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RHA - MA390 Wireless

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  • The Short Story

    Ideal for Casual
    Music Listening

    Ideal for
    Sports & Gym

    Ideal for
    Taking Calls

    Bluetooth with

    Warm & Smooth
    Sound Signature

    IPX4 Splash &
    Sweat Resistance



    8 Hours of
    Battery Life

    Wireless Range
    of 10 Meters

    3 Years of

    Designed in

  • The Long Story

    The MA390 Wireless is Here

    With its warm and smooth sound, the MA390 Wireless is guaranteed to give you a music experience like none other. Simply plug-in and forget everything around you. Be transported to the world of pure music.




    Freedom from Wires

    Stream high-quality audio over Bluetooth with the RHA MA390 Wireless. AAC and aptX let you listen to CD-quality audio with any device while the 10m range lets you store your phone in one spot and move about freely.




    Listen for Long

    Never have a moment's worth of boredom. The RHA MA390 Wireless has an 8-hour battery life that should last you for most of your day. When the battery goes down, simply plug-in your charger for a mere 1.5 hours and you are back in action.



    Superior Noise Isolation

    Nothing should come between you and your music, not even noise. The MA390 Wireless’ housings have designed in such a way, it keeps all outside sound at bay. This gives you a more immersive experience with your music.

    The Smart In-Ear

    The RHA MA390 Wireless not only looks and sounds good, it is also quite smart. This in-ear is compatible with Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant. So now all you need to do is give the command and everything will happen.


  • Specifications

    Drivers 130.8 mm
    Driver Type Dynamic
    Sensitivity 75dB
    Frequency Response 
16Hz – 22,000 Hz
    Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth v4.1, AptX, AAC
    Microphone 3-Button
    Compatibility Universal
    Battery Life 8 hours
    Wireless Range Upto 10m (33 Feet)
    Charging Type USB Charging
    Wearing Style in-ear
    Neckband Around the neck
    RHA - MA390 In-ear Wireless Earphones
    Sports Clip
    6x Dual Density Silicon Eartips (S,M,L)
    USB Charging Cable
    Carry Pouch
  • Warranty

    Don’t sweat it, This RHA product is covered by a 3 Years manufacturer's warranty.
    Learn more

  • What the Press Say

    ”RHA’s MA390 Wireless are classy, banded in-ears with a working-class price.”
    ”This one-piece build mitigates distortion to supply listeners with the best possible listening experience.”
    ”If you like your sound slightly on the warm side of the spectrum, you’ll love the RHA MA390 Wireless.”
    ”The RHA MA390 offer an alternative with some style and solid sound quality.”
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Warranty 3 years 1 year 1 year 2 Years
Sound Warm & Smooth Warm & Smooth Warm & Smooth Balanced
Housing Aluminium Housing Plastic Aluminium Housing Hard Plastic Housing
Cable Standard Standard Tangle Free Flat Cable Standard
Wearing Style With Neckband Neckband Free Neckband Free Neckband Free
Ergonomics Straight Fit Angular Design Straight Fit Straight Fit
Volume Controls 3-Button 3-Button MEMS, 3-Button Remote & Mic 3-Button
Bluetooth Connectivity v4.1 aptX & AAC v4.1 v4.1 v4.2
Battery Life 8 Hours 6 hours 12 Hours 6 Hours
Compatibility Universal Universal Universal Universal
Carry pouch
Eartips 6 Dual Density Silicon Eartips (S,M,L) No 5 sizes silicone ear tips 4 Pair Ear adapter set
Clip No No No
Should You Buy?
Our Verdict

Scottish brand offering a 3-year warranty & flexible neckband. One of our top picks for wireless earphones at this price point.

A reinforced build quantity and IPX5 rating, Your next sweat proof workout buddy.

Super lightweight design with great battery life. Good for all genres.

An extra bass wireless in-ear that comes with the new Bluetooth v4.2 and Qualcomm aptX.

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Go for it.

Posting it after 1 month. To review it there are lot of things.
1. Awesome sound.
I upgraded from sony XB series and i hady doubts regarding the bass as sony XB is best in bass. But the bass can be compared as if sony is having 10/10,this one is 9/10. Apart from bass the sound is just magical the high low mids perfect.
2. Battery life
OMG!!! The description says 10-12 but trust me i am getting backup of 14-15 hrs though depends upon usage but even if you are heavy user still you will get 10-12 hrs.
3. Build quality
Not to add anything here. Read the description and that all is true. Aluminium build with magnetic buds pure quality.
4. Connectivity
No problems here at all. None.. with aptx support pure crystal clear sound. Though your phone must have aptx.
5. Water resistant
I use them in gym and i sweat a lot really a lot. So die to water resistance capability no problems for me. Now its july its raining here in north India. I deliberately wear them and go for running in rain. Kudos
6. Charging
The charging speed I never noticed but usually it gets charged in 20-30 mins. And for emergency 5min charge is enough for 1-2 hrs of backup. I have a one plus dash charge so no issues with speed charging.
7. Miscellaneous
-The packing and delivery was spot on in just 2 days got delivered.
-It came with 6 pairs of ear buds and one of them will definitely and perfectly fit your ear.

I guess everything was covered. One more thing I am not that rich to buy such costly earphones but after lot of research and waiting I went for it and trust me you won't regret it.
And at last thank you hpz.in this was my first purchase and first costly earphone and was worth trusting you guys.

