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Planar Magnetic Open Backs

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Why HiFiMAN is Special


Designed in China

Established & Reputed

Trust us, our reputation in the audio world speaks for itself!

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Born in 2005

Why we love this Headphone

Value for Money

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Why it Sounds Amazing

Planar Magnetic Driver

Cutting edge driver tech for an immersive music listening experience.

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Flat Sound Signature

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Ultra-Wide Sound stage

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Crisp Vocals & Instruments

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Sharp & Precise Details

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I'd be lying if I said, I'm not a little biased towards Planar Magnetic headphones. HiFiMAN has managed to make great sound more accessible to the masses with the HE400se.


Raghav Somani is the Founder & CEO of Headphone Zone. An avid audiophile and musician since 2008, his choice of headphones include STAX Electrostats, Audeze LCD 3, and for music on the go, the JH Audio Roxanne + Astell&Kern SP1000 is never too far away. On his playlist, you'll find A.R. Rahman, Michael Jackson, and the Eagles.


HiFiMAN is a market leader in premium headphones and takes great pleasure in continuously enhancing sound quality. HiFiMAN, founded by owner Dr Fang in New York, is one of the leading personal audio brands. It is renowned for its critically-acclaimed Planar-Magnetic headphones that feature state-of-the-art driver technology. HiFiMAN is known to bring revolutionary technologies like the Stealth Magnet that have garnered success. The audio industry's favourite HE400 series has a new addition - the HiFiMAN HE400se. The HE400 series has been winning the hearts of critics and music lovers across the globe. With the HE400se, HiFiMAN gives one more reason for you to fall in love with the HE400 series. The brand-new HE400se is a Planar Magnetic headphone with an advanced conductive layer that covers the diaphragm reducing distortion to low levels.



Over the years, HiFiMAN has been a pioneer in creating Stealth Magnet Technology with great accuracy. The stealth magnets are nothing but curved at the ends to reduce distortion and produce a clean and spatial sound. The specially designed Stealth Magnet has a unique capability of delivering jitter-free audio. Unlike traditional magnets, a stealth magnet allows soundwaves to pass without interference. To avoid interfering with sound waves entering the ear cup from the diaphragm, HiFiMAN made the magnet assembly virtually invisible. The overall magnet design of the HE400se is acoustically transparent to keep the wave diffraction turbulence in check. This reduction in distortion encourages audio accuracy and expands the audio range, resulting in pure sonic bliss.



The HiFiMAN HE400SE has good soundstage and imaging capabilities due to its open-back design. The soundstage and imaging will give you the impression that you are watching a live performance while seated in a concert hall. This Planar Magnetic structure encourages accurate sound positioning with transparency, wide soundstage and precise dynamics. When it comes to image clarity and retrieving fine details, HE400SE performs exceptionally well. The HiFiMAN HE400SE has a linear bass, tonal balance, and non-fatiguing treble range. The instrument and vocal presentation are distinguished, allowing your music to breathe and come alive.



The HE400se headphone is sensitive, making them a perfect match for audio sources with low voltage like your smartphones or tablets. There is no need to plug in an outboard amplifier to get a pure and rich sound. The HiFiMAN HE400se is a highly proficient headphone that leaves no stone unturned to offer excellent sonic performance. However, to experience the true potential of these headphones pairing them with a decent DAC & Amp will open up the sound delivering exceptional presentation across the frequency spectrum. You will be able to experience a smooth bass texture, detail retrieval, and image clarity, and the soundstage will open up even further. It will be more coherent and cohesive in its approach delivering a holographic and airy presentation.



HiFiMAN is known for designing some of the most versatile headphones that are robust and provide luxurious comfort. Uniquely shaped ear cups with an over-ear design provide an excellent overall fit. The ear pads are made of soft cushions suitable for long listening sessions. The HE400se's lightweight and adjustable headband allows you to find a comfortable fit while maintaining equilibrium with the weight of the headphones. Rest assured, HE400SE are comfy even during extended hours of listening. They are a combination of metal and high-quality plastic housing for sheer comfort and durability. To make sure that these drivers are well-protected, a newly designed casing is employed. HiFiMAN HE400SE headphones come with dual 3.5mm ports on each ear cup which helps inconvenience for swapping cables and adds durability. These headphones come with a silver-copper cable with a 3.5mm termination packaged with a 6.35mm adapter for maximum compatibility with a wide range of devices.

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this HiFiMAN - HE400se comes with a 1 Year warranty from HiFiMAN that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about HiFiMAN's warranty in India.

A Decade of Audiophile Excellence

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Tianjin, China, HiFiMAN stands as a leading manufacturer of audio products, specializing in headphones, amplifiers, and portable audio players. Renowned for its critically acclaimed Planar Magnetic headphones, HiFiMAN is revered among audiophiles for its state-of-the-art driver technology. Led by Dr. Fang Bian, the company has garnered awards and rave reviews for its best-in-class earphones and in-ear drivers.

From the Sundara and Ananda headphones to the RE400 and RE800 earphones, HiFiMAN's products are cherished by audiophiles worldwide for their flawless performance and exceptional sound quality.

