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Meze - 99 Classics

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The latest in Meze's Classics series, the Meze 99 Classics promises to deliver perfect natural sound that the pickiest of audiophiles will love. These beautifully crafted over-ear headphones offer a choice between Walnut and Maple wood earcups with soft earpads.

The closed-back 99 Classics set comes with a detachable1.2 meter long cable with an inline mic and remote, a 3 meter long Kevlar OFC cable. Also included, a 6.3mm gold-plated adapter, an airline adapter and a hard shell carrying case. A favourite among the Headphone Zone team members, your oath to get your hands on these beauties.

  • Every Headphone Unique just like you

    Just like your fingerprints, the wood grain with which the Meze 99 Classic's earcups are made is unique, thereby giving you a one of a kind personalized experience.







    Meze 99 Classics Lifestyle

    Crafted from Real Walnut and Maple Wood

    The Meze 99 Classics have two attractive wooden variants that you can choose from. The first one features Walnut wood with gold accents. The second variant features Maple wood with silver accents. All wooden elements have been sourced sustainably.



    Seductive In Its Classical Presentation

    Its medium density memory foam ear - pads will sit plush on your ears, making you feel comfy like a pillow. The hardware is cast from zinc & manganese spring steel. The superlative craftsmanship bringing together the wood & metal using high-quality nuts & bolts makes it special. Etched from the classic wood with precision & polished with utmost care is the serendipitous story of how the housing was carved. 

    Fully Serviceable

    Besides the usual warranty every brand offers, the 99's are endlessly serviceable. If any part of the headphone is damaged you can simply replace them instead of going for a new pair of headphones. Meze did not build these headphones for them to break after 2 years so you can go buy new ones. Each component can be easily substituted for another.

    No Plastic feeling

    The Meze 99 Classics have been sturdily built sans plastic and with precise assembly. Apart from the wooden earcups, the headphones have cast zinc alloy hardware with an electroplated coating, stamped manganese spring steel headband and internal components are made of durable ABS and silicone parts. Construction uses no glue, just nuts and bolts.



    MEZE 99 Classics Lifestyle

    Meticulously Crafted

    Each wooden earcup of the 99 Classics is precision carved on a CNC machine and then hand finished and polished. Each headphone takes about 45 days to achieve perfection. The cords aren't ignored either and are made with kevlar fibres, thereby combining the best of craftmanship and sturdiness.

    Resonate in Harmony

    A 40 mm Neodymium magnet is placed on the side of each earcup of the Meze 99 Classics and are designed to resonate in harmony with the wooden earcup to give a really wide soundstage.

    Balanced and Natural Sound

    Rather than resorting to artificially tuned frequencies, the two 40mm neodymium drivers behind every single pair provide dynamic contrast for a more natural listening experience.


    Imran Munshi

    Imran Munshi reviews the Meze - 99 Classics

    "We had given Imran Munshi the Meze - 99 Classics for a week to test the same and write a review for it. It has good bass though it is not deep enough. It's relaxing but not very smooth, not harsh either. It's weird actually. The wooden back would help with natural instrument presentation, at least that was expected." - Read More



  • Over-Ear

    Three Button Remote Mic

    15Hz - 25,000Hz
    32 Ohms

    Not disclosed by the manufacturer
    1.2 mm detachable audio cable
    3m Long Kevlar OFC Cable

    3.5mm (1/8") Gold Plated
    260 grams

    Notdisclosed by the manufacturer
    103 dB

    50 mW (Max)
    Notdisclosed by the manufacturer

    1. Detachable 1.2-meter long cable with an inline mic and remote 

    2. 3m long Kevlar OFC cable
    3. 6.3mm gold-plated adapter 

    4. Airline adaptor

    5. EVA carrying case

    6. Meze - 99 Classics Headphones


  • One Year 

    Authorized Service Partner: Headphone Zone

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone.







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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Musical headphones

I found the Meze to be very musical and enjoy listening to them for many hours, whether in the studio, listening to my mix work or enjoying listening to music. Amazing detail and frequency response with no mid band harshness or the brittleness of the high frequencies. I am very happy with my decision to buy them and thanks to Headphone Zone, who first introduced it to me by sending one demo piece across.

