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Audio-Technica - ATH-M50x

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  • The Short Story

    Designed in

    Flat Sound

    45mm Dynamic

    For Studio &

    Ideal for


    1 Year of



  • The Long Story

    Best Professional Monitor Headphones

    Audio Technica Masterpiece from the M-series seals your music in tightly with their contoured earcups, isolating all the ambient noise with no sound leakage. The pro-grade materials used make these durable, these are sure to last you for years. The M50x is as flexible as a headphone can get, the ear cups can be swiveled 90-degrees, allowing for single-ear monitoring



    Accurate Bass Response

    The M50x produces stupendously clear, clean and most of all, accurately balanced and rich throughout the frequency spectrum making them an ideal headphones for listening to all types of genres. You can distinctly hear bright sounding vocals and instrumentals in one single track. 

    Sonic Performance by 45mm Large aperture driver

    The drivers used in the Audio Technica - ATH-M50x are 45mm large and custom made drivers with copper-coated aluminum voice coils and rare-earth magnets. M50x creates a large sense of scale that’s obviously the exact opposite of cluttered and muddy-sounding audio.






  • Specifications

    DRIVERS 45mm Drivers
    IMPEDANCE 38 Ohms
    FREQUENCY RESPONSE 15Hz - 28,000Hz
    MAGNET TYPE Neodymium
    CABLE TYPE 1.2-3m Coiled Cable, 3m Detachable Cable & 1.2 Regular Cable
    WEIGHT 285g
    BOX CONTENTS 1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Monitor Headphones
    2. 3.9 to 9.8' (1.2 to 3 m) Coiled Cable
    3. 9.8' (3 m) Straight Cable
    4. 3.9' (1.2 m) Straight Cable
    5. 1/4" Screw-On Adapter
    6. Carry Pouch


    Don’t sweat it, This Audio-Technica product is covered by a 1 Year manufacturer's warranty.
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    Warranty 1 Year 2 Years 5 Years 1 Year
    Housing Hard Plastic Metal Hard Plastic Metal
    Cable Striaght Straight (32 ohms/80 ohms) Coiled (250 ohms) Striaght Striaght
    Cable Length (1.2 To 3 M) Coiled Cable (3 M) Straight Cable (1.2 M) Straight Cable 32Ω Version - 1.6m Straight 80Ω Version - 3m Straight 250Ω Version - 3m Coiled 1.2m straight cable 1.7m cable
    Detachable Cable Yes No Yes No
    Design Closed-Back Closed-Back Closed-Back Open-Back
    Mic No No No No
    Carry Pouch Carry Pouch Drawstring Bag Transportation Bag No
    Our Verdict

    Start your professional studio monitoring journey with the best in class headphones with precise sound outputs and comfort at its best.

    Built by renowned German manufatures these headphones give you the best of bass reflex technology and improved bass response ideal for your studio experience.

    Get the all rounder headphones for your studio monitoring set up with these headphones that come with S-Logic technology.

    Open-back on-Ear headphone which sounds spacious and natural with fully rotatable earcup design.

What the Press Say

"It’s a classic set of headphones updated with the latest wireless tech, and it’s still an excellent set of cans."
"These ATH-M50x headphones are lively, have an extra hit of bass."
"Great sound and good comfort make the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x a smash."
"The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x are great sounding closed-back headphones for critical listening."
"A great effort from Audio Technica: these are a good pair of portable over-ears"
"The ATH-M50x are the most critically acclaimed model in Audio-Technica’s M-Series line."

Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
Audio Technica - ATH-M50x - Excellent Headphones

1) Service from Headphone Zone was very good. Delivery was very prompt. Thanks to Raghav and the team.
2) Sound quality of the headphones is excellent. The bass is fantastic with mid and high frequencies to match. I am 71 years old so I cannot hear the very high frequencies. I use the ASUS U7 USB Sound Card with my laptop. This sound card has a very good DAC and built-in headphone amplifier. It was very satisfying to hear my favourite music on these headphones.
3) Comfort level was good but not great like the open type Sennheiser HD 518 which I own. A break of 10 – 15 minutes is required after 2 hours of use. But this is the price you pay for closed back headphones giving good isolation and a fantastic bass response. Hence overall no complaint.
4) 3 types of connecting cords are given by Audio Technica which is a very good idea as you have the proper cord for every type of use. I wish other companies should follow this idea.

Review from an average guy

First of all these are the great pair of cans one can buy at this price point. I have been using these headphones since 14 days. Initially i had some doubts about the product and contacted headphone zone support and cleared my queries. Their service is excellent.

I am going to clear some points for the users who are buying this:
Firstly don't worry if the box is not seal packed. Its just the "Audio-Technica way".
Second about the warranty. You will not get warranty card inside the box. Headphone Zone got you covered for the warranty.

Now coming to the headphones:
They have a very tight clamping force infact when i first wore i was like wth. To reduce the clamping force i stretch and place these headphones on a 30 cm box overnight. Due the this the clamping force got vastly reduced and now its comfortable to wear. You should do stretching minimum for 5 nights to realize the effect.

The pads of the headphones are ok. They lack the dept and doesn't go around your ears fully. Also your ears will get sweaty. I have to keep them taking off every 30 min. This is partially due to high clamping force of the headphones, so another reason to stretch your headphones. Passive noise cancellation is good in these headphones. The pads offer great seal for noise cancelling.

Cables are of good quality and looks quite durable. I am using 1.5 mm straight cable. Its much convenient for both laptop and mobile. The twist to lock mechanism is good but this is proprietary mechanism. You have to buy this proprietary cable only if yours get damaged. So ya.

Now coming to the sound:
Previously i was owning sennheiser hd 448. Since 7 yrs i had them. The sound of audio techinica in short: exceptional clear, high Highs, decent lows with great upper lows and ok mids.
The highs in this can be piercing so i equalize it with amplifier (Fiio A3). I boosted lows & mids, due to this highs are less piercing.

Overall i am satisfied with m50x. Best all-rounder at this price. R...

Solid All-Rounder that won't disappoint

One of the most famous and easily recognizable phones out there, the Audio-Technica ATH M50x are a great pair of headphones for their price point. While some might argue that they are overhyped and the M40x offer a better audiophillic experience with lesser harshness, the M50x in my opinion are a very fun pair of cans with an in-your-face presentation of music. The cans are definitely bassy but imo, it's not excessive enough to bleed into the mids and the slight emphasis on bass is very good for most Indian music. It could be just me but while I find it bright and sibilant (sometimes verging on harshness), I find the mids a bit recessed. Vocals don't carry the power I'd expect but I can live with it. It's a great pair of starting cans to get a feel for Hi-Fi music but it's not the best -- certain open cans at this price range like the HD 598 are better but if you need your cans to be portable, the M50x wins hands down. It's a very well built with sturdy plastic and it definitely feels ( and looks! ) premium. If this is going to be your first pair of decent headphones, I'm sure you'll go 'Wow!". Can highly recommend especially when you'll listen to music somewhere else than your desktop.

Audio Technica ATH-M50X - She is powerful. She is rich. She is beautiful.

Sonic aspects - Authoritative bass, slams and impacts, plushness, full-bodied dynamics, clarity are some of the perfections on this headphone

Downside - average instrument separation, average sound-stage, grainy treble are some of the blemishes.

Awesome ..

I don't care what people says , I have Ath m50x . I love my headphone ..

Deserves more than what it is priced!

Hands down these are the best studio monitoring headphones that i have ever came across superbly balanced between highs mids and lows
Mind you not too bass oriented headphone
But definitely the best in the price range!