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My First Audiophile Experience

My First Audiophile Experience
Music has and still is a very important part of my life. I have been connected to music from a very early age in my life. From playing the drums to listening to music on my father's hand-built wooden cabinet speakers - it always fascinated me and sparked a joy that to date has not diminished. I can safely say that most of us have been exposed to some form of music in our lives, and we all have our own choices in all aspects of listening to it - Be it the equipment we choose or the artist we prefer to listen to or even the setting we decide to consume it in. It is a very personal and immersive experience, and I have never been devoid of it. To date, I take the time out and listen to an entire album at least once a week.

My fascination and love for music grew exponentially over the years, and I was lucky to go to a music school and study every aspect of music in detail. This allowed me to listen to music on very high end/ studio-quality speakers placed in extremely well-treated rooms - and oh boy, what an ear-opener that was for me - as I had never experienced sound like that before. I soon realised that the way I was experiencing music was just on the periphery of how enriching and immersive the music listening experience can be.

Fast forward to me starting work at Headphone Zone a couple of months ago, and I still vividly recollect my first experience of listening to music on proper, high-quality and well-engineered headphones. It was one fine evening I was encouraged by Raghav to listen to music on a strange-looking headphone (actually the HEDDphone) and I was more than happy to give it a go! I put on my favourite Dave Tipper track and was not expecting much as I always preferred an open-ear listening experience. What I heard surprised me and left me in awe of the sound! The headphones revealed sounds in the track that I had never heard before (and I listen to this track every day). I instantly sat down, closed my eyes and listened to the entire track with full intent. This was just a brief experience and it was followed by a full-on 2-hour A.R.Rahman session listening session a few days later. During this session, I heard music on several well-engineered, bespoke headphones (Audeze, Focals & STAX) that I had never known existed. The experience was similar to how you would feel when you genuinely sit yourself down and realise the details in things around you - it was just that but with sound. I was so amazed by the experience that I try to attend every listening session and even find time from work to sit and play my choice of music on some of the most accurate sounding headphones available to experience sonic awe at Headphone Zone. This experience broadened my understanding of how immersive it is to listen to music on a nice pair of headphones just as it is on speakers.  

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