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RHA - MA650 Wireless

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This payment method is currently only available for customers using credit cards issued by Kotak, Axis, ICICI, IndusInd, HDFC & HSBC Banks.

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Bank Min Amount (INR) 3 Months 6 Months 9 Months 12 Months 18 Months 24 Months
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RHA never ceases to surprise us! The re-invented version of the MA600 gives you the best of sound without the hassle of wires. With an amazing 12-Hour Battery life,IPX4 water resistanceMagnetized Earbuds made from Aerophonic Aluminium design, the MA650 Wireless is a true all-rounder.

The RHA MA650 Wireless is easy to connect with the NFC chip & has multipoint. Its equipped with Bluetooth 4.1, AptX™ & AAC technology. Giving you the best of sound, the MA650 incorporates custom dynamic drivers and a SecureFlex cable, so you experience high-definition audio that effectively isolates external noise.


    RHA has done it again! With the introduction of their new range of wireless in-ear headphones, RHA has taken the audio market to new heights. Their signature sound delivers music without the loss of quality. Let the MA650 Wireless entrance you.







    Friendly with all smartphones

    The RHA MA650 Wireless has a Universal mic & a 3-button remote so that you can connect and use it with any of your smartphones seamlessly. It can also sync and control any of your digital assistants

    Powerful Micro Dynamic Driver

    A. RHA's Trademark Noise Isolating Aerophonic™ design to produce immersive & clear sound.
    B. The Driver installed is a custom 380.1 driver that produces detailed and powerful audio.
    c. The RHA is built with high grade 6063 aluminium which is lightweight, comfortable and durable.

    Sweat and splashproof

    The New RHA MA650 Wireless is sweat and splashproof so that you can use earphones while travelling, during a workout and running. It is an IPX4 water-resistant earphone, which means it will be protected from splashing water, no matter the direction.




    Say Goodbye to Noise Intrusion

    The MA650 Wireless is designed to fit comfortably and securely inside the ear canal, minimising external noise intrusion in order to produce uninhibited, authentic audio reproduction. The headphone is supplied with seven sets of ear tips in a variety of sizes and styles in order to ensure the best noise isolating fit for any ear. These include a selection of dual density and double flange silicone ear tips.


    Unique SecureFlex Cable

    The MA650 Wireless is designed to have a contoured SecureFlex cable. The 33g lightweight earphones fit comfortably on the neck & shoulder for long hours without causing discomfort.


    12-Hour Playback

    The MA650 Wireless has a powerful Lithium-ion battery and 12-Hour long life. After 20 minutes of inactivity, the LED indicator will blink and power off automatically to save the earphones power. Groove care-free to your music all day long!


    Magnetized Earbuds

Keep your earbuds together when you're not using your ma650 wireless. The magnetised earbuds help keep your earphones untangled and prevent them from getting damaged.



    Noise isolating, Aerophonic™ design in steel

RHA Aerophonic design delivers the authentic sound & the steel helps to reproduce true-to-life sound. Listen to music the way it was intended to.



    Bluetooth, APTx™ AND AAC Technology with NFC & Multipoint Pairing

    The MA650 wireless uses high-fidelity aptX Bluetooth technology and AAC streaming to deliver wireless listening. universal remote that support each and every device. Uses NFC pairing chip so its pair easily and quickly. Connect with multiple devices with it's multi-pairing feature.



    To increase your canal fit further you can also switch to a pair of comply eartips provided along with the RHA - MA650 wireless. This will reduce the external noise further by 30%.

    They include two sets of Comply™ Tsx-200 memory foam tips, in order to ensure the best, noise isolating fit for any ear.




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    MEMS, 3-Button Remote & Mic

    Not disclosed by the manufacturer
    16 - 22,000 HZ

    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    12 Hours
    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    Not disclosed by the manufacturer
    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    Not disclosed by the manufacturer
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    Not disclosed by the manufacturer
    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    1. RHA MA650 Wireless In-ear Earphone

    2. Silicon Eartips (s/m/l)

    3. Double flange Eartips (s/l)

    4. 1 pair comply eartips

    5. USB A - USB C Charging Cable

    6. Shirt Clip

    7. Premium Carry Case

    Meze 99 What's in the box

  • Three Years 

    Authorized Service Partner: Headphone Zone

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone.

