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Wired vs Wireless Headphones and Earphones: Which is better?

Wired or Wireless headphones, this is a question that anybody looking to put down their hard-earned cash on buying their serious headphones has to be asking themselves. Do you go for a traditional wired headphone, or do you go for a featured-packed latest wireless headphone that may be out there - there are pros and cons to both. Even though I have my own opinion on the subject, I'm going to try and give you a few things to think about to make that decision for yourself.


Hi guys this is Raghav here from Headphone Zone. Wired versus Wirelessheadphones, this is a very very important question that anybody looking to putdown their hard-earned cash on buying their next serious headphones has tobe asking themselves. Do you go for a traditional wired headphone or do yougo for a featured packed latest wireless headphone that may be out there andthere are pros and cons to both. Even though I have my own opinion on thesubject, I'm going to try and give you a few things to think about to make thatdecision for yourself. 

Wired vs Wireless

Nothing beats the convenience of a wireless earphone or a earbud today. Popopen the hood on your Airpods and it instantly connect with all your devicesthat are out there. You find that the convenience of Bluetooth allows you tolisten to music on the go without your smartphone in your hand. You can listento music, watch movies, make calls ,play games and do virtually everything thatyou need to do with the convenience of Wireless technology today. It just worksand it's amazing, the only problem with wireless headphones are though thatthey don't sound very good, especially to listen to music in high quality. Ifyou're someone who cares and I mean really cares about the sound quality ofthe music you're listening to because you're so motivated by the idea oflistening to the details that the artist has put in the music. You'll always findthat a wireless headphone will sound much worse than a wired headphone.There's a very simple reason for that. Whatever money you're paying for yourwireless headphones, you're not just paying for the speakers alone. You're alsopaying for a lot of really really tiny batteries that have been miniaturised but stillgive you high performance. You're paying for a digital to analog converter,you're playing for a Bluetooth receiver, you're paying for amplifier, anaccelerometer, a gyroscope and a whole bunch of sensors and microphones allpacked into these tiny earbuds. So it's to be understood that the speakersthemselves or the driver units are just a very small portion of the value that the entire earbud gives you. The equivalent amount of money spent on a wiredheadphone or IEM will sound much much better because all you're getting forthat money is a pair of good sounding speakers connected by a cable andthat's it. You'll find that wired headphones, wired earphones whatever you'd likeare designed for just and just one purpose, which is to fool your brain intobelieving that the music you're listening, it was being performed by the artist infront of you, in the same room and they can sound very very nice especially ifyou're listening to music at high resolutions along with a nice digital to analogconverter. And put together, the entire package can sound phenomenal.Wireless earphones are made for convenience, I use them all day long, I'd usethem for my calls, for watching movies, and listening to podcasts. Sure I'mgoing to be using them all throughout the day but I never make the mistake oflistening to music on these wireless earphones. I need the music to soundincredible, I want to be immersed in it, I want to feel the emotion, the detailsthat the artists have put into it and at the end of the day buying a wiredheadphone is just better value for money. They're going to last you a lifetime,there are no electronic parts inside it. It's going to work really really well as longas you take care of them well. 


Here's some food for thought. Every wireless headphone or earbud hasLithium-ion batteries built inside it and for the convenience that they give you,they will have a lifetime of about two to two and a half years and these batteriesare not replaceable, so just like your phone or your laptop they're gonna go intothe trash. So you have to think about how much money you're going to spendon a product that is only only going to last you a short period of time and afterwhich it will be obsolete and trash.