact: iFi products and their packaging are made from recyclable materials, including Aluminium, Paper and Recycled plastics. There are no hazardous toxins in their components, and ensure every product released meets environmental standards. iFi Audio prides itself on being an eco-friendly company.

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BEST Dekstop Amplifier

Dec, 2020


"The Zen Can looks smartly finished with a neatly-sized, sturdy aluminium enclosure. In the centre of the front panel is a rotary volume control, flanked by a range of sockets and buttons."

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Major HiFi

"Its ability to drive power-hungry planar-magnetic headphones is the key selling point, it’s able to deliver live concert dynamics, yet is also dead-quiet."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Kamran Hussain (Hyderabad)
A surprisingly powerful Amp

This is a very good looking and well constructed device. The whole thing is made up of metal and has a bit of weight to it. The volume pot is smooth and I did not detect any channel imbalance. My only complain are the buttons, they feel really cheap and rattle a lot.

Looking at the specs I was a bit skeptical if the Zen CAN would drive my Sundara well because Amps like the Schiit Magni 3+/Heresy and L30 had more power atleast on paper. Fortunately this thing had no problem driving the Sundara.

I did ~74 Hrs of Burn-In and then listened to some of my music (mostly lossless songs from Tidal and some CD Rips). The first thing that stood out to me was that the overall sound signature is not a reference or flat sounding one, it sounds slightly warm and laid back while still providing a good Balance. The Zen CAN is capable of providing all the resolution and detail in the sound (as much as the DAC is capable of providing it with) but I had to concentrate a bit to hear them. For me I really enjoyed this type of sound signature as my previous Amp was a Flat and Analytical one which tended to tire me after an hour of continuous listening.

Using the CAN with sundara (hardest to drive in my collection) I have the gain set at 6db and volume pot at 12 for most music, this provides me with enough volume for comfortable listening and also shows that I have a lot of headroom for EQing. I also Tried other headphones (Meze 99 C, SHP9500, M50x) and IEMs (Blon BL-03, Tin T2) and noticed that with something like the Meze 99 (high sensitivity) the sound is good but even at 0 Gain the usable volume range is low. I have the volume pot at ~9 at 0 gain and Meze already sound loud. The good thing is the Amp pairs well with all of the Headphones I own and there are no tonality issues.

I've tried the 3D+ and XBass functions on a few songs and Headphones. In general I really like the XBass option as it improves the Bass that's missing the impact in Open Back Headphones. The 3D+ was a bit hit and miss, in music I almost always preferred the sound with it off, but in games I really liked what it did to the sound, it seemed to push the soundstage a bit further and provide a less fatiguing listening in long gaming sections. I'm no expert in EQing but I've tried a bunch of EQ presets that I found online and those almost always effected unintended parts of the frequencies. For example I ones tried to EQ the Meze 99 to decrease and clean up the Lower frequencies which somehow changed the way the Vocals sounded. With the XBass or 3D+ I didn't have any such issues, it really does not cause any sort of noticeable clipping or distortion when using them which is great.

Balanced Capability:
I purchased a 4.4mm male to 2.5mm female adapter to try the Balanced output. I used the Meze 2.5mm Balanced Cable with Meze 99 C & Sundara, after listening to a few tracks I cannot reliably differentiate any sound quality difference between Single Ended and Balanced apart from higher volume level in Balanced at the same Volume Knob position. I was using the E30 as source which isn't capable of Balanced signal so using a Balanced DAC like iFi Zen DAC (via 4.4 Penta Out) or Schiit Modius might yield better results. Regardless of having a Single Ended or Balanced DAC, due to the Amp's S-Balanced design, if you have a harder to drive Headphone which dosen't sound like it's being driven well through the Single Ended Out, using the Balanced might provide enough power to drive them better.

At this price range if you are someone who prefers an organic and natural sound signature get the iFi Stack. If you need something that is very revealing and clear/detailed sounding, get the Topping stack (E30/L30).