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  • Comfort

    Comply - comfort
    ear tips

    Rs. 1,299/-



    Rs. 999.00/-



    Rs. 699/-



    Rs. 999/-





    Rs. 1799/-



    Rs. 199/-



    Rs. 899/-



    Rs. 299/-


    RHA Hard Carry Case

    Rs. 1,799/-



RHA-MA650 Wireless
RHA-MA650 Wireless
Rs 8,999/-3 years   Balanced:
A neutral sound that doesn't emphasise on one frequency.
3-Button12 Hours 3 pairs Silicon, 1 pair double flange, 1 pair Comply Scottish classy design with a durable build
Rs 8,299/-1 Year   Extra Bass:
Lots of low end but tends to overpower mids & highs.
1-Button 7 hours 2 Pairs, Silicon - Bass—Earth-shattering bass
Rs 7,490/-2 Years   Extra Bass:
Lots of low end but tends to overpower mids & highs.
3-Button6 hours 4 Pairs Precise German engineering in a lightweight package
Jays-A-six wireless
Jays-A-six wireless
Rs 5,999/-1 Year   Warm & Smooth:
A little warmth in bass with natural vocals and treble.
MEMS, 3-Button Remote & Mic12 hours 5 pairs silicone ear tips - - Minimalist Swedish design with a gorgeous sound


RHA-MA390 Universal
Rs 4,999/-3 years Aluminium
Warm & Smooth:
A little warmth in bass with natural vocals and treble.
None- 3-Button, Android- 6 pairs Silicon, 2 pairs Double Flange,
1 pair Comply Eartips
Clip, Carry Case
The wired version of the MA650 Wireless, need we say more?
RHA-MA390 Wireless
RHA MA390 Wireless
Rs 5,999/-3 years Aluminium
Warm & Smooth:
A little warmth in bass with natural vocals and treble.
AAC, aptX- 3-Button8 Hours 6 Pairs Dual Density Silicon Eartips

Clip, Carry Case, USB Cable
RHA's warm sound in a budget wireless in-ear
RHA MA650 Wireless
RHA MA650 Wireless
Rs 8,999/-3 years Aluminium
A neutral sound that doesn't emphasise on one frequency.
AAC, aptX 3-Button12 Hours 3 pairs Silicon, 2 pairs Double Flange,
1 pair Comply Eartips
Clip, Carry Case, USB Cable
Classy aluminium design with the goodness of NFC
RHA MA750 Wireless
RHA MA750 Wireless
Rs 13,999/-3 years Steel
A neutral sound that doesn't emphasise on one frequency.
AAC, aptX 3-Button12 Hours 3 pairs Silicon, 2 pairs Double Flange,
2 pairs Comply Eartips
Clip, Carry Case, USB Cable
Unparalleled clarity with natural bass and super-durable housings


Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Best to buy for these specs

These earphones are best at this price range and coming to the specs this really have a good battery life of 12 hours and I have been using just two days The sound quality of these ear phones is very awesome and spending about 8000 bucks yeah maybe is somewhat okay but these produce extraordinary song quality but this does not produce any heavy bass, so all to the base lovers so I may not recommend these but the sound quality is absolutely very good and I loved it very much and regarding the pairing issues there are no issues and now the thing I love about these is they come with around nine pairs of ear tips and amongst they do have one pair of comply ear tips which are good and it charges up very quickly I bet 5 minutes charge may give you upto 4hrs of listening time . I am a bass lover but still with the noise isolation you can feel the sound with good depth . I rated 4 because I expected a premium case not a pouch that really not the thing I expected . They don’t fall off while working out I checked them today in the morning.
And thanks to headphonezone they helped me a lot in choosing these . Overall these are good to buy for the specs

Looking to go wireless? These are the best true wireless sound

The RHA are competent pair of wireless earphones. Their design is good, battery life is respectable and wireless performance is top-noch.
Speaking on sound quality, they are well tuned for clear sounding which gives you an output of balance sound.

True Review for a customer.

