Shanling - H5

Balanced Portable DAC & Amp

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Don't sweat it, this Shanling - H5 comes with a 1 Year warranty from Shanling that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Shanling's warranty in India.

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Designed in China

Established & Reputed

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Born in 1988

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Following the H7's success, Shanling introduces the H5, a portable DAC & Headphone Amplifier equipped with a powerful Dual DAC chipset and a high-power amp section. The device features AKM's latest AK4493SEQ DAC chips and the XMOS XU316 USB Processor, delivering a delightful tone and rich sound. It supports decoding for high-resolution PCM and DSD audio signals, including MQA decoding function. The H5 is a convenient, portable device that allows you to enjoy your favourite music with exceptional quality wherever you go.



Shanling's newest H5 model comes with a top-notch Dual DAC chipset, incorporating two AK4493SEQ DAC chips from AKM Technologies. These chips boast impressive specifications, including an SNR of over 121dB, a Sampling Rate of 768kHz/32bit, and a remarkably low THD+N of just 0.0004%. As a result, the H5 delivers crystal-clear sound with excellent SNR performance and minimal harmonic distortion. The DAC chipset is a high-quality 32-Bit DAC, ensuring exceptional performance when decoding high-resolution audio signals.



Shanling has featured a newly-developed Op-Amp-based amplification circuitry on the latest H5. The H5 uses the latest op-amp audio architecture, loaded with two TPA6120A2 op-amp chips from Texas Instruments, which allows for a smoother sound and facilitates the shaping of a wider soundstage. It uses OPA1612 op-amps, third-generation FPGA technology, and KDS femtosecond low-phase noise oscillator. These allow the H5 digital signal transmission on the way to maintain high accuracy and effectively reduce jitter while packing an output power rating of up to 840mW @ 32Ω of impedance.



The Shanling H5 offers both single-ended and balanced headphone connection ports and supports high, medium, and low gain compensation. This three-level gain mode allows you to pair your preferred IEMs and headphones with the H5 effectively. The device boasts a maximum output power of up to 840mW at 32Ω of impedance load through the balanced 4.4mm output, while the 3.5mm single-ended output provides up to 227mW of clean output. The balanced 4.4mm output has an output impedance of 6.6Ω, and the 3.5mm output has an output impedance of 4.7Ω.



The Shanling H5 takes advantage of the cutting-edge XMOS XU316 USB processor chipset, featuring 16 cores in its latest generation. This chipset enables the H5 to support high-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD when using the USB input. Additionally, the H5 incorporates a third-generation USB decoding chip, the XU316, which allows for DSD512 decoding and MQA Full Decoder functionality. To enhance convenience, the H5 is equipped with a microSD card slot that supports memory cards with up to 2TB capacity. Users can easily access their music library using the Eddict player on their smartphone, enabling remote control of the H5 for seamless music playback.



In addition to the USB input, the Shanling H5 also offers a wireless Bluetooth input option. With Bluetooth 5.0, the H5 supports LDAC, SBC, and AAC, ensuring stable and low-latency transmission. This allows you to connect various devices such as tablets, PS5, Switch, CD players, and bookshelf audio. The H5 features a separate charging port and data port, eliminating the need to draw power from the front end. It is powered by a high-performance 3500 mAh battery, supported by an exclusive PMU chip for efficient power management and QC3.0 18W fast charging. The device boasts a rated battery life of up to 12.5 hours on a single charge, allowing you to enjoy hours of usage with just one charging session.



Crafted from aircraft-grade magnesium-aluminium alloy, the Shanling H5 is remarkably lightweight, weighing just 270.4g. Its smooth touch and comfortable grip strike a harmonious balance. The Shanling H5 is a product of Shanling's sincere dedication. This device includes a small 0.87" display screen that conveniently presents various settings and playback information. Adjacent to the display screen are three multicolour LED indicators, providing visual cues for active bitrate, charging status, and MQA status.

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Shanling - H5 comes with a 1 Year warranty from Shanling that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Shanling's warranty in India.

Setting the Standard for Audio Excellence Since 1988

Founded in 1988 in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, Shanling has been a key player in the audio industry for over 30 years. Specializing in audio products, it gained recognition for its Hi-Fi stereo amplifier and expanded into Hi-Res portable music players, amplifiers, headphones, DACs, and more. Committed to innovation and integrity, Shanling incorporates patented technologies like SONY LDAC, Hi-Res from the Japanese Audio Association, and others, ensuring top-notch product quality. Renowned for its dedication, Shanling has become a trusted name in the industry, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Over the years, Shanling has maintained strong relationships with high-end manufacturers, solidifying its position as one of the most respected companies in the audio industry. The spirit of innovation and dedication to quality continues to drive Shanling as it evolves and expands its range of audio products, catering to the needs of audio enthusiasts worldwide.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chanakya Sankritayayana (Bengaluru)
Gets the job done for the price

Having used it for a week now I am satisfied with performance for the price. The build quality is quite good and I think it can be used as weapon in case of emergency(Jokes apart) the sound quality is up to the mark and it would be able to drive most of demanding headphone without any issue. It has all the possible connections including digital in that give the indication that you can use it as desktop amp but don’t get fooled by that. It’s quite good as portable DAC but better options are available for desktop DAC at cheaper price. Yes you can put the memory card in DAC and pay songs directly from that but you will have install software in your phone to do that and it’s bit finicky and connection to the phone gets dropped often. Another thing is you should avoid using this DAC on high gain as it becomes noticeably hot in 15-20 mins. Another thing I noticed that bit rate indicator LED sometime doesn’t show the correct colour and this happens only with iPhone and Apple Music. I am using it 4.4mm balanced out and getting anywhere from 5-7 hrs battery life. It does support quick change 3.0 so charging it bit fast. I think all the cons I have seen can be fixed with a firmware update. So if you are in market for portable DAC and in budget around 30-35K you can go for it. It’s a worth the money overall. One feedback headphone Zone staff you guys are doing quite a good job when it comes to delivery and all however please do not shoot the email for review as soon as product is delivered. Give us few days we would like to use the product and test it before giving the review. May ask for review after a week or so.

Hey there, we're glad you're liking the product so far, we hope you have a great listening experience, can't wait for your update review!

Ash (Kolkata)
Shanling H5 - AKM at its peak

If you like the tuning of AK4493SEQ, this is for you. Dense, euphoric, weighty tuning, which no ESS DAC can match.
What I observed straightaway was that the best sound comes when playing directly from the MicroSD Card (with or without the EDDICT Player). Strangely, when playing from a USB connected source, almost all the magic is lost.
Once you master the functioning of the EDDICT Player on your source and play directly from the MicroSD Card, Shanling H5 turns into a full blown DAP. Well done, Shanling!

Hey there,

Thank you for taking the time to write this review, we really appreciate the genuine feedback! Your review will definitely help fellow audiophiles to make an informed decision.

Jeff (Ghaziabad)

Shanling H5, great battery life, been using for 10 hours straight with some juice still left. Good amount of power, able to run planars at 35% volume and mid gain.

I've been using the dac/amp for about a month and I do have a few gripes with it. Firstly, even though it has bluetooth 5.0 I wasn't able to connect 2 devices, I connected the first and turn pairing mode on and the first device disconnected (could be used error maybe someone could help). Secondly, it requires me to install driver to connect with windows device, and don't trust the site looking at the state of the website and also being a Chinese company.

Personally, works great for my use case, except for the fact that I can't connect multiple devices.

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