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Schiit - Modi 3E Desktop Digital To Analogue Converter Sale price₹ 18,999
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Headphone-Zone-Schiit-Valhalla 2-SilverHeadphone-Zone-Schiit-Valhalla 2-Silver
Schiit - Valhalla 2 Desktop Tube Amplifier Sale priceFrom ₹ 44,999
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Schiit - Aegir Speaker Power Amplifier Sale priceFrom ₹ 89,999
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Headphone-Zone-Schiit-Ragnarok 2-BlackHeadphone-Zone-Schiit-Ragnarok 2-Black
Schiit - Ragnarok 2 Desktop Integrated Headphone & Speaker Amplifier Sale priceFrom ₹ 164,999
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Headphone-Zone-Schiit-RCA PYST
Schiit - RCA PYST RCA - RCA Cable Sale price₹ 2,499
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Headphone-Zone-Schiit - XLR PYST
Schiit - XLR PYST XLR Interconnect Cable Sale price₹ 4,499
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Headphone-Zone-Schiit-Asgard 3Headphone-Zone-Schiit-Asgard 3
Schiit - Asgard 3 Desktop Headphone Amp & Pre Amp Sale priceFrom ₹ 27,999
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Headphone-Zone-Schiit-Saga SHeadphone-Zone-Schiit-Saga S
Schiit - Saga S Solid State Preamp Sale priceFrom ₹ 34,999
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Schiit - Magni Desktop Headphone Amplifier Sale price₹ 13,999
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Schiit - Yggdrasil+Schiit - Yggdrasil+
Schiit - Yggdrasil+ Flagship Desktop Digital To Analog Converter Sale priceFrom ₹ 249,999
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Schiit - Mjolnir 2Schiit - Mjolnir 2
Schiit - Mjolnir 2 Balanced Desktop Amplifier Sale price₹ 84,999
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Schiit - GungnirHeadphone-Zone-Schiit-Gungnir
Schiit - Gungnir Digital To Analog Converter(DAC) Sale priceFrom ₹ 84,999
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Headphone-Zone-Schiit-Vali 2++Headphone-Zone-Schiit-Vali 2++
Schiit - Vali 2++ Hybrid Headphone Amp + Pre-Amp Sale priceFrom ₹ 21,999
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Headphone-Zone-Schiit-Mani 2Headphone-Zone-Schiit-Mani 2
Schiit - Mani 2 Phono Pre-Amp Sale priceFrom ₹ 19,999
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Schiit - WyrdSchiit - Wyrd
Schiit - Wyrd Desktop USB Hub + Low Noise Power Supply Sale price₹ 10,999
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Schiit - EitrSchiit - Eitr
Schiit - Eitr Desktop DAC Sale price₹ 17,999
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Schiit - Vidar 2 Desktop Power Amplifier Sale priceFrom ₹ 89,999
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Headphone-Zone-Schiit-Freya SHeadphone-Zone-Schiit-Freya S
Schiit - Freya S Desktop Balanced Pre-Amplifier Sale priceFrom ₹ 64,999
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Schiit - Lyr 3 Desktop Headphone DAC & Amp Sale priceFrom ₹ 49,999
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Headphone-Zone-Schiit-Bifrost 2/64Headphone-Zone-Schiit-Bifrost 2/64
Schiit - Bifrost 2/64 Desktop Digital To Analog Converter (DAC) Sale priceFrom ₹ 94,999
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Schiit - Modi Multibit 2Schiit - Modi Multibit 2
Schiit - Modi Multibit 2 Desktop Digital To Analog Converter (DAC) Sale priceFrom ₹ 41,999
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Schiit - Fulla 3 Desktop DAC & Amp For Gaming Sale price₹ 13,999
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Schiit - Lokius 6-Band Balanced Equaliser Sale priceFrom ₹ 40,999
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Schiit - Replacement Tubes for Vali 2 Replacement Tubes Sale price₹ 1,999
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Headphone-Zone-Schiit-Hel 2EHeadphone-Zone-Schiit-Hel 2E
Schiit - Hel 2E Desktop DAC & Headphone Amp Sale price₹ 27,999
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Schiit - Freya+ Desktop Tube Preamp Sale priceFrom ₹ 134,999
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Headphone-Zone-Schiit-Loki Mini+-SilverHeadphone-Zone-Schiit-Loki Mini+-Silver
Schiit - Loki Mini+ Desktop Equaliser + Tone Box Sale price₹ 20,990 Regular price₹ 21,999
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Headphone-Zone-Schiit-Fulla EHeadphone-Zone-Schiit-Fulla E
Schiit - Fulla E Desktop DAC & Amp + Pre-Amp Sale price₹ 14,999
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Schiit - Jotunheim 2 Desktop DAC & Headphone Amp Sale priceFrom ₹ 59,999
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Schiit - Lyr+ Desktop Headphone Amp + Pre-Amp Sale priceFrom ₹ 74,999
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Schiit - Magnius Desktop Headphone Amp + Pre-Amp Sale price₹ 26,999
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Schiit - Modius ESchiit - Modius E
Schiit - Modius E Desktop Balanced DAC Sale priceFrom ₹ 30,999
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Schiit - Saga+ Hybrid Pre-Amplifier Sale priceFrom ₹ 44,999
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Schiit - SYS PreampSchiit - SYS Preamp
Schiit - SYS Preamp Desktop Pre-Amplifier Sale priceFrom ₹ 6,999
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Headphone-Zone-Schiit - USB PYST
Schiit - USB PYST USB 2.0 Interconnect Cable Sale price₹ 2,499

Schiit got started in 2010 when two audio industry veterans decided it was time to shake things up a bit. The two audiophiles are Jason Stoddard, formerly of Sumo, and Mike Moffat, formerly of Theta. Together, they have designed dozens of audio and A/V products before Schiit, from the Andromeda III to the Cobalt 307 to the DS Pre and Angstrom 200. From fully balanced differential power amplifiers, fully discrete I/V conversion stages, audiophile D/A converters, and relay-switched stepped attenuator volume controls in preamps and the first DTS home theatre surround processor on the market, Schiit has done a ton of stuff. Schiit DAC and Amplifiers have been adopted by professionals and audiophiles alike.

Over the years, products like Schiit Magni, Schiit Fulla, Schiit Hel, Schiit Modi and Schiit Modius have been critically acclaimed and have propelled Schiit to heights unimaginable. Schiit believes that close-coupled, local control of all of the aspects of production delivers better products. That's why Schiit designs and produces its products in the USA, with the vast majority of parts costs going to US-based companies manufacturing in the US.
Schiit Modi 3+
Schiit Magni
Schiit Valhalla 2
Schiit Modi 2 Multibit
Schiit SYS Preamp
Schiit Fulla 3
Schiit Loki