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My First Job, Great Experience!

My First Job, Great Experience!
It’s almost been a year working at Headphone Zone and I have taken so many abstracts from this place to keep with me for life.

I remember my first day at work so precisely, including the date (3rd March 2021), it was a fun day because every thing that was being explained to me about music was so new and so fascinating. It was all new learnings about music, sound, bass, treble, vocals, and so many more things. I was instantly interested in exploring more and more of it. I heard Dil Se Re by A.R. Rahman on one of the headphones where I felt like hearing it for the first time ever because it sounded completely different than what I was listening to for so many years.

Honestly, after a few days of real fun the month went tough for me because I had  new learnings coming my way. I was stepping out of my comfort zone and it was a bit difficult for me to adapt things, but the team here had faith in me that I could do it! I was struggling and my seniors could see that so well but they were patient with me and kept motivating that I can swim through this and finally I could. Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!!

With work came a lot of fun, must say. At the Diwali party I performed a poetry about what I observed around me and dedicated some lines to some of the team mates too, wrote about so many aspects of Headphone Zone that I noticed in about 9 months time then, I put that on paper and performed it to everyone from the team and the response to it was so overwhelming. People clapping for me made me feel like a star that day. Everybody appreciated it and it was apart from work and I was so happy that people are so supportive when it comes to something apart work and that was an eye-catching view for me. I realized I’m working with good people.

Well, let me also tell you there is no Sir/Ma’am tradition here. You address everyone by their names and that is so cool for an organization. Everyone is called out by their names, no senior or junior kinda thing. We even address our CEO as Raghav and not Sir, coz he’s cool! Everything here is so flexible that you won’t feel you’re inside a box, you can try any and everything here, it’s all a matter of efforts you put in to learn new things.

Here is my complete experience in few lines below.

The vibe this place has, it caught my eyes and mind,

it’s been a year with these people and I’ve hardly looked behind,

Through thicks and thins I’ve learnt tough lessons,

what different minds can get to the table coming from different professions.

You may stumble here, but they won’t let you fall,
That’s what a team does after all!

I’m looking forward to learn more and grow to be known,
My journey of life will always have a special place for Headphone Zone.

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