A-Meze-ing Headphones!

Meze is relatively new Romanian company and 99 Classics is their much talked about model in several forums. They are carefully designed with choice of premium materials like wood and metal. Having spent about a week with them here is my opinion about them:

BUILD QUALITY, COMFORT AND AESTHETICS: I ordered Walnut and Gold model. The headstrap is self-adjusting. At about 260 grams, they are fairly comfortable to wear for a long time. Earcups and headstrap are clad in artificial leather. It's soft and seems durable but genuine leather would have been definitely plus point at this price point. Wires are detachable and made up of OFC reinforced with Kevlar. Connectors are metal with gold plating. Hardcover casing is also good but not portable due to size. Meze claims that every part of 99C is serviceable and replaceable.

Golden parts accentuates the look which sometimes feel overly done. However overall look is classy and goes by their name - "99 Classics".

SOUND QUALITY: Here is the core. I burned them for about 15 hours. At 32 Ohm they are easy to drive with a mobile but will respond well to better sources. Meze claims flat frequency response and it’s not far from truth. 99C is fun to listen. Sound is balanced across all frequencies. Nothing over-powers.

BASS: It’s well defined and controlled. Might feel bit excessive in quiet room but that’s a closed-back headphone.

MIDS: Mid tones give lot of details and instrument separation. Sounds of pianos and guitars are lifelike. Vocals too are presented well and in detail. You can hear every whisper and breathe. They appear a bit forward of soundstage.

TREBLES: Highs are soft, sweet and airy without being harsh.

SOUNDSTAGE: Its average for a closed-back. Nothing outstanding here.

OVERALL: Overall 99C presents a pleasant, mature and well-balanced sound. It’s fun to listen, musical, well-built and stylish.

Wow Amit, that was particularly a very detailed and intense review. It does look like you have found the headphone of your life. We jump in joy whenever we read such reviews. Thank you so much :)
Awesome headphone with such tasty sound signature

First of all my sincere thanks to Headphonezone for such excellent service. Within 1 days received the headphone. Raghav is spoiling me day by day. Day by day i am becoming poor.
Jokes apart here is my review.
Pros: Awesome build quality with classic walnut cups, warm dynamic sound, easy driving headphones with any audio source.
Cons: Earpads are little shorter, some times bass is overemphasized
Boy oh boy this headphone drive any audio source with elan.Very easy driving headphone. This headphone is perfect for rock music. Mid is so awesome. Bass is very good but sometimes feel overemphasized. Awesome treble. It is not easy to impress me with headphone. Even though Raghav brought those headphones in Headphone connect in Bangalore But never tried. After reading all the reviews in Head-fi, Headphonics, Headphoneguru,i became too curious to try them. Unfortunately only option is buying. I am not regretting for my decision. From the beginning itself i am fallen in love with this gear. The build quality is so classy. Nothing cheap about it. With metal,wood such a wonderful combination. After burning the headphone more than 60 hrs, it is opening very well. The provided cable is awesome, My only regret about 3.5 mm termination. Meze could provide the 2.5 mm terminated balance cable with this headphone. My all IEMs are terminated in 2.5 mm balance cable. Everybody is complaining about the narrow sound stage. A 3.5 mm unbalanced cable can not give wide sound stage which is only possible through 2.5 mm balanced cable . I think Meze took all the feedback from all audiophile sites and take the matter in their hand. they are now coming out with their own customize custom cable . 8 wires OCC copper cable with 2.5 mm termination and 2.5 mm TRRS to 3.5 TRS connector with just $149 and 8 wires OCC silver cable with 2.5 mm termination and 2.5 mm TRRS to 3.5 TRS connector with just $199. Custom cable will give awesome sound signature

We're so happy to see you liked these headphones :) Enjoy!
5* - Enough Said

These headphones are the best in class. I use the Apple lossless format music on my iPhone and they sound very nice. The sound was a little bassy when I started using them, but that was easily corrected by setting the phone equaliser to "Flat". Very comfortable to use too, I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy portable headphones in the price range.

Unexpected goodness

Tried these for 2 weeks. I must say I got unexpected stunning results. Clear audio, extremely comfortable for long sessions. Fully satisfied with the headphones