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Dekoni Audio - Earpads for Audio-Technica M-Series

Earpad Material
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Elite Sheepskin

Dekoni Audio has introduced the flagship ear pad of the line, the Dekoni Elite Sheepskin Ear pad. The Elite Sheepskin is made from YM80 slow rebound memory foam and covered in a genuine Sheepskin Leather which provides ultimate comfort and perfect sound isolation. Isolate yourself from outside sounds as you enjoy your favorite music.






Dekoni Audio’s Velour Earpads are made of ultra breathable velour and the biggest difference between this and the Standard ones is the Velour fabric used to sheath the foam. The Velour fabric creates a good seal around the ears giving you full isolation while using open fabric on the back side to allow air to flow and keep your head cool during extended use.






Dekoni Audio’s Standard Series are available for selected models . Dekoni Standard is your saviour if your legacy headphones need a refreshment. In general, the headphones earpads are the first one to wear out, So easily replace yours with Dekoni Audio Standard Series.







Elite Velour

Dekoni Audio has managed to make the ear pad act more like a traditional protein leather ear pad by using a tighter velour by which you don’t lose the small details like the bass frequencies or the isolation as seen with most velour ear pads. Although the Velour is tighter, It still retains the comfort and coolness of velour. Dekoni for sure has created the ultimate Velour earpad by pairing them with the slow rebound and high density foam.




Why you should change your Earpads?

How Earpads affect the timbre of your cans

Earpads are the most important part of the acoustic design of a headphone. Undamped bounce of earpads can create an undesirable low frequency resonance. Dekoni Earpadz leave your headphones balanced and still in tune with the original design without a change in the timbre of your headphones.

Earpads disintegrate with time

Replacement earpads are the saviour for your headphones as the 1st pair of earpads starts to disintegrate and smell after few months due to hot and humid weather. The earpad material also starts coming out due to lack of sweat absorption. For such cases, Dekoni Earpadz are the way to go.

  • Made from top quality soft sheepskin protein leather
  • Ultra breathable velour earpads with advanced memory foam and slow rebound technology
  • Excellent noise isolation so you can focus on your music better
  • Experience the highest level of comfort with different types of earpads



Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I made a cursory comparison between the elite velour pads and the original ones. I used couple of different amps and DACs and played specifically two songs in Audirvana: Indian Summer by Anoushka Shankar and If I had eyes by Jack Johnson.

Switching between Elite Velour pads and the original ones revealed stark traits of both of these pads. First, when I played Indian Summer, I found that with the original pads, the strumming was clearer and closer but soundstage was restricted and the piano tickling was barely delineated and was muddy. The kick is overpowering and and resolution is severely restricted.
With the Elite Velour pads, I found that the mids went recessed further, but not on the cost of its clarity. Further, the soundstage improved, and I could hear the piano much better, but above all, to my ears, it corrected the droning and overpowering lower frequencies. I was thrilled to hear the delineation of piano notes, strumming of sitar, and kicks.

But it’s when I played If I had eyes by Jack Johnson that I started appreciating these new pads all the more. Because of the increase in soundstage, I could hear instruments on the left and the right stereos with better resolution. Again, it corrected the overpowering bass. I never got this much impressed by any product in my life.
I always found M50x uncomfortably bassheavy, and I don’t use them for critical listening. I prefer AKG K702, HD650, and DT990. But I love all my gears, including M50x, for different reasons. I use them as my on-the-go cans.
However, because of these pads, I’m starting to appreciate these cans more and more now.
Thank you, Headphonezone, for your amazing services and super-fast delivery that I always appreciate.
In the end, I would say that since music listening is a subjective experience, take everything I’ve mentioned with a grain of salt.

As good as originals

These earpads are as good as the original ones.Sure they are expensive but have top quality.

Amazing, but costly

I bought the standard velour one because it seemed to be close to the original design and I wanted to be safe. I was initially worried about how they were going to sound as most reviews suggested that the bass was lowered(which was bad news considering these are studio monitors), but they're wrong, they sound exactly the same, initially though,I did think the bass was lowered but over time, after listening to the usual songs I listen to test any headphone, I realised nothing had changed, these earpads look prettier than the original ones and give the headphones a noticably classier look, if you are considering the brainwavz earpad which is cheaper, I would advise against it as my friend has those and both him and me admit that mine are better, both sound and comfort wise. There are 2 drawbacks of these earpads, one is obviously the price, it's way too much for an earpad no matter how good these are and the second concern is that things stick to it, so that original clean velour look is gone easily as dust and other stuff accumulates on top of it, I don't know how to clean these yet except by actually taking them out and cleaning them, oh and the application of these earpads will be easy if you know how to apply earpads, just watch any YouTube video if that's somehow a problem, anyways this is my first buy from headphonezone and it has been a neat experience.

Ear pads

Received it in time without packing damage. Pads are good for health. So they are very good though costly. Might be because they're for high end audio technica phones

Happy but pinching

The ear pads are quite good and comfortable. But quite expensive.

Right Fix but not comfortable

I bought the standard version of these earpads, hoping that it will be a right replacement for stock ear pads of ATH M40X, but i got disappointed with the quality of the product. The product was well packaged however the seal was broken. After listening to some music, i could tell that the highs became little harsh and lows became tight. i liked the way headphones sounded with original earpads, with these my ears get sweaty and they cause fatigue to my ears.