Burson Audio - Conductor 3X Grand Tourer

Desktop Headphone Amp + Pre-Amp & DAC
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Warranty & Services

Don't sweat it, this Burson Audio - Conductor 3X Grand Tourer comes with a 3 Year warranty from Burson Audio that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Burson Audio's warranty in India.

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Pair with Laptop via USB

A majority of people use a laptop as the primary source device to listen to music or watch movies. Since the laptop is an essential part of the audio chain there are headphones and devices designed to work a laptop or computer system flawlessly. With the availability of USB connectivity, it becomes easier to pair various devices like an Amp, DAC or even headphones without worrying about drivers or any additional piece of software.

Connect With USB-C,
Optical Toslink, XLR & RCA

Upto 10W @ 16Ω
Power Output

Volume Controls

If your DAC & Amps include volume controls or volume rockers, you can easily change the volume with a button press or volume knob turn.

DAC & Amps that have volume controls make its operation incredibly simple; turn up the volume on your smartphone or your source devices and then change the volume on DAC & Amps to the desired level.

This design feature allows you to have complete control over the desired volume according to your listening preferences.


Burson Audio is well known for challenging the conventional and pushing the boundaries of audio excellence through innovation. They are recognised in the audio industry for their use of discrete audio Opamps in the audio signal chain in their devices. They have also developed an award-winning proprietary Max Current Power Supply (MCPS) that is superior to both transformer-based and conventional switching power supply designs. Leveraging their expertise, Burson Audio presents the flagship Conductor 3X Grand Tourer. The Conductor 3X GT takes that unique Burson house sound further with a new output stage for its dual ESS9038 DACs. A feedback based gain control allows the Conductor 3X GT to max out at 10 Watts yet matches with even more headphones. With so many functionalities and refinement, you will never want to add another machine to your desktop. The Conductor GT is the ultimate all-in-one, and it proves that something so easy to use can perform at the highest level.

Headphone-Zone-Burson-Audio-Conductor 3X Grand Tourer


Burson Audio Conductor 3X Grand Tourer is engineered with the most cutting edge technologies present in the audio industry today. Rather than generically approaching the audio architecture by including standard circuitry DAC chips and components, the Conductor 3X Grand Tourer utilises dual ESS9038 DAC chips for audio conversion, XMOS USB receiver and Qualcomm Bluetooth modules to elevate the performance. The digital interface is the most advanced and comprehensive, from its XMOS USB receiver to its Qualcomm Bluetooth module. With a customised driver by Thesycon, Germany, its XMOS USB receiver has unsurpassed processing power and accuracy, perfectly streaming DSD512 and 32bit/768khz audio. It also features a Bluetooth 5.0 receiver Qualcomm/CSR8675 streams at 24bit/96khz with support for aptX HD audio & LDAC codec. It pushes Bluetooth playback beyond CD quality and ease of use to the highest level. The inclusion of these technologies takes the unique house sound of Burson Audio to a new level with even more details in every note and seamless connectivity with Windows, Mac OS, iOS and other mobile operating systems.

Headphone-Zone-Burson-Audio-Conductor 3X Grand Tourer
Headphone-Zone-Burson-Audio-Conductor 3X Grand Tourer


Burson Audio Conductor 3X Grand Tourer is a carefully engineered headphone amplifier that prides on a deeper class-A operation, higher power output, lower noise levels, precise volume control, advanced features and outstanding I/O. Burson Audio Conductor 3X Grand Tourer takes up the concept of a Class-A architecture and is driven to its maximum potential. The Burson Audio Conductor 3X Grand Tourer features a Class-A amplification stage, capable of churning out ample power to drive various power-hungry headphones. To add to the Class-A architecture, Conductor 3X Grand Tourer utilises precise volume control with two levels of gain setting. The two-level gain setting allows the Conductor 3X Grand Tourer to be paired with headphones and IEM to deliver the best audio experience.

Headphone-Zone-Burson-Audio-Conductor 3X Grand Tourer


Burson Audio and the team of engineers working on the Conductor 3X Grand Tourer have carefully designed the audio architecture to support Opamp rolling. What this means is that you can change, upgrade and even try out various Opamps to suit your sonic taste. The Conductor 3X Grand Tourer comes embedded with 6 Burson V6 Vivid discrete Opamp in its fully differential output stage, achieving incredible transparency. The V6 Vivid discrete opamps are wildly regarded as the best and used in countless recording studios but Burson does not dictate your listening experience. The Conductor 3X Grand Tourer encourages Opamp rolling with gold plated DIP8 sockets along its signal path. With hundreds of audio opamps out there, you have the freedom to tailor your listening experience to your preference. The Burson Conductor 3X Grand Tourer energises every note and space in between, bringing accuracy and micro-details.