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Ear Fidelity
Dec, 2020


HFN 2020 Award Winner

Dec, 2020

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"So until something better comes along, the HE400se are going to be my top recommendation for open-back headphones in the $150 price range."

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"The HiFiMan HE400se are great for neutral sound. Thanks to their open-back design, they're able to create a great passive soundstage that feels immersive and wide."

Read More

"The driver is fast enough to offer a taste of planar, and they respond well to EQ. Most of all, you can mod to your heart’s content and the price is low enough to not fret over breaking something."

Read More

"These budget Hifiman planar magnetic headphones offer serious sound for not much money. The HE400se is imaging sophistication, which can make your music seem more three-dimensional than other budget pairs."

Read More

"For a headset at this price point, it outshines the competition with its high resolution, clarity and overall neutral and balanced tuning. It is a very likeable tuning, being able to render most tracks and genres with ease."

Read More

"The HE400SE as a planar magnetic headphone of course has a nice black background, great clarity and good speed. And for the very accessible price the Hifiman HE400se is going for, they’re the ideal recommendation to a whole lot of people. "

Read More

"The HIFIMAN HE400SE has an ability to do well in all areas of sound and while not being the best at anything, are not the worst at anything either in any part of the sound signature which makes them an all-rounder."

Read More

"For nearly a decade, the HE400-style headphones HiFiMAN has released have been a go-to for audiophiles. They’ve always provided solid performance for their price, and with the HE400SE’s price point."

Read More

The price is generous and its level of build quality and comfort won’t disappoint. The sound signature is quite picky and a lot more relaxed, but its got great depth and detail retrieval."

Read More

HiFiMAN - HE400se Planar Magnetic Open Backs Sale price₹ 9,990 Regular price₹ 16,999
HiFiMAN - Sundara Planar Magnetic Open-Backs Sale price₹ 23,990 Regular price₹ 31,999
Headphone-Zone-HiFiMAN-Edition XS
HiFiMAN - Edition XS Planar Magnetic Open-Backs Sale price₹ 33,990 Regular price₹ 44,999
HiFiMAN - HE400se Planar Magnetic Open Backs Sale price₹ 9,990 Regular price₹ 16,999
HiFiMAN - Sundara Planar Magnetic Open-Backs Sale price₹ 23,990 Regular price₹ 31,999
Headphone-Zone-HiFiMAN-Edition XS
HiFiMAN - Edition XS Planar Magnetic Open-Backs Sale price₹ 33,990 Regular price₹ 44,999
Sound Signature

Flat: Designed for studio professionals for critical reference monitoring.

Balanced: A neutral sound that doesn't emphasise on one frequency.

Balanced: A neutral sound that doesn't emphasise on one frequency.

Driver Configuration

Planar Magnetic Drivers

Planar Magnetic Drivers

Planar Magnetic Drivers






32 Ohms

37 Ohms

18 Ohms

Our Verdict

I'd be lying if I said, I'm not a little biased towards Planar Magnetic headphones. HiFiMAN has managed to make great sound more accessible to the masses with the HE400se.

The Sundara has seen several changes over the years. But the latest version of the Sundara is perhaps the best. You will need a powerful amplifier to drive this planar magnetic headphone, and when paired correctly, these are fantastic headphones for any audiophile.

A recent review I read compared the Edition XS to the Arya, which is several times the price and said it came pretty close. I have to say, that it's not an exaggeration. They are such a big step up from the Sundara, that I think it's easy to understand why. I think the XS is my favourite Hifiman from their entire lineup.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Byakugan X.S. (Gurgaon)
A very good sounding headphone, but that is it.

A layman's review of the HE400se also a little heads up on things i found out after using the headphones

Full TL;DR-The only amazing thing is their sound quality(id give 6damn stars if I could) and comfort, everything else is sub-par or shit

1) They will sound terrible on mobile phones , even flagships like the samsung galaxy note10 , the macbook air 2017 is also not enough for youtube/spotify, if you have a gaming laptop it might just be able to power these(Youtube/Spotify will still sound a bit underwhelming)

TL;DR: Get a DAC+AMP-Shanling UA2, Fiio BTR5,Fiio E10k(8year old model) are some relatively cheap recommendations

2)They will sound "bad" right out of the box , burn is a real thing and these require some burn in (mine are approx 25hr-burn in done) they will get a bit louder , more clear , spacious and accurate the more you listen to them

TL;DR: Burn in is required

3)Another reviewer said the build quality is bad , he is right it is shit , cheap earcups(not earpads, mind you) , grills and what stands out the most is the cable , in Hindi we have a word "Tangna" , its a metallic wire used to dry clothes , the cable is basically that , but thinner and there are 4 of them, its an absolute joke. Also they are very fragile, their weight does not match with the build quality DO NOT DROP THEM. Do not press them hard on your head, it will sound like crackling chocolate wrapper and that is because the diaphragm is as thin as a plastic wrapper and fragile so , it might tear the diaphragm, they're comfortable though, nice earpads but they will heat your ears during the summers

TL;DR: Build quality not the best + they're fragile

4) THEY ARE OPEN BACK they leak a LOT of sound ,and dont isolate at all , even at 10 volume they leak enough sound that its audible by people in the room .Also they're full size headphones so they are humongous, by normal headphone standards.
TL;DR: Thyre not portable headphones

5)The packaging is meh , but one good thing is the number of authenticity seals , there should be 2(top and bottom) on the headphone box and one on the cardboard box.

