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All About My Journey at Headphone Zone

All About My Journey at Headphone Zone
I started my professional journey at Headphone Zone in June 2019, fair to say my first full-time job. Like any other 20 years old (with the exception of a few maybe) I was confused too, not sure what my forte is, unsure about what I really want to do, etc. Well, things haven't changed drastically but I know for a fact that I learnt a lot of new things and got to explore fields that I didn't know existed. 

My journey at Headphone Zone has been quite a fun one! I have had the opportunities to learn and to switch roles, from being a Customer Happiness Officer to handling pissed off customers as the ORM manager to now being a Marketing Executive. 

Thanks to my mentors and colleagues I’ve never had to think twice before sharing my ideas and opinions with the fear of not being heard. 

What really sets this place apart from others is really the people and the culture here. 
While, you do work really hard but you celebrate even harder! I saved the best for the last you get to experience your favourite music on some really great headphones and that’s basically part of your work :p

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