Headphone-Zone-Burson-Audio-Conductor 3X Grand Tourer
Headphone-Zone-Burson-Audio-Conductor 3X Grand Tourer


The Conductor 3X Grand Tourer features the same Max Current Power Supply (MCPS) that has made the Conductor 3 Reference legendary. A technology developed, owned and used exclusively by Burson Audio, the MCPS raises voltage frequency from 50Hz to 170kHz, pushing noise beyond human hearing. This power supply overcame the disadvantages of both linear power supplies and conventional switching power supplies, resulting in incredible dynamic and micro-details. The Burson Conductor 3X Grand Tourer utilises 5sets of MCPS, which means the Display/Functionality, DAC, analogue left and analogue right are all separately powered, eliminating any cross-interference between the components. Burson Audio pushes the MCPS to the limits of their potential. So much so that they consume 90W when idle and need active cooling. Although spitting out 10 Watts, the GT is not tracing power. Instead, it pursues purity.

Headphone-Zone-Burson-Audio-Conductor 3X Grand Tourer


Burson Audio Conductor 3X Grand Tourer features superior digital connections. You get dedicated coaxial and TOSLINK inputs and USB C connectivity to seamlessly connect with all PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Along with these, you get access to 2 stereo XLR inputs and 2 stereo RCA inputs. The Conductor 3X Grand Toureralso offers Head+Sub mode that allows you to connect a subwoofer. Before the invention of headphones, music listening has always been a full-body experience. It’s not just what your ears can hear but all the energy that your body feels that moves the soul. Headphone listening goes to a new level with a carefully matched and placed subwoofer. The GT enables this experience with its Head+Sub mode. Conductor 3X Grand Tourer also offers Room streaming support as it is Roon Tested, and they seamlessly connect with any 3rd party Roon Ready audio streamers.

Headphone-Zone-Burson-Audio-Conductor 3X Grand Tourer


Burson Audio is known to turn Class-A amplifiers from monsters with heat-fins into elegant, desktop-friendly machines, and they do it through the Cool Case. The Cool Case on the Burson Conductor 3X Grand Tourer is made from high-density aluminium and electroplated to space-grey. The Cool Case has only 4 visible screws under its belly. The Cool Case is also a unified heat-sink that is 300% more efficient than previous Conductors. The Burson Cool Case is already the most oversized heat sink on any headphone amp. Still, the team at Burson Audio adopted active cooling for the GT. With every component operating in a predetermined temperature range, independent of the environment, active cooling gives the freedom to push the GT to its performance limit. Combining its resonance-free enclosure with the quietest fan money can buy from Noctua in Austria, the GT is quieter than the background ambience of your music. It is audio jewellery at its finest, and it looks and plays very cool. The all-new OLED screen and interface program deliver a calming and intuitive user experience. Its machined solid aluminium knob offers fine control and feels luxurious. Having a footprint 30% less than the Conductor Reference and a volume similar to a lunch box, it is beautiful but unobstructed.

Headphone-Zone-Burson-Audio-Conductor 3X Grand Tourer
3 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Burson Audio - Conductor 3X Grand Tourer comes with a 3 Year warranty from Burson Audio that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Burson Audio's warranty in India.

Setting Audio Benchmarks From Australia

Since 1996, Burson Audio has led the audio industry, founded by passionate audiophiles committed to delivering high-performance products. Notably, the Australian manufacturer stands out by choosing discrete circuitry over IC op-amps, ensuring an immersive and acclaimed musical experience. From the Conductor and Soloist series to the Composer and Playmate 2, each product exemplifies Burson Audio's relentless pursuit of perfection, establishing them as pioneers in innovative audio solutions.

Burson Audio views audio equipment as finely crafted musical instruments, embodying a philosophy rooted in meticulous craftsmanship, knowledge, and unwavering passion for refinement. Products such as the Burson DAC and Headphone Amps, embraced by both enthusiasts and professionals, exemplify the brand's commitment to achieving sonic excellence. Through ongoing innovation, Burson Audio pioneers advancements in audio technology, promising a future marked by groundbreaking audio experiences and a continued leadership role in the industry.

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Abhay Phadke (Virār)
Burson Audio 3x conductor GT

Very nice sound. Versatile connectivity. I was looking for a DAC amplifier to connect multiple sources of inputs like turntable,CD player, I pad, laptop & mobile which is possible now with this unit.
Sound is very powerful & one has to take care of keeping gain low while listening directly through headphones.
Overall performance is very satisfying 👍

Hey there,

Thank you for taking the time to write this review, we really appreciate the genuine feedback! Your review will definitely help fellow audiophiles to make an informed decision.

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