Sennheiser - HD 800 S

Flagship Open-back Headphone

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Why Sennheiser is Special


Designed in Germany

Established & Reputed

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Born in 1945

Why we love this Headphone

I Am Worth It

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Why it Sounds Amazing


56mm Dynamic Driver

Flat Sound Signature

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Ultra-Wide Sound stage

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The Sennheiser HD 800s sport an open, circum-aural dynamic stereo headphone design that makes you feel directly connected to the music. Music emerges from silence and sounds so profound that would travel into a soundstage of amazement. Soundstage refers to being able to sense the spatial surroundings of a recording.



Headphones have always had a basic physics problem when it comes to transducers. Better sound always requires a larger surface area but this also results in more distortion due to oscillation at high frequencies. Sennheiser essentially blew everyone’s mind when they showed off the Neodymium-powered two-layer ring radiator inside the HD 800 S. Firing at your ear in a strategic 60-degree angle to simulate free-air sound arrivals it has claimed to sport the largest diameter ever seen for such applications.



The 56mm or 2.205" (with a 40mm voice coil) is twice the size of your average tweeter. Generally, you don't encounter them until you shell out about 100 times that for the full speaker. This results in controlled oscillations, which leave the headphones to do what headphones do best, that is create the best and clearest sound possible.


The Japanese Alcantra Earcups boast of suede-like fabric material that you’ll find used for the interior of many high-end automobiles and racecars. It definitely feels like an airy version of suede, as it doesn't have the heft of most leather materials. Also the fabric breathes, which is great for long listening sessions when you don’t want to have to air out your ears. Handcrafted ear pads made of high-quality microfiber fabric and the ear cups are covered with a thin metallic mesh.



3 meters of fabric-sheathed Kevlar-reinforced Teflon-insulated 4-strand straight OFC copper wire in a Y harness. The cable is covered with a fabric sheath, making it flexible and non-microphonic. Two connection leads, a 6.3mm connector and an XLR-4 balanced cable to offer even better quality sound from sources with balanced outputs.



Any set of headphones that give a real sense of ‘being there’ are open-backed, meaning that air and sound can come in and out of the headphones. The sound has less of a ‘laboratory feel’ this way. It’s not great for noise isolation, as people will be able to hear whatever music or movies that you’re listening to.



The headphones come in at a pretty heavy sounding 11.5 oz (or 330 grams for the metric folk), but they manage to distribute the weight evenly so that you don’t really notice the weight at all. They are large headphones and cover even the largest of ears. But they feel light and after a two-hour film, your head won’t be sore at all.

2 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Sennheiser - HD 800 S comes with a 2 Year warranty from Sennheiser that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Sennheiser's warranty in India.

75 Years of German Excellence and Innovation in High-Fidelity Audio

Established in 1945, Sennheiser, a German audio company based in Wedemark, boasts a 75-year history crafting high-fidelity products like microphones and headphones. Helmed by third-generation co-CEOs Daniel and Andreas Sennheiser, the globally acclaimed company is committed to audio innovation, offering diverse audio solutions from trusted classics to cutting-edge wireless models, shaping the future of audio experiences.

With a customer-centric approach, Sennheiser focuses on fostering trust in audio equipment for an exceptional music experience, featuring iconic models like the Sennheiser HD800, HD800S, HE1, and IE series of IEMs. Today Sennheiser’s headphones and IEMs are used by the top Music Producers, Mixing and Mastering Engineers in studios across the world.

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"Listening to the Sennheiser HD 800 S is a unique delight, and that's ultimately the best reason to spend money on luxury technology."

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"The HD800 is known as one of the very best headphones for what transparency, detail, layering, neutrality and positioning are concerned."

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"The HD 800s have one of the best audio reproduction that we've measured so far. They have a well-balanced mid-range that isn't too forward sounding with instruments and vocals."

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"Sennheiser’s latest high-end headphones are a treat, & a clear step up from the standard version,Detailed and articulate sound, Nicely balanced presentation, Composed and refined, Comfort and build."

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Trusted Reviews

"The Sennheiser HD 800 S have an immensely wide, expansive and detailed soundstage, providing a “3D” sound that’s better than what most surround-sound headsets can create."

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Head Fi

"I do with they used more premium materials that the plastic used but the audio quality is just so, amazingly, clean & pure I can honestly say that I love this headphone with every fiber of my being."

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"Both the Sennheiser HD 820 and the Sennheiser HD 800 S have earpads that follow the asymmetrical shape of their earcups. As a result, their earpads are the same shape as each others."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
The Samurai of Sound

Seen Kill Bill? Remember Thurman’s sword? Hattori Hanza steel! The way it slices legs, torso and scalp. The sharpness, the shine! That is HD 800S for you! Sharp as a Hattori Hanza blade, it cleaves through every possible form of music, revealing every tune with crystal clarity. No dust, no grain, no veil, just the sparkle of sound, as the world around you stills, and you are transported to the world of music, glistening as on the first day of creation!

Of course, you would not race a Persian thoroughbred stallion through lanes and trenches, you would not feed it coarse fodder! Remember, this headphone is water, it takes the shape of the vessel. Feed it dehydrated MP3s, through a bloated DAC, power it through an anemic amp, and you get a sound which you could have got through a thousand rupee headphone. A paper knife! But feed it MQA/DSD/FLAC through a competent resolving DAC and a muscular amp, and feel the magic of a Hattori Hanza blade, the growl of a crouching tiger and the menace of a hidden dragon!

People with thin audio palette may find the sharpness fatiguing, the detail retrieval overwhelming, but if you prefer the open sky to an embellished dome, and a live performance to a recorded one, go for it, because HD 800S will take you there.

Siju Thomas (Bengaluru)
Great Headphones! Unhappy with damaged packaging & case

The Headphones are truly well made and sound excellent , The Packing & shipping left a lot to be desired as the product case was torn and damaged plus the case that was meant to protect the phones was also damaged and the phones had come loose from their slot . Obviously this was not treated as a fragile item and was thrown around .

VM (Kochi)

Sennheiser - HD 800 S

Thanks for the review :)

SA (Mumbai)
Best one I have in my kitty ..yet

Goes toe to toe with my much-loved LCD-X and comes out unbruised.
The sound is crisp, Bass is tight though not as punchy as the LCD-X..
Together they make a great pair for almost any genre of music out there.

These Sennheiser - HD 800 S cans are phenomenal and worth investing in if you care about hi fidelity sound.

one of the best

Asowm sound.. Out of the world