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Audio-Technica - ATH-M20x

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Go for an easy EMI scheme which allows you to pay for your orders over a convenient period. A minimum purchase value of Rs. 500 is required to avail the EMI facility and the facility can be availed for tenures of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

This payment method is currently only available for customers using credit cards issued by Kotak, Axis, ICICI, IndusInd, HDFC, HSBC, SBI, AMEX, RBL & STANC Banks.

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Bank Min Amount (INR) 3 Months 6 Months 9 Months 12 Months 18 Months 24 Months
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  1. Minimum Order value for EMI eligibility varies from Bank to bank. 
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The ATH-M20x Monitor Headphones are part of the highly acclaimed M-series by Audio Technica. Modern design and high-quality materials combine to deliver a comfortable listening experience, with enhanced audio and effective isolation. An excellent choice for tracking and mixing. The over-ear design seals your music in tightly with their contoured earcups, isolating all the ambient noise with no sound leakage. These monitor headphones have oversized cushioned cups that cover your ears completely and comfortably. The pro-grade materials used make these durable, these are sure to last you for years.

  • Best Professional Monitor Headphones

    The ATH-M20x professional monitor headphones are a great introduction to the critically acclaimed M-Series line. Modern design and high-quality materials combine to deliver a comfortable listening experience, with enhanced audio and effective isolation. An excellent choice for tracking and mixing.




    Sonic Performance by 40mm Large aperture driver

    The drivers used in the Audio Technica - ATH-M20x are 40mm large and custom-made drivers with copper-coated aluminum voice coils and rare-earth magnets.  These headphones will make you hear everything that you've been missing out on.

    Tuned for enhanced bass

    The M20x is tuned to specifically enhance the lower end of the frequency spectrum. producing stupendously clear and clean sound. You can distinctly hear bright sounding vocals and instrumentals in a single track. 





  • style=
    Closed- Back


    15Hz - 20,000Hz
    47 Ohms

    3m CCAW Cable

    Gold plated stereo jack plug (3.5mm)


    96 dB @ 1 kHz

    700 mW
    Not Disclosed By Manufacturer.

    1. Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Monitor Headphones 

    2. 1/4" Snap-On Adapter


    One Year 

    Authorized Service Partner: SKE AUDIOTECH & KEI HIFI

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact SKE Audiotech and KEI HiFi.

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    "The Audio-Technica ATH-M20X is priced at Rs. 4,299 and is a must-buy for budding audio enthusiasts. Professionals with small studios should definitely take a look at this wallet-friendly pair of headphones. "



  • Audio-Technica Audio-Technica Audio-Technica style=height: Audio-Technica
    Audio-Technica - ATH-M20x
    Audio-Technica - ATH-M30x
    Audio-Technica - ATH-M40x
    Audio-Technica - ATH-M50x
    Audio-Technica - ATH-M70x
    Sound Signature Tuned for enhanced low-frequency performance Tuned for enhanced detail, with excellent mid-range definition Tuned flat for incredibly accurate sound monitoring across the entire frequency range Exceptional clarity throughout an extended frequency range, with deep, accurate bass response Extended response accurately reproduces extreme low and high frequencies while maintaining perfect balance
    Frequency Response 15- 20,000 Hz 15- 22,000 Hz 15- 24,000 Hz 15- 28,000 Hz 5 - 40,000 Hz
    Driver Size 40 mm 40 mm 40 mm 45 mm 45 mm
    Sensitivity 96 dB 96 dB 98 dB 98 dB 97 dB
    Maximum Input Power 700 mW 1300 mW 1600 mW 1600 mW 2,000 mW
    Impedance (ohms) 47 47 35 38 35
    Earcup Swivel 15° Both Directions 15° Both Directions 15° In / 90° Out 90° Both Directions 90° Both Directions
    6.3mm adaptor
    Weight without cable & connector 190 g 220 g 240 g 285 g 280 g
    3m Straight Cable
    3m Coiled Cable
    1.2m Cable
    Detachable Cable