Audiophile earphones at Middle class price

First purchase from this website. Thanks for the swift delivery. Pros: It really does have high fidelity. Adequate bass- listened to ; let's get ill by DJ Snake. High and mid range vocals great clarity. Neckband keeps this from falling or pulling if you use one side at a time. Happened with my previous wireless product. Type C usb is great, since my phone uses the same. So same charger. Light weight. Good isolation. I changed the earbuds to a large size for better bass, depends on your ear size. They're generous with the earbuds. Got 6 pairs. Can use this while lying on the pillow on the side. Ears don't hurt. Small size factor. 3yr international warranty sounds good. Doesn't have the annoying voice that keeps saying battery low. It just says it once. The battery low alert is in a female british accent. Haha She doesn't nag. The buttons feel great. Build quality feels nice. No dropouts. Bluetooth works great when stationary. Wireless is so convenient. It's difficult to go back to wired. Only in case of emergency, like a long flight. Can use during a workout. It doesn't fall out. It's sweat resistant.
Cons: Some highs get distorted at max volume. Noticed in classical and pop music. Volume doesn't get too loud. I found myself constantly increasing the volume thinking it was not, but it was already maxed out.
Bluetooth connection cuts out while driving a bike. Could be a Bluetooth issue with the phone or the earphones. There are some products with 12 hrs and more battery life. This has 8 hrs. No fast charging. Takes 1.5 hrs to charge. Not for extreme Bass heads. Weird company name. I thought it was a Chinese brand. Didn't know it was from the UK. Can't wear it discreetly at work, because of the neckband. My next purchase will be truly wireless.
Thank you headphone zone.

Great Sound, and Wireless Freedom. 'Nuff said.

First of all, a hat-tip to Headphone Zone for the smooth ordering process and prompt delivery.

The first thing you notice picking up these earphones is the great build, and a reassuring sense of quality.
Finding the right fit shouldn't be an issue, considering the box includes an additional five pairs of eartips. The earphones are comfortable enough that you soon forget that you're wearing them. The cables are the perfect length, with no annoying dangling. The controls are well designed, and you can easily discern the power button and mic controls by touch. There's also auditory feedback for battery level, pairing and power on/off. I have no complaints with the battery life.
The noise isolation is excellent. People around you will struggle to grab your attention (Good or bad? You decide).
The cables do have microphonics, but since they typically don't brush against anything, it's not an issue.
The Bluetooth connection has been fairly reliable with occasional drops, and the hand-off between devices is swift. Watching videos, the sound is pretty well synchronised. Call quality is good, though my callers pointed out my line was slightly muffled.

"Warm & Smooth" is an accurate description of the sound that comes out of these earphones. The Bass is robust and well controlled, adding a richness to whatever's playing. Mids are clear, with natural sounding vocals. The performance of highs seems to vary with the track and/or genre - some sounding sibilant, and some intense sequences (of EDM music especially) becoming a little overwhelming. Distortion shows up in some of the busier tracks too. In other genres (Classical, Jazz, Rock, etc), the highs are nicely detailed with great rendition of instruments and percussion. The soundstage has a spacious feel to it.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase. If you appreciate your music and are looking to escape from messy tangled cables, look no further - the RHA MA390 Wireless offers great performance for the ...

Best Earphones for long listening.

On 20-07-2018 , I received RHA MA390 Wireless earphones. After a long searching I bought these earphones from HEADPHONE ZONE.

As per my own experience Pros & Cons are below-


1. Attractive Packing.
2. Material quality is good.
3. Pleasant Sound.
4. Ear-tips are available & suitable for all ear sizes.
5. You can listen music for a long run.
6. Mic is up to the mark.
7. Light weight.
8. Good Connectivity.
9. Good Sound Quality during call.


1. Price is too much high. This product must be available in India from INR 3500 to 4500.
2. 5999 are not fair for this product. I consider that these earphones have many good qualities but these qualities do not relate its price.
3. Bass is low, this product is not suitable for bass lovers.

As we know every person has its own taste. I know that too much bass is not good for our ears & brain therefore, I choose RHA MA390 Wireless because it has a good combination of treble & bass. You will not feel pain and heaviness in your ears after a long listening. I am a very much fond of listening to music ergo, I can say that these earphones are worth full for me.

Premium build with great sound!

Finalised these after through research. Initially was bit reluctant to spend 6k on a brand which I didn't knew and specially after using Bose headphones and Sony in ear earplugs (extra bass). However after using it for just a day I can tell you this is worth every penny. Great build quality, premium finish. The sound is amazing. Just the perfect base. Noise cancellation is great. Bluetooth connection was fast and it holds good. Call quality is great, microphone is a good one. The neckband really helps in achieving that firm hold.
Overall a great product. Will really recommend if you are looking for wireless earplugs.

Best for Pleasant music lovers

Thanks Headphone zone for quick service, i love it.
I gave 4/5 stars because i feel there are some improvement needed in this earphones covering it in Cons.

1. Awesome music quality, you can hear all instruments used in the music/song.
2. 3 years warranty.
3. Very beautiful & attractive.
4. Flexible

1. There should be some physical indication or response from earphones that it is connected to mobile. Example vibration response will work.
2. Music should get pause when both earplugs connected together. With the help of Magnets earplugs gets connected to each other.
3. Volume is low. Slightly loud volume will work while travelling.
4. There is small manufacturing difference to identify the left & right side earplug, but there is no written instructions in the device manual.