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Cable: 6' 4.4mm

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Warranty & Services

Don't sweat it, this Dan Clark Audio - E3 comes with a 2 Year warranty from Dan Clark Audio that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Dan Clark Audio's warranty in India.

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Designed in USA

Established & Reputed

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Born in 2012

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Why it Sounds Amazing


Planar Magnetic Driver

Balanced Sound Signature

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Ultra-Wide Sound stage

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Crisp Vocals & Instruments

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Sharp & Precise Details

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Dan Clark Audio introduced the world to an innovative acoustic metamaterial tuning system and has launched its following lineup of closed-back headphones, the E3. The Dan Clark Audio E3 combines meticulous tuning and state-of-the-art engineering to achieve an open-back listening experience in a closed headphone. It is equipped with an all-new 5th-generation driver and Dan Clark Audio’s pioneering AMTS, with which the E3 delivers a dedicated flagship performance. Dan Clark Audio has incorporated all the technological and ergonomic achievements of the brand's flagship headphones at a more accessible price range. The Dan Clark Audio E3 is available in a striking black and blue aesthetic and ergonomic shape, with Gorilla Glass 3-clad cups just a preview of the exciting upgrade.



The all-new 5th-generation planar magnetic driver is accommodated in the E3 to provide high-fidelity audio in your music listening experience. Dan Clark Audio has selected this driver unit to provide the smoothest, richest and most detailed sound in your music listening experience. This innovative diaphragm is developed for tensioning systems that serve a more uniform and consistent performance, with lower distortion and enhanced consistency in your audio. Dan Clark Audio has extensively optimized the E3 planar driver, with the new diaphragm materials combined with highly optimized V-Planar knurling to deliver a remarkably smooth frequency response with low distortion throughout your listening range. These new planar magnetic drivers in E3 are coupled with AMTS to provide exceptionally high-res sound without fatiguing distortions and rough frequency response. The Dan Clark Auduo E3 delivers an impedance of 27ohms, sensitivity up to~90 dB/mW and distortion up to < 0.1% ref 80dB white noise.



Dan Clark Audio has featured the E3 with a critical tuning circuit, the Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System (AMTS). This acoustic system is also found in the TOTL multi-award-winning Stealth, Expanse, and Corina headphones. Dan Clark Audio not only incorporated this groundbreaking technology in E3, which is available in this price section but also has used a new mode of implementation of this technology. The AMTS is a patent pending inline device placed between the transducer and ear that integrates waveguides, diffusion control, and resonators into one compact structure that eliminates standing waves while giving you complete control of the high-frequency response profile. This new E3 AMTS aims to reduce sensitivity and provides a seal for a more consistent bass in your music listening experience.



The Dan Clark Audio is not merely engineered to deliver the best listening experience to you but also serves the aesthetic feel with its design. The E3 takes advantage of every ergonomic trick Dan Clark Audio has developed, including the acclaimed self-adjusting headband suspension system from Stealth and Expanse and the convenient, stylish folding gimbals that make E3 a conveniently compact travel headphone. The earcups are crafted with a carbon-aluminium bonded design, while the body is constructed of titanium. The simple ergonomic design also features a protection shield (exterior) of the all-new Gorilla Glass 3 finish on the cups. The Gorilla Glass 3 crafted in the E3 is a thin sheet of alkali-aluminosilicate that makes the glass stiffer and more scratch and break-resistant, and the styling of the pattern under the glass evokes the mesh of an open-back headphone, a design cue to highlight the exceptionally open-back listening experience E3 delivers.

2 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Dan Clark Audio - E3 comes with a 2 Year warranty from Dan Clark Audio that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Dan Clark Audio's warranty in India.

Audiophile Excellence from USA

Founded in 2012 by Dan Clark, Dan Clark Audio (formerly MrSpeakers) embodies a journey fueled by a lifelong passion for audio. Beginning with a 3D printed headphone, the Alpha Dog, Dan's expertise and love for music led to the creation of world-class planar magnetic headphones, such as the award-winning ETHER. The transition to Dan Clark Audio marked a new era, with products like the Aeon 2 exemplifying the brand's commitment to superior sonic performance, comfort, and American-made quality, securing six patents along the way.

Pioneering innovation in the personal audio market, Dan Clark Audio stands as a leader in both open and closed-back planar headphones. The Aeon 2, a standout closed-back model, showcases the brand's dedication to immersive listening experiences. With a foundation rooted in balancing sonic excellence, comfort, and value, Dan Clark Audio continues to earn industry accolades, reflecting its commitment to delivering top-tier audio solutions with an unmistakable American touch.