Sound quality review:
go to headfi.org , they have more expertise than me in terms of sound ,
They sound phenomenal absolutely phenomenal , hence the 5stars, but one thing though you will not "feel" the bass you will "hear" it.

Shipping/Customer service :
It was impressive the headphones arrived in 5 days(3 Business days) to Delhi , no hiccups whatsoever .

We thank you for this lovely review & we are glad you are enjoying it! Keep the music playing.

Audi O Phil (Bengaluru)
Great entry level audiophile headphones

I'll preface the review by saying that this pair sounds like a completely different set of headphones after burning in. When I first got them I was not at all happy with the performance but I held off on the review for about 20 hours of listening and boy was it worth. With every passing hour these got better, and by the time I hit the 20 hour mark, the headphones exceeded my expectations.

Physically, the headphones are built really solid. The earcups are as comfortable as can be. You can listen to it for hours without a hitch. Putting them on for the first time, they feel underwhelming. It takes some time to get going but once it does the sound is amazing. The mids are crisp, the bass is just the right amount of punch and the soundstage is extremely wide. The imaging is so good that you can almost imagine yourself sitting in a theatre listening to Beethoven. Adding to that, the headphones are pretty easy to drive. I have reasonably high end laptop and phone. Both of them could drive this pair easily. Although I'm looking forward to a DAC to further improve the experience (have my eyes on the Zen Dac V2).

Unfortunately these headphones aren't without flaw. The accompanying wires are absolutely abysmal but fortunately they can be easily replaced. Another piece of equipment I have my eyes on. And finally Hifiman infamous for its QC did mess up one thing. The left earcups are just a tad bit quieter than the right. Initially I thought it was just me but everyone who tried this pair agreed. Although easily corrected with a little EQ balancing, it's not something one excepts from a new pair of headphones. This might also be rectified with the new set of wires but until then any device without a balancer can't be used with these headphones.

Hey, thanks for taking time and sharing this wonderful feedback. We welcome you to talk to our Headphone Gurus for selecting the right cable for your headphones. They will be happy to assist you!

Aneesh Bhasin (Noida)
Good sound quality though disappointed with soundstage

This is my first experience with open back (or planar) headphone. Note that this is the international 'Stealth Magnet' edition.
The sound quality is good - bass is controlled and not muddy (though there is not too much of it). Mids are good. Treble is also nice.
The cable is horrendous though - not so much in terms of sound quality , but it is stiff and has quite a bit of microphonics if you move.
One thing I was quite disappointed about though was sounstsge, or the lack of it. I was especting a wide soundstage with atleast some depth. Unfortunately, it still seems that sound is coming from within the head rather than outside. Similarly, I did not find imaging to be any more accurate or different from a good closed back headphone. I have tried driving it from mobile and two different laptops. I will report back if a dedicated DAC/Amp changes that.
Comfort wise, the pads are nice and comfortable. The headband will take a whole to break in as it still feels uncomfortable when listening for more than an hour...
Buying experience and delivery was fast from Headphonezone.

Hey Aneesh, thanks for sharing your honest feedback with us. We understand it is natural of a product to be loved by one and disliked by other. In order to upgrade your listening experience, you can always choose to use a special cable with the headphones. You can reach out to our headphone gurus anytime for more information about the same.

ANANTH SG (Bengaluru)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Bang On!
Not at all
Very Bright, Analytical.

Awesome packing and delivery experience!

Overall, HD599 is better.

Bass is excellent and neutral.
Soundstage and imaging is average. HD599 is slightly better.
Treble is very bright. Need EQ.
These are very resolving and analytical.

Biggest issue is the foul smell. Comes from foam pads.

Ani (Delhi)
Ok Dope, Buy these Period.

Gave them 80 hrs of burn-in and these are so fun to listen to. Sure my DT990 pro are way more resolving and analytical but these are just buttery smooth and super fun to listen to, great soundstage, dopest of the comforts and cleanest of the bass at the price.

One minor gripe, that cable is hideous; like really Hifiman?

I mean cheap KZ earphones have better cable, I never expected myself praising that KZ cable, but these are just that bad.

You should opt for a Cable replacement. I have balanced amps so its all good for me, but if you don't have a balanced amp, you need to buy adapter cause replacments are only for balanced cables 🥲🥲. Invest in ddHifi adapters, small, sturdy and good looking.

Also also, these are not gonna work without a dedicated amp, these need power. Some phones at max volume might push some amount of volume through this, but you will be left for wanting more.

I suggest go with BTR5, have a balanced output, can power these(atleast to my satisfaction) and makes these portable.

For desktop, ifi Zen Dac V2 works wonders.

Hey Animesh, this review just made our day! We are so happy to hear that you are having a great experience with these headphones. Thank you so much for taking time and sharing such a detailed feedback with everyone.