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My first music listening experience at Headphone Zone

My first music listening experience at Headphone Zone

Most of us have heard the story of King Siddhartha, who in his quest for the truth of life and eternal happiness became ‘The Enlightened One’ - Gautam Buddha. But the journey started when Siddhartha realized that the life he was living was a lie, and then spent years in austerity to achieve enlightenment.

I think of my first experience at Headphone Zone’s listening session to be similar to Buddha’s story. To start with, I came to the realization that the music that you and I are listening to right on our ordinary headphones is a lie! A lie that keeps you away from reaching ‘sound enlightenment’, and listening to the lie for years as only made you immune to it.

Music, until now sounded like just that. But the same music through some of Headphone Zone’s finest gear, sounded like something completely moving, transformative, like the artist was performing his art right there. It’s not hard to believe that this was possibly what the artist intended to create. The music I’ve loved to listen to over the years was always there but until now, it was never truly experienced.

To accept that there is so much more to one’s music that is yet to be discovered is to step out of the lie and take the first step to a journey that leads to true, transformative knowledge of what your music can truly sound like.

To reach the right place, you should be convinced that where you are right now is not the right place.

The highlight of my 2-hour long listening session at Headphone Zone was certainly an eye-opener. I got to experience the finest sounding Headphones and gear from around the world and truly understood what good Sound should sound like.

But perhaps the greater realization was that the sound I was listening to till today was far from the ultimate truth. That moment right there was the first step towards gaining ‘sound enlightenment. And perhaps my first step to becoming an audiophile.


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