JS (Bengaluru)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Bang On!
Not at all
Good amp but bait and switch tactics by ifi

This is a good amp. It works well with my Sennheisers HD650s (balanced) and my AKG K601. Good power for both. Bass boost works as advertised. Not tried with low impedance cans so not sure how it works there. Good packaging / delivery fro HFZ (as usual). Also, HFZ's description of the included contents is quite accurate - including the fact that the bundled power supply is a no-name wallwart.

The reason for the relatively low rating has to do with the unethical practices by ifi. The initial batch of this amp shipped with an upgraded power supply. This was the version that was sent to reviewers and what most reviews you find are based on. Subsequent batches come with an ordinary power supply, which is supposed to downgrade the sound. This is a deliberate tactic by ifi Audio which the company has since used on the Zen Stream as well. To me, this represents a "bait and switch" practice where the products sold is inferior to the one sent out for review.

Sandeep Ajila (Mumbai)
The zencan because the zen can!

I bought the zencan basically for my akg 712 pro which guzzles power like a dictator of a small nation. Previously, I was using the xd05 plus as a dac amp for the 712 and it was pretty good. But somehow ,I felt the 712 needed a bit more to get the best out of it ,like all parents do, and so I decided to shift to a desktop amp. I then got a Cavalli hybrid amp and paired with the 712, it produced a smooth ,groovy sound. Again , I felt that the 712 could do even better, like all parents do, and then set my sights on the zencan. It arrived around 3 days back and I am pretty impressed as of now. The sounstage has definitely widened a bit and though I am yet to try the balanced out port, i have heard it is excellent. Plus the zencan comes with the ifi power adaptor, as of now, which is a steal at this price. The xbass button adds a subtle touch of bass which helps the 712 sound in my extremely humble opinion. All in all, a great purchase amd the hpz delivery speeds are legendary. Go for it!

Hemanth Krishna (Mangalore)
Very well built quality product

This is my first headphone amp, so take my views from that perspective. I have been using this amp for around 2 weeks now and I have to say the build is very good. The volume knob is smooth, and though some people dislike the rattling buttons, I like it and somehow feel it complements the aesthetics of the product. I do want to point out that they do not feel cheap or like they would fall apart. build is a solid 10 out of 10.
For people wondering, it does come with the power adapter from iFi.
I feel it has a good variety of inputs that one could as for from an amp. I have used them only over the RCA inputs for now.
Now coming to the amplification part, this has a good spread of gain selection. You could easily use them all the way from very sensitive to hard to drive headphones. I have used it with Hifiman Deva and though it has a low impedance(18 Ohm), it has a relatively low sensitivity(93.5 dB per mW). If you know how the sound pressure scales over wattage you will understand this needs a good amount of juice to power them. I usually have Zen CAN set at 6dB gain at 12-1 o'clock and sometimes at 12dB gain if I feel like it. I usually never had a necessity to push it till the 18dB gain setting. Bottom line - it is a powerful enough amp for most of the headphones out there.
Now coming to the special features - XBass and 3D
XBass is good, it gives a nice push to the bass especially sub-bass to enhance or at times bring out the rumble. It is a noticeable difference but not a huge one. And I feel it is not something easily achieved via EQ tuning. I could not. I had an EQ tuning for watching movies where I had elevated the bass to get the extra oomph. And I have to say I liked it better with the XBass turned on.
3D on the other hand though is not noticeable at all. Or at least I did not see any difference there. So I would not recommend buying the amp just for that feature.
All in all, I love the Zen CAN, it serves its purpose very well and looks great on my desk.

Solid Build, Powerful AMP

Metal build is very elegant and sturdy.......when paired with good DAC and Headphone, you can enjoy awesome sound quality and clarity.

Once reason gave 4 star is because i am using Beyerdynamic BT990 Pro-250 Ohm headphone through 6.6mm output and needs maximum gain setting at high volume to enjoy solid sound.

My suggestion is to use your headphone with 4.4mm balanced output as it delivers high Power comparatively with less distortion.

Being a class A Amp, heat dissipation is manageable.

Hi Vijay, We are grateful that you took the time out to leave us this note. We look forward to serving you again.