KZ - EDX Pro X + Headphone Zone X ddHiFi - Hi-Res DAC

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KZ - EDX Pro X (Color): Gray

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Elevate Your Audiophile Experience With The Ultimate Upgrade Bundle

If you're looking for an upgrade from your current configuration, this combo of KZ EDX Pro X and Headphone Zone X ddHiFi Hi-Res DAC presents an ideal step up from entry-level IEMs and DACs. This bundle includes KZ EDX Pro X and Headphone Zone X ddHiFi Hi-Res DAC that have undergone thorough testing for optimal synergy and top-notch performance. Enhance your audiophile system today with this specially curated bundle.

Products In Bundle

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KZ - EDX Pro X

Experience elevated listening with the KZ EDX Pro X, housing a super linear dynamic driver for rich bass and reduced distortion. Enjoy remarkable resolution of sound detail and professional acoustic tuning for accurate sound delivery across all frequencies. Crafted with exquisite design elements, ergonomic fit, and bundled with a high-quality cable, the EDX Pro X ensures a superior and immersive audio experience.


Headphone Zone X ddHiFi - Hi-Res DAC

The Headphone Zone X ddHiFi Hi-Res DAC is a simple plug-and-play device that transforms any smartphone into a high-resolution audio player, bypassing the in-built DAC.

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