Kiwi Ears - Allegro

Portable DAC & Amp

₹ 4,499
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Why Kiwi Ears is Special


Designed in China

Young Maverick Brand

New on the scene, but bringing seasoned expertise!

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Boutique Brand


Born in 2020

Why we love this DAC/Amp

Value for Money

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For Audiophiles On-the-Go

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Works Great with Type-C

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Why it Sounds Amazing

DAC Chip

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Balanced Output

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Kiwi Ears Allegro is a portable DAC with a solid build and retro style, featuring 3.5mm and 4.4mm outputs and a high-quality USB-C cable. Its high performance DAC that delivers engaging sound for an incredible music-listening experience.


Raghav Somani is the Founder & CEO of Headphone Zone. An avid audiophile and musician since 2008, his choice of headphones include STAX Electrostats, Audeze LCD 3, and for music on the go, the JH Audio Roxanne + Astell&Kern SP1000 is never too far away. On his playlist, you'll find A.R. Rahman, Michael Jackson, and the Eagles.


Allegro is a high-performance DAC headphone amplifier designed to elevate your audio experience to new heights. With its advanced features and superior sound quality, Allegro ensures an immersive listening experience for audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike.



At the heart of Allegro lies the prestigious ES9028Q2M DAC chip, renowned for its exceptional signal-to-noise ratio and minimal distortion. This state-of-the-art chip elevates your listening experience by converting digital signals into a lifelike audio representation, capturing every detail and nuance in your music with astonishing clarity and precision. Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or a professional musician, Allegro's high-fidelity DAC chip sets a new standard for audio excellence.



Allegro offers dual output options: a 3.5mm single-ended and a 4.4mm balanced output. The balanced output provides a broader soundstage and superior channel separation, while the single-ended output ensures compatibility with a wide range of audio devices. With powerful output capabilities, Allegro can efficiently drive various headphones, from sensitive in-ear monitors to power-hungry over-ear models.



Allegro supports PCM up to 32bit/384kHz and DSD up to DSD256, ensuring users can experience their favorite tracks in the best possible quality. This comprehensive format support preserves all the details and dynamics of the original recording, delivering an immersive audio experience.



Designed with a USB Type-C interface, Allegro is compatible with most modern Android devices, offering a straightforward plug-and-play experience. Its impressive THD+N of just 0.0015% at 32 Ohms ensures pure and undistorted audio output. Combined with its wide frequency response and excellent signal-to-noise ratio, Allegro delivers a clean, detailed, and uncolored sound signature.

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Kiwi Ears - Allegro comes with a 1 Year warranty from Kiwi Ears that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Kiwi Ears's warranty in India.

Tailored Sound with Handcrafted IEMs

At Kiwi Ears, the team has a passion for providing customers with extraordinary audio reproduction. Kiwi Ears understands that musicians and studio engineers need the best In-Ear Monitors to ensure that their music and performance are perfect. Their team of dedicated engineers handcraft each IEM to make sure that the customers can be confident in what they are listening to. Kiwi Ears believes that its products are the key to unlocking the full potential of the music you create.

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"Kiwi Ears Allegro machining was flawless, and the Allegro felt quite sturdy. When I tapped my finger nail on the Allegro, I heard a lovely high-pitched metallic pinging sound, indicating a thick metal."

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Kiwi Ears - Allegro Portable DAC & Amp
#color_midnight black
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Kiwi Ears - Allegro Portable DAC & Amp
#color_midnight black
FiiO - KA13 Portable USB DAC & Amp Sale price₹ 6,999 Regular price₹ 8,999
Simgot - DEW4X Portable USB DAC & Amp Sale price₹ 6,699 Regular price₹ 7,999
DAC Chip

ESS Sabre ES9028Q2M

Dual Cirrus Logic CS43131

Dual Cirrus Logic CS43198

Headphone Output

3.5mm (Single-Ended)
4.4mm (Balanced)

3.5mm (Single-Ended)
4.4mm (Balanced)

3.5mm Single-Ended
4.4mm Balanced

Ideal For

🪴 Budding Enthusiasts

🪴 Budding Enthusiasts

🌱 Beginners

Power Output

Upto 155mW @ 32Ω

Upto 550mW + 550mW @ 32Ω

Upto 150mW X 2 @ 32Ω





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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Chandu (Hyderabad)
Totally worth the price 👌🏻

Beautiful build. Excellent finish. Looks too good in the hands. Very light weight. But the buttons on the face are non functional.

Sound quality is terrific. Nothing to pick any negatives about the sound. It is clean, clear and wider. Using with tripowin zonie balanced cable nd simgot ew200. 4.4 balanced does really make a difference in the sound. But don't expect day nd night difference. It improves the bass quality nd quantity. Also the note weight got improved nd got thicker.

Around 5K it's a deal. Those who want balanced output nd can't afford costly DACs can invest in it.

Satisfying experience overall ✅

Thank you for this wonderful review ! We are delighted to hear that the product has met your expectations!