I was very excited to buy these pair of wireless earphones and couldn’t find any demo piece to check the sound quality of them. But I got my hands on one of these pairs in a showroom and would definitely like to tell that these earphones are built like a tank, nothing can beat its build quality. What is not there is a better sound quality. I must mention that very specifically and clearly that the bass is below average on these ones (for a comparison of bass you can take apple earpods or airpods). People might say that you must had not put the correct earbuds, but I tried them on medium and small because that only fit in my ear and it was still not enough to impress me. The sound is not that perfectly balanced and has that sharpness that irritates your ear when the volume is increased. It’s more on the brighter side. Second thing that I noticed was that you cannot use them for running, it will bounce off your neck. The cables are pretty long which keeps on swinging near your face. The earbuds are also heavy and falls out very easily if you don’t get the perfect fit. The call quality on these ones was good and the motors did vibrate to notify you that there’s an incoming call. The wires connecting the neckband are very sturdy but the neckband itself doesn’t hold on place most of the time, the charging socket is also open. This wireless product is only water resistant and not water proof, it might not be covered under warranty (I’m not sure about this, you can contact headphone zone). So, If you just want an earphone to last long with an average sound then go for it. I was disappointed from the product with such a price mark and the hunt for a good wireless earphone still continues. “To mention that, I’m not a bass head and I like more of a balanced sound with a decent bass that makes you feel the song”.
Build- 9/10
Sound- 6/10
Sound clarity- 7/10
Bass- 4/10
Features- 6/10
Call quality- 6/10
Usability- 5/10.

Great headphones with some flaws

They sound great. I listen to several genres on daily bases ranging from soundtracks, pop to rock. I did not notice much quality difference between this and the M50's other than the soundstage and bass.

One of the best things about these headphones is the USB-C connector. Unfortunately[1], these headphones do not work with regular USB-C to USB-C cables. I own a Nexus 6P, I have tried charging them with the original USB-C to C cable and the provided USB-C to USB-A connector. They only seem to work with the cable that they come with. This is a huge letdown. I might not have bought them if I knew about this.

For me, the battery life did not last for 12 Hours, they seem to last around 7 - 10 Hours which is still pretty good; they charge fast.

Other than that,
* They vibrate when you get a call.
* They are comfortable and do not flop much while running
* The connection is good. It rarely losses connection.
* The pairing is fast, hold the button for 5sec and you're done!
* They come with extra tips which are nice.
* The earpieces are magnetic from the back, so they stick together when you're not wearing them in your ears. Nice touch.
* Solid build quality and 3 years of warranty
* Not that expensive. (Buy the unboxed version)

I just wish that the USB C was universal and the headphones were a little less floppy while running. I would still recommend them as nothing comes close to these headphones at this price.

Some Context: This is my first wireless headphone. I have been using M50X for more than 2 years.

Value for money !

I was looking for a good wireless earphone in the market and after lots of research , finalized the RHA MA 650 wireless. Initially after going through the reviews , i found that the users were reporting less BASS reproduction in them . I received them last week , and after initial usage , i should tell that these earphones have pretty good BASS reproduction in them . I was previously using the SONY MDR-XB-510 AS (Extra Bass) earphones. on comparison, i found the RHA MA 650 was delivering rich BASS while the Sony earphones were delivering an amplified kind of BASS. On a scale of 10 , if we were to rate Sony as base line 10 for BASS , then RHA can be rated to 8. The biggest reason i think, would be the Comply foam ear-tips, which are supplied with these. As good quality sound reproduction needs good noise isolation too, which i missed in the Sony earphones .

Overall , i was very impressed with the sound quality and the build of these earphones, and of course the BASS, which was a sweet surprise to me.

Thanks for Headphone Zone for making such kind of earphones available in India.

Note: I ordered them through Paytm Mall , they were offering 1200 cashback , effectively costing me 6800/-


As described..by the brand, It's a complete justification to Aston Martin Tag in the race of headphones.

Awesome sound quality, No compromise (high bass lovers excluded) as it provides crystal clear Audio quality sufficient enough to let go Rest..!

3yrs warranty on the product best in its class.

Heavy and non compromisable build quality true to the standards of the brand and ready to be used roughly.

Delight to put on as provides superior comfort without any hassle to extensive users. Superior talk time of 12 hrs leading the brigade..

Used with 3D surround app from playtime, performance unmatched

Superior customer service by Team Headphone zone as product delivered under 24hrs.

Complete knowledge and guidance provided by the Team members, as got involved on personal level to make me understand what I should be selecting.
All in All... Best amongst Beasts... Beautifully nourished by the Team headphone zone.

This is my 2nd purchase of RHA from headphone zone and THE ASSOCIATION SEEMS TO BE CONTINUING FOR LONG. All the very best team..!