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Don't sweat it, this Meze - LIRIC II comes with a 2 Year warranty from Meze that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Meze's warranty in India.

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Designed in Romania

Established & Reputed

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Boutique Brand


Born in 2011

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Planar Magnetic Driver

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Meze Audio believes as time progresses, changes and transformations keep occurring, opening doors for growth and improvement. The art of evolution lies in embracing this change while staying true to familiar elements. The Meze Audio Lyric II, sets on a journey of refinement, introducing a richer sound and enhanced design. It again equips the planar magnetic drivers from Rinaro Isodynamics, following the three successful collaborations with Rinaro. Liric II further showcases design upgrades with Macassar ebony wood and detachable magnetic ear pads, merging form with function. It invites you to experience a harmonious blend of nature and innovation. Liric II's idea of embracing the art of evolution means embracing change while maintaining the essence of familiarity.



Rinaro Isodynamic, established during the Cold War in Ukraine, has been at the forefront of planar magnetics research for over three decades. Their commitment led to the invention of Isodynamic hybrid array technology, featured in acclaimed headphones like Empyrean, Elite and LIRIC. Meze Audio leveraging this award-winning technology, presents LIRIC II with the MZ4 Isodynamic Hybrid Array driver, meticulously crafted for everyday use. Each driver has a lightweight diaphragm and a Hybrid Magnet Array for uniform activation, along with a closed-back design to ensure superior sound quality and noise isolation, and it is hand-assembled in Ukraine. Meze Liric II with the MZ4 driver offers exceptional performance in a portable device, with ultra-low distortion, high-resolution audio capabilities, and easy drivability, representing a scaled version of flagship technology for your on-the-go music listening experience.



Along with the MZ4 planar magnetic driver, Rinaro has also introduced an innovative addition to the Phase-X system. This newly developed system aims to tackle the phase distortion issues typically seen in closed-back headphones. It enhances ambience and spatial sound imaging, ensuring a more faithful reproduction of the original recording of your favourite music. The Phase-X system allows Liric II to enhance spatial imaging accuracy by reducing nonlinear phase response, making it comparable to open-back designs, especially witnessed in binaural recordings. It elevates your overall listening experience by providing a more linear phase response and faster transient response decay, bringing you closer to the authenticity of the original recorded music.



The MZ4 driver unit of the Meze Liric II utilizes a switchback and spiral-shaped voice coils within the same diaphragm, which helps target sound more accurately towards the natural shape of the ear, allowing you to get more precise and selective acoustic performance. These coils in Liric II enable it to deliver clear sound waves across the 10kHz range, resulting in improved imaging and localization. The switchback coil handles lower frequencies efficiently, positioned in the upper part of the driver, while the spiral coil handles middle to high frequencies and is positioned directly over the ear canal, allowing direct sound waves to enter without delays. The diaphragm material of Liric II is a custom isotropic thermally stabilised polymer with a conductive layer, making it lightweight yet rigid, ensuring high-quality sound reproduction.



Meze Audio took feedback from its community audience and has advanced the sound of Liric II, offering a balanced and warm profile. This thoughtful effort has brought you closer to experiencing clear and more accurate audio with a hint of warmth for richer depth. Meze Liric II also features the Quarter Wavelength Resonator Mask (QWRM), which is a precisely designed metal component that covers specific openings in the driver frame to reduce high-frequency peaks above 7kHz, making your music listening experience less tiring. Furthermore, the Pressure Equalization System in the Liric II provides optimal ear cup chamber pressure and improved airflow control. This upgraded system allows a smoother transition from bass frequencies to the low midrange, enhancing the overall audio quality.



Meze has kept the design significance of the original Liric while adding warmth with the introduction of wood, inspired by the rich tradition of Maramures craftsmanship. After exploring various options, they found the perfect match in Macassar ebony, known for its beautiful brown colour and intricate stripes. The Liric II now features detachable magnetic ear pads for improved reliability and maintenance, aligning with the natural evolution of Meze Audio products. The blend of materials, including ebony wood, leather, and metal, Liric embodies durability and comfort. This premium selection ensures a lightweight, tactile and easily adjustable headphone that will endure for years to come.



The Meze Liric II comes bundled with high-quality audio cables and practical accessories to provide a premium ownership experience. The package includes two high-quality audio cables, a 1.3 m braided Furukawa PCUHD copper cable with 4.4 mm termination and a 3m soft TPE cable with 3.5 mm termination. Apart from this, Meze offers a PU leather cable pouch for convenient storage and a durable EVA pouch with velvet lining, with which you can travel with your Liric II efficiently. To ensure seamless and versatile connectivity with your devices, LIRIC II includes a 6.3mm airplane adapter. All these accessories lend themselves to an elevated ownership experience for the all-new Meze Liric II.

2 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Meze - LIRIC II comes with a 2 Year warranty from Meze that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Meze's warranty in India.

Timeless Design, Pure Comfort, True High-End Sound

Founded in 2011 in Baia Mare, Romania, Meze Audio emerged from Antonio's quest for headphones that resonated with his love for music akin to his cherished Fender Stratocaster guitar. Dedicated to infusing personality, high-end technology, and perfect sound into their creations, Meze began its journey by experimenting with market parts and engineering solutions. In 2015, the culmination of years of development resulted in the introduction of the Meze 99 Classics, setting new standards in the headphone category with continued acclaim and recognition.

Today, Meze Audio continues to uphold its 'no-compromise' vision, designing all headphones and earphones in-house to ensure unparalleled quality and innovation. Unswayed by trends, Meze Audio pioneers its aesthetic language, crafting products that stand as timeless symbols of musical passion and innovation.

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Major HiFi
March, 2024


"With the LIRIC 2, Meze Audio have built a far better tuned version of the original LIRIC. LIRIC 2 now is warmer, more spacious, more refined, controlled and a lot easier on the ear. "

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"From the user friendly removable pads, to the warmer sound, and the visual upgrades, it’s not just a better version of Liric, it’s a better Meze Headphone."

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"The LIRIC II headphones by Meze Audio have left me truly impressed, offering an unparalleled listening experience that resonates with craftsmanship and innovation. "

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"The Liric II adds a new character to its design in a way that’s more understated and artistic. The Meze Liric II nothing short of one of the best closed-back headphones around."

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