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Gizaudio X Binary - Chopin In-Ears With 1 DD + 3 BA Drivers Sale price₹ 17,990 Regular price₹ 19,999
  • Value for Money

    Great sound always doesn't have to come with a fancy price tag.

    Every once in a while we come across a product that give you a lot more value for the price.

    If you see products marked as "🥜 Value For Money" you can be sure you're getting a great bang for your buck.

  • Ideal for Beginners

    Lost in the Audio Maze? Let Us Guide Your Beginner Audiophile Journey!

    If you are a newcomer in the audio world, this headphone or gear is a stepping stone for those overwhelmed by the plethora of options available.

    If you see a product marked with “🌱 Ideal for Beginners," it indicates that this device is perfect for starting your audiophile journey.

  • Balanced Sound Signature

    Perfectly Balanced, Accurately Presented.

    This headphone or gear delivers a perfectly balanced audio profile, with highs, mids, and lows in sweet equilibrium.

    If you see products marked as “⚖️ Balanced Sound Signature”, you’re set to enjoy a well-rounded listening experience where no single element overpowers the others, making your music sound just as the artist intended.

  • Crisp Vocals & Instruments

    Vocals and Instruments sound too good, its like a warm hug.

    This headphone or gear excels at delivering clear, clean vocals and instruments, making every sound pop.

    If you see products marked as “🍿 Crisp Vocals & Instruments”, prepare for an audio experience where every word and note is perfectly articulated, letting you enjoy your music with pristine clarity and detail.

  • Sharp & Precise Details

    Are you a lover of sharp and precise details in your music?

    This headphone or gear delivers meticulous and accurate details in your audio, ideal for those who prioritise precise sound reproduction.

    If you see a product marked with "📌 Sharp & Precise Details", it means this device excels in capturing fine nuances and intricacies in your music, ensuring a high level of clarity and fidelity.

  • Layered and Nuanced Sound

    Imagine sitting on the second row of a music hall. Instruments should sound like they are coming from different places on the stage - Layered and nuanced.

    This headphone or gear is designed to deliver a rich, detailed audio experience, with every note and subtlety coming through crystal clear.

    If you see a product marked with "🍰 Layered and Nuanced Sound," it means this device is crafted to provide an intricate soundscape, perfect for audiophiles who appreciate the depth and complexity in their music.

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