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Major HiFi
Dec, 2023


Closed Back of the Year

Dec, 2023


"It is more spacious sounding than any regular closed-back planar combined with a dynamic tuning that provides a lot of ‘joy’ for everyday listening. The E3 is the more natural choice for your next upgrade."

Read More

"The design is pretty immaculate, with its glass plates in addition to the compact structure that Dan Clark Audio is known for. Everything about the headphone’s is exactly what Dan Clark Audio set out to do. "

Read More

"Performance at every audible frequency, Self adjusting headband works brilliantly for me, Best designed cable connectors in the business, Pads don't induce sweat nor stick together"

Read More

"The E3 has an extremely neutral tonal balance, with deep well-controlled sub-bass, you don’t feel like you are missing anything with the E3."

Read More

"The definition and articulation at the bottom are a high point in the E3 listening experience, and the smooth mids and clarity in the top make for an enjoyable and comfortable listening experience."

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Bloom Audio

" E3 uses the combination of driver tech and innovations like AMTS to deliver great performance and a well-balanced sound. E3 is one of the best closed-backs on the market and very competitive."

Read More

"The E3 is unquestionably Dan Clark’s most skillful closed-back headphone in its class. Those who like a thoroughly realistic and emotive sound, the E3 delivers it in spades."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dr.Manu.J.V. (Coimbatore)
Flabbergasted-6 Stars

The amount of Gratification or pleasure you get when you listen to these pair of Cans sincerely I don’t have words-Nirvana.

Take Thieaudio Monarch Mklll and marinate with honey and you get these

No frequency is escalated or subdued but presented in such clean,separated and spacious way as far as a closed back can get.

The will be the Best Closed Back-End Game for sure.

Thank God and Thank HPZ

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback! We're delighted to hear that you had a great experience shopping with us! ️ We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you again!

Reviewer avatar
Prateek Saini (New Delhi)
Technically very good but sound fine

These are excellent headphones technically. They are also smooth to listen to, with no harshness. However on first review they came across as shouty & dry due to poor interconnect cable. ₹700 green ones I got from bajaao . Com. After switching to Schiit PYST snake oil (model name) cables I am getting a warminsh, detailed and smooth sound. The bass is still a little under-hitting but my Ragnarok 2 is under repair. Currently using Burson Soloist 3XP. They lack the sparkle you associate with planars, nor do they have the satisfying bass of a Stellia.

Original Review -
These headphones are very very resolving. The bass and dynamics are excellent. However they have a dry timbre and are firmly meant to study the music rather than enjoy it. The biggest problem though is that they can get very shouty easily. Because of that they are not suitable for loud listening. The vocals especially come across as overly loud. There is no harshness or distortion however. I could say they are an excellent headphone but with a sub optimal tuning. EQing these does not seem to help.

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the Dan Clark Audio - E3 headphones. We're glad to hear that you appreciate their bass and dynamics.

We understand your feedback about the dry timbre and shouty vocals, but we will definitely take your feedback into consideration for future improvements.

Thank you for choosing Dan Clark Audio. We hope you continue to enjoy your purchase.

G. (Mumbai)
Closed back Crown!

This is Summit-Fi closed back that sounds open and wide!
DCA E3 has class leading vocals, good bass slam when called for and a well done treble. Easy to drive bcos of low impedance but lower sensitivity means this will need some power & gain to shine.
Small quirks- Can get a bit shouty on certain tracks and overall texture of sound can come off as a bit dry.
Great overall packaging and accessories. Superbly built and comfy for long listening sessions.

This makes us really happy and we really appreciate the genuine feedback! We hope you had a comfortable shopping experience and thank you for the great review and ratings!

Pugazhendi P. (Thiruvananthapuram)
Dan Clark Audio - E3, amazing closed-back.

Actually, I have been owning a Meze Liric-1 (not the Liric-2) for a few years now. It has so many great qualities, but at times, I have always felt that something is missing. And then came DCA-E3. Several reviewers crowned it the closed-back king. So went for it impulsively and it is an amazing headphone for sure. There is something special about it, which connects you with music. It is holographic, precise, sweet mids and highs. Bass is quite superior, quality over quantity. Stellar wearing comfort. I think it is going to be my endgame closed back, hopefully...

Thank you so much for your kind words! We're thrilled to hear that you had a positive experience shopping with us. ️ Your support means the world to us! We can't wait to serve you again soon. ✨

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