  • Audio Technica - ATH-M20x
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Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Affordable Beast

Being a music journalist and music production specialist by profession has given me the opportunity to test out a lot of headphone in my life. But I always prefer Audio Technica headphones for my personal use. And the best way to test out a headphone is to play songs by Steven Wilson in it.
When I played songs like She's Moved On, Trains, Blackest Eyes, Vermillioncore, Harmony Korine and The Raven That Refused To Sing on my Audio Technica-m20x I was quite satisfied with the clarity and balance in sound that this headphone offered. Its not quite powerful as my M50x but it is still awesome for regular and casual use. I would recommend this for listeners who want affordable headphones that have a really good sound quality.

Hey Arka! That was a good review and i hope many would feel this review to be helpful for them. It would be great if you could become a guest writer for us and we would also like to invite you to join our Audiophile community on facebook called The Indian Audiophile Forum. Here, check it out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/The.Indian.Audiophile.Forum/ There are a lot of Audiophiles there sharing their gear, their audio files, engaging on hot new releases and simply talking the audiophile lingo.
Genuine Headphones

If you love .mp3 songs, don't buy it.
If you know about wav, flac and Apple Lossless Audio formats, BUY IT.

1. The headphone pads are soft.
2. Audio quality is perfect. I've tested the quality by using Ableton Live 9's EQ 8 (Loudness dB of audio at each frequency is correct.)
3. It works perfect with my Levono K5 Note (3500 mAh)
(It works well even with feature phones XD.)
4. It comes with a detachable pin for Pioneer Controller, Studio mixer & Sound Card.
5. It's suitable for Electronic Music production.

1. Some guys could find hard to hear 808 / Sub-bass sounds. (You will need to purchase a sound card as LOW LATENCY settings are required to hear BASS sounds)
(Note: BASS does not sound like bubble sounds that you normally hear on inexpensive headphones. The BASS sounds like earthquake vibrations.)
2. Frequency range of the headphones: 15Hz - 20000Hz
Human hearing range: 20Hz - (44.1 / 2) Hz

Sorry for my bad English.
Have fun while producing.

Audio Technica - ATH-M20x

I am happy with the purchase. Thanks Headphone Zone for their recommendation. Not too bulky. Its very light weight and build quality is very good. The cable is bit long. However, it is very soft and manageable. Sound quality is good compare with previous headphone (Sennheiser 180 cx and PX80). Very comfortable and can be use for long duration. I am using it with Fiio Q1 DAC.

Regarding sound quality, no problem with low. Its enough. Only feel that mid are bit low.

Most of the time I use it with my Moto G5 plus with Q1 DAC. Headphone Zone please suggest a better source device within budget for better listening experience.

Beast Headphones

First of all I would like to write about Headphone Zone. My friend recommended me this site and I was a bit skeptical. Asked for help from the headphone gurus and got a call the next day and man the guru helped me solid. Ordered these headphone and in less than 2 days they were delivered, perfectly packed and that too a free delivery! Coming to these headphones, they are just lovely, just superb. The sound quality is beautiful, clarity is top notch, the bass is good enough, not a thumping one which reduces clarity. The ear cups are soft and sound proof, really comfortable though you will feel the standard heating of your ears after a while. Plastic doesn't look or feel cheap, a sturdy build and the cable is solid as well though a bit long for normal use. In the end a perfect pair of headphones for those who don't wanna spend a lot, actually one of the best in this range and kudos to this site for their amazing services. Definitely worth recommending this site to others.

Hey Abhinav, thanks for your compliments and praises. They motivate us to work harder! As for the product, it sure is a great one. We are so glad that we provided an awesome experience to a first time visitor. Spread the word! Also we would like to invite you to our community of Audiophiles called The Indian Audiophile Forum. Here check it out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/The.Indian.Audiophile.Forum/
Best value headphone

The sound us very clear specially for producers they can hear and analyze with this headphone. If you are new producer like me i would say go for it. I tried jbl and senheiser but the build quality and sound quality both are awesome in this headphone. Happy producing!!


Amazing sound.