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Beyerdynamic - DT 770 PRO

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The Short Story

Designed & Made
in Germany

Flat Sound

45mm Dynamic

Ideal for

For Studio &



2 Year of


Meet the Ultimate Studio Headphone

The Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO is built as an ideal studio monitoring headphone suitable for the most demanding professional and audiophile applications such as for recording studios, post-production or broadcasting situations.

Extraordinary Sound

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headphones are loved by the music enthusiasts, music producers, sound engineers and broadcasters all over the world. These headphones are used in all the studios and has a great response towards the entire frequency range. It also delivers puchy detail in low frequency music. While you can use the 32 ohms headphone for regular casual listening the 80 ohms and 250 ohms are more suitable for studio monitoring and pofessional use.


Excellent Impulse Response

These headphones delivers a top-notch impulse response and exceptional isolation a perfectly neutral listening environment. The high frequencies have detailed and differentiated sound where as the ultra-low bass sounds are defined and crispy.

Superior Comfort

The DT 770 PRO comes with velour earpads while the 32 Ohm Limited Edition variant comes with leatherette earpads which is meant for long hours of wearing. The inner headband softly sits on the head and the nominal pressure of the headband is approx. 3.5 N which in simple terms means it gives adequate comfort.


Choose the Right Impedance

Versions 32 Ohms 80 Ohms 250 Ohms
Studio ✓✓✓ ✓✓✓
Hi-Fi ✓✓ ✓✓ ✓✓✓
Mobile ✓✓✓ ✓✓

Made in Germany

Beyerdynamic is a German audio equipment manufacturer renowned the world over for making some of the finest headphones. There's no convincing a staunch studio professional to consider any other brand if they're looking for monitoring headphones. The DT Series (770, 880, 990, 1770, 1990) are easily the greatest studio headphones we've ever known.


MAGNET Neodymium
PLUG TYPE Gold plated stereo jack plug (3.5mm)
1/4" adapter (6.35mm)
CABLE TYPE 32Ω version - 1.6m Straight
80Ω version - 3m Straight
250Ω version - 3m Coiled
GRILL Closed Back
1. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Headphone
2. 1/8" (3.5mm) to 1/4" (6.35mm) plug adapter
3. Drawstring bag


Don’t sweat it, This Beyerdynamic product is covered by a 2 Years manufacturer's warranty.
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Beyerdynamic - DT 770 PRO vs competitors
Beyerdynamic - DT 770 PRO Beyerdynamic - DT 770 PRO vs competitors
Ultrasone - Performance 820 vs competitors
Ultrasone - Performance 820 Ultrasone - Performance 820 vs competitors
Grado - SR80e vs competitors
Grado - SR80e Grado - SR80e vs competitors
Audio-Technica - ATH-M50x vs competitors
Audio-Technica - ATH-M50x Audio-Technica - ATH-M50x vs competitors
Warranty 2 Years 5 Years 1 Year 1 Year
Housing Metal Hard Plastic Metal Hard Plastic
Cable Straight (32 ohms/80 ohms) Coiled (250 ohms) Striaght Striaght Striaght
Cable Length 32Ω Version - 1.6m Straight 80Ω Version - 3m Straight 250Ω Version - 3m Coiled 1.2m straight cable 1.7m cable (1.2 To 3 M) Coiled Cable (3 M) Straight Cable (1.2 M) Straight Cable
Detachable Cable No Yes No Yes
Design Closed-Back Closed-Back Open-Back Closed-Back
Mic No No No No
Carry Pouch Drawstring Bag Transportation Bag No Carry Pouch
Our Verdict

Built by renowned German manufatures these headphones give you the best of bass reflex technology and improved bass response ideal for your studio experience.

Get the all rounder headphones for your studio monitoring set up with these headphones that come with S-Logic technology.

Open-back on-Ear headphone which sounds spacious and natural with fully rotatable earcup design.

Start your professional studio monitoring journey with the best in class headphones with precise sound outputs and comfort at its best.

What the Press Say

” If you’re looking to build out a recording studio or just have a comfortable-as-hell set of computer cans."
” These are a well-built monitor headphone which sounds more open and dynamic than its closed-back construction might suggest."
”They're a bit more versatile and have a slightly better Bass than the DT 990 PRO or DT 880."
" DT770 Pro with a shorter cable, an easier to power set of drivers, and leatherette ear pads that isolate a little bit better."
"If you want a “Pro” sound that can be driven by a smartphone, then we think the DT 770 Pro should be a serious consideration.."

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
All Time Best Studio Headphone

DT770 PRO are my favourite studio headphone. I am using it for past decade or so. Each time I buy one pair of these headphone, it will last for atleast 7 to 8 years. And this my 4th DT770 PRO and 2nd of 250 Ohms model. I prefer to 250 Ohms or 80 Ohms because my purpose is to use it in my home studio to perform some playback and mixing of recordings with my mixer and amp. Even for daily use, these headphone will serve you for several years. If stored in a proper studio room without any rat problems these will never go off. The 250 ohms model has got velvet earcups that could absorb sweat, which might smell after some time. For me is not a problem as I use it in Air Conditioned room. Coming to the sound quality, if you use it with your mobile I would suggest to have an amp (particularly for 80 or 250 ohms) as you would be able to feed the headphones the required sound power or else you will have a feeling of having a earring placed inside a container truck (depends on the mobile or player you use). You can also think of some software player with pre-amp effects like Neutron. If you are an audiophile and planning to use them inside your studio, you will be more than 100% satisfied on their sound they produce. They are more balanced with very little inclination towards bass and highlights the chills of treble a bit. But they are very minute to my knowledge. The natural reproduction will induce you to spend more time in your studio. Cristal clear crispy sound. The build quality of these headphone is amazing. It fell a lot of time in my studio and never had any problem using them back. Very sturdy.
Sound - 4.5/5
Built - 5/5
Value for money - 5/5
Accessories - 4/5 They are not meant for portable purpose. For Studio purpose it is enough a pouch and 6.35mm plug

Haha, you are slowly becoming our best reviewer :P We are personally like to read your reviews, its richly detailed and amazing. Thank you so much my man!
Not Neutral, but still very good.

Of all the sub ₹15K I tried, these are my pick.
They have a great sub bass, deep. A very nice treble extension, the bass and treble are escalated quite a bit, a lot actually. But this will not distract you from the mids.

Although it is a V-shape sounding headphone, it is quite aggressive in presenting the details. Everything sounded quite the way it should, not neutral, but still very good.

The soundstage is okay, it is what you'd expect from a closed headphone.

All tracks I tried were lovely to listen to on the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO. I didn't find them harsh. Treble was sure accentuated but not in a fatiguing way.

The balance was missing though. Being accentuated a lot, these tend to have a very flat soundstage. The imaging is not good, detials are audible, but you won't be able pin-point them in the already narrow'ish soundstage they produce. Nonetheless, their soundstage is better than Audio Technica ATH-M50x, but Ultrasone Performance 820, Brainwavz HM5 have better soundstage. Although, imaging (presentation/precision) is better on these compared to Ultrasone Performance 820. Brainwavz HM5 have the best presentation of all.

Great Headphones, but whats with the packaging?


These are my 3rd Beyerdynamic product - DT 770 Pro 250, A200p and now DT 770 Pro 32. No doubt, these are one of the best monitor headphones I have used for the price. I do use Marshall Monitor and B&W P7 while traveling. I use DT770 Pros with Schitt Magni on desktop with Garageband.
Now, these headphones (32 ones) that I got delivered did not match the original shipping I got for 250 ones. Looks more like it was opened and then repacked with cheap cover cover (could have been used for internal quality test purpose - can't guarantee my claim though). I have the pics when I unboxed if you would like to see :)
Emphasizing again - No issues with the quality of headphones, but the packaging just turned me off big time, and may be I will be hesitant picking new cans from HeadphoneZone unless I could be guaranteed that I get first hand manufacture provided stuff with this purchase :P
But then, thanks for being available in India with such great variety of products - you have certainly raised the expectations in this market for music enthusiastic. Appreciate the work you guys do!


I narrowed down my choices to DT770 Pro and the ATH M50x and decided to go for the DT770 Pro 32 Ohm. This is one of the best sounding cans I've tried and for the price on HeadphoneZone its a killer deal. I've rediscovered songs I've been listening to. IMHO acoustic songs sound great on these. These are not very comfortable if you have slightly larger ears like me. I changed the earpads for a pair of Brainwavz HM5 velours and they are much more comfortable now, although the clamping force is still a bit too much for my liking. My only gripe is that there's no volume control on the cable and it comes with a flimsy cloth bag. Really, how much does it cost to give a hard carry case? The non-removable cable can be a deal-breaker for some but given that Beyerdynamics claims that all parts are replaceable, that shouldn't matter. Not that you'd have to worry about the cable ever, the build quality is that good.

Excellent HP!!!

Recently I bought this HP in Ampa Skywalk - HP zone. I tried both ATH-M50x & DT 770 Pro and found 770 Pro clearly wins in comfort factor, even though , it has a slightly colored sound, i picked this up. The only issue is, couldn't wear for long, due to sweat. I believe this can be resolved by replacing to velour pads.

Hey Moorthy, thanks for your amazing review! Do visit us again :)
Great deal & fabulous sound

Thanks Headphonezone, great service !! I got my headphone within 24 hrs with a complementary headphone stand. Looks great !! Simple sturdy and durable design and can be easily chucked inside your travel bag even though it is not foldable. My first Beyers was the DT990 pro 250 ohms version (bought from HZ as well) which opened my world to professional head phones as well as open back style. I was looking for similar Beyer sound with a headphone of lower impedance and was always thinking about DT990 edition rated at 32 ohms. DT 770 is known for it's sound stage even with a closed back style which cuts ambient noise to some extent and the 32 ohm edition at a low wer price is a bonus! The sound is so true and rich in all frequencies, good thumping bass if you eq it slightly, sweet mids (much better than DT 990), excellent instrument separation and voice sounds so real without any resonance (I had observed it on my Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 compared to DT 990 pro open back). It is a delight with just iPods, no need for any amps. Overall it is great buy for even casual music listeners. You will be delighted and immerse in your music if you feed the